Delta 767-300 Comfort Plus review (don’t call it Premium Economy)

Delta 767-300 Comfort Plus review (don’t call it Premium Economy)

If you’ve ever wondered what Delta 767-300 Comfort Plus (officially known as Comfort +) is like, this review is going to be an eye-opener.

Unlike other long-haul aircraft in the Delta Air Lines fleet, the 767-300 is not equipped the newest interior. Premium economy seats on these airplanes are basic economy seats with a few extra inches of legroom. That’s it.

Not only that, Delta has no plans to upgrade these seats (beyond maybe changing the seat materials). This is as good as it’s going to get until this aircraft type is retired.

Part of me wonders if it’s actually a social experiment just to see what customers are actually willing to put up with…

San Diego, CA (SAN) – Atlanta, GA (ATL)
Thursday, December 23, 2021
Aircraft: 767-332/ER
Registration: N195DN
Duration: 4 hours 2 minutes
Seat: 16A (Comfort +)

Delta Air Lines 767-300 side view
Delta Air Lines 767-300/ER side view illustration by
DL820 flight track
Our route from San Diego to Atlanta this morning as DL820

The video

Call me weird, but I really enjoy making videos about airline seats that don’t quite live up to my expectations. Delta Comfort Plus isn’t all that bad, but I was expecting something just a little bit better – especially with the 767-300 being an internationally configured aircraft and all.

For the soundtrack of this one, I headed over to Epidemic Sound and grabbed a couple gritty / bluesy tracks to help tie it all together. The title of the first track is Different Times by Jeff Everill, and the title of the second track is Don’t Call Me Sugar by Johan Glossner.

A full review of Delta 767-300 Comfort Plus from San Diego to Atlanta

Right off the bat, this trip started with a challenge. I was traveling by myself with two very large (and heavy) suitcases today, so managing those along with trying to get pics and video for this review was a mother******.

My arrival at the airport

Despite already knowing that Delta 767-300 Premium Economy isn’t all that great, I arrived at the San Diego International airport at 4:25 AM feeling chipper and upbeat. Those suitcases though. Ugh.

Terminal 2 airlines signage San Diego airport
Wait a sec. I’m here to fly Delta today, but…flying to Edmonton on Swoop sounds more fun!
SANspotter with suitcases
Swoop is going to have to wait I guess. Oh, and **** these suitcases (lol). As someone who normally travels the world with nothing but my little backpack, I’m totally out of my element here.
Delta check in San Diego airport
The Delta check in counters here in Terminal 2 West. Since I’m traveling with luggage today…
Delta check in kiosk San Diego airport
…I need to check in at one of the kiosks along the back wall first. Comfort Plus passengers don’t get any special treatment (or shortcuts) during the check in process.
Delta check in using kiosk
Air travel isn’t always sexy and glamorous, folks. I’m actually shocked that I had the coordination required to get pics for this trip report as I was fumbling with the bag tags.
Checking bags delta airlines San Diego airport
Seriously. **** the both of you!
SANspotter walking through terminal 2 west San Diego airport
Now that the luggage has been checked in and I’ve made it past the security checkpoint, the real fun begins.
Starbucks oatmeal San Diego airport
At 4:45am, ain’t nothin’ more fun than a steaming hot cup of oatmeal.
N195DN Delta 767-300/ER San Diego airport
Sad to think that I posted a pic of my oatmeal before the subject of this review, but…I guess my priorities have changed as I’ve gotten older. Anyway, this is my ride to Atlanta this morning (N195DN) – it’s a 24 year old 767-300/ER that has been with Delta it’s entire life. Pretty cool!
Busy San Diego airport
By the way, it was extremely busy here in Terminal 2 West this morning. Not surprising considering that it was two days before Christmas. You can almost see the Covid particles in the air…

The boarding process for flight number 822 to Atlanta

Delta Air Lines runs a massive operation out of San Diego. There are five widebody flights a day to Atlanta alone, and every single one of them are usually packed to the gills. My flight this morning (DL822) was one of them, and if you’re wondering, no: Comfort Plus passengers on Delta do not get any special boarding perks.

Delta comfort plus mobile boarding pass
FYI, Comfort Plus boarding passes aren’t any different than basic economy boarding passes. This has been an awfully basic experience so far. Why did I pay extra for premium economy again?
Gate 47 San Diego airport
Because I’m gullible, that’s why! Anyway, it looks like it’s going to be a completely full flight today. RIP to my immune system I guess.
Boarding flight to Atlanta delta 820 San Diego airport
Here we go! Well, sort of. I’m holding back a bit as a way of giving my immune system a quiet moment to prepare for all the fighting it’s going to have to do for the next 4 hours or so. 
Boarding delta flight to Atlanta in San Diego
Comfort Plus passengers get to board after first class and before regular economy. The first indication of special treatment today!
Delta 767-300 boarding door
What do you suppose the odds are of being handed a glass of champagne as I step onboard?
Delta 767-300 forward closets
Unfortunately, all I got was a sanitary wipe and a forced smile from a very tired looking flight attendant. Don’t they know who I am??
Delta 767-300 first class
Making my way through the first class cabin on the way back to premium economy. Do be sure to read my Delta 767-300 first class review to learn more about these seats (assuming you can stomach another one of my stupid airline reviews, that is).

My first impressions of Delta 767-300 premium(ish) economy

You know that feeling when you already know what to expect, but you’re secretly hoping for a surprise? That’s exactly what I was feeling as I stepped onboard this aircraft and got my first look at the seats. I knew exactly what I was getting into, but that didn’t stop help me from feeling disappointed when I finally sat down.

Delta 767-300 Comfort Plus seats
Delta 767-300 Comfort Plus seats. Note that the center seats in the bulkhead row have solid dividers, between them…
Delta 767-300 Comfort Plus window seats
…but all the other seats do not. Something to be aware of as you’re making a seat selection during the booking process.
Delta Air Lines 767-300/ER comfort plus cabin
“Really? This is it?” (Pretty much what I assume that everyone who is looking around is probably thinking). By the way, these are much nicer than the old Comfort Plus seats that used to be on the 767-400. They are, however, nearly identical to the Comfort Plus seats that were on the MD-88 (RIP).
Delta Air Lines 767-300/ER comfort plus seat pitch
One thing I will say about these seats: the few extra inches of legroom are much appreciated!
Delta comfort + stitching in headrest
The only indication that these seats are a step above regular economy?
Delta comfort + power outlets 767-300
Oh wait. There’s another indication down by the power outlets.
Delta 767-300 comfort + seat backs and video screens
I know that I complained about this (a lot) in my review of Delta 757-300 Comfort Plus, but than the fancy stitching and extra legroom, there’s not much of a difference over basic economy.
SANspotter delta 767-300 comfort plus review
Maybe I spent too much on the upgrade? It looks like the guy behind me is having the same thoughts.
San Diego airport delta airlines aircraft maintenance
Just a slight delay here as the Delta TechOps team sorts out a little issue with one of the overhead bins…
Delta 767-300 broken overhead bins
Problem solved. Let’s go!
Delta 767-300 safety card
Wait a sec. If duct tape is what they’re using to repair airplanes these days, maybe it’d be smart to have an quick look at the safety card.

How are Comfort Plus seats on the Delta 767-300 different than the regular economy seats?

Unfortunately, Comfort Plus seats on the Delta 767-300 aren’t physically different than regular economy seats. Yes, there are a few extra inches of legroom, but everything else is exactly the same.

You’ll get the same video screen, the same power ports, the same armrest, the same seat cushions, and the same seat materials. In other words, it’s all the same.

SANspotter missing window delta 767-300
Oh! Something else worth noting is that row 16 on the Delta 767-300 has a misaligned window. Yet another thing I should have researched better before choosing this seat. It wasn’t as unfortunate as the completely missing window you saw in my Turkish Airlines 777-300 economy review, but still. 

The departure out of San Diego

The problem with early morning departures out of San Diego this time of year is that it doesn’t start getting light until about 6:45 AM. We pushed off the gate at approximately 6:25 AM, so there wasn’t much to see until we reached the threshold of runway 27.

Delta 767-300 safety video
In one ear, and out the other. Sorry, but it’s too early to be fully engaged with the safety video.
Delta 767-300 comforters plus cabin lights turned off
Pushing off the gate. And trying really hard to not think about how quickly they came to the determination that duct tape qualifies as an aerospace-grade repair solution.
Delta 767-300 engine and wing San Diego airport
All joking aside, I’ve got full confidence in the Delta TechOps team. My biggest concern at the moment is staying awake long enough to get footage of the takeoff (which you can see in the embedded video below).

Delta 767 takeoff San Diego
Making the big left-hand turn towards the east (and hopefully Atlanta).

What is Comfort Plus in-flight entertainment like on the Delta 767-300?

Remember what I said about the video entertainment in my Delta 767-400 economy review? The exact same thing applies for the 767-300 as well. It’s the exact same video screen, with the exact same video entertainment system. Which is totally fine, because Delta Studio is one of the best in-flight entertainment products in the business.

Delta 767-300 premium economy video screens
Remember the video screens you saw in my Delta A220-300 economy review? These are pretty much like those.
Delta studio 767-300 comfort plus
And just as you saw in my Delta 737-800 economy review, Delta Studio is really good (and very consistent from one aircraft to the next). By the way, yes, I’m just as intrigued about “Rap Caviar” as you are…
Delta 767-300 flight info screen
Flight info screen first. Then Rap Caviar.

Because size matters, it’s worth mentioning that these videos screens are smaller than what you saw in my Delta 757-200 Comfort Plus review.

What kind of food does Delta serve in Comfort Plus on the 767-300?

The only kind of food that you’re going to get in Comfort Plus on a Delta 767-300 (or pretty much any other aircraft in their fleet) is a couple of bags of snacks and a complementary nonalcoholic drink. We weren’t even offered the option to purchase food off of an in-flight menu, which was slightly disappointing considering how badly I was in need of breakfast.

Delta 767-300 bulkhead
Waiting for the snack cart to appear (in the same way that I stare at a pot of water waiting for it to boil).
Delta comfort plus snack
That’s it?!
Delta comfort plus snack and drink
Turns out there was Goldfish (and water) to go along with it. Not exactly the breakfast of champions, but it was slightly better than the breakfast you saw in my Breeze Airways review

Are Delta Comfort Plus seats on the 767-300 worth it?

Honestly, I’m not sure that I would pay extra for Comfort Plus on the 767-300 again. The only real benefit that I truly appreciated was the few extra inches of legroom.

Boarding ahead of the regular economy passengers didn’t feel all that special. And since there was no extra food provided, it’s hard for me to justify the extra price over basic economy.

Delta 767-300 premium economy seat backs
Checking in on our progress across the county while I contemplate whether or not this was worth it. And I’m willing to bet anything that my fellow passengers didn’t think it was worth it to open my window shade (and blind the cabin) to get this pic. I’m sorry!
Delta 767-300 comfort plus seat recline
If you’re curious, this is what the leg room is like in Delta Comfort plus on the 767-300 when the person in front of you is being a selfish ***hole has their seat fully reclined.
Delta 767-300 comfort plus premium economy cabin
The view from the back of the Comfort Plus cabin. Why is nobody as interested in moving map screen as I am??

The arrival into Atlanta

The skies were completely clear as we made the descent into Atlanta, and visibility was pretty much unlimited. Well, I was at the mercy of what my aging eyes could actually see through my usually-filthy glasses, but it was fun to get a good look at northern Georgia again. It had been a while since my last visit.

Delta 767-300 lavatory
Just a few quick pics of the lavatory before landing. This toilet has seem some action!
SANspotter selfie delta 767-300 lavatory
I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have an identical twin. How ridiculous would it be to have two SANspotters running around instead of just one?
Delta 767-300 wing and engine in flight
Back at my seat just in time to enjoy the scenery on the descent.
Northern Georgia from the air
Boeing 767-300 shadow
Apologies to everyone on the ground for momentarily blocking out the Sun as we pass overhead.
Delta 767-300 landing at ATL
Welcome to Atlanta! Ironic that it’s nicer here than it was back in San Diego.
ATL concourse A
You mean there’s actually other airlines that serve ATL?
ATL concourse B
Widget tails for as far as the eye can see here at the A concourse. That’s more like it.
ATL jet bridge with delta posters
How long of a layover do you need in Atlanta? I had about 2 and a half hours to kill, but I almost wish I had more. This is an excellent airport for walking around and exploring!
Delta 767-300 N195DN ATL
One final look at N195DN before I wander off into the AvGeek Abyss that is ATL. Thanks for the ride old gal!

Pros and cons of Delta 767-300 Comfort Plus

Wait! Before you spend your hard-earned money on Delta Comfort Plus, there are some very important things you need to know about what you’re actually going to get. It’s a decent product for sure, but if I’m being honest, I can’t say that I’d be all that tempted to do it again on the 767-300.


  • The few extra inches of legroom really do make a big difference on longer flights. Being able to stretch out (just a little bit more) was nice on this 4-hour flight from San Diego to Atlanta.
  • Delta Comfort Plus passengers get to board before any other economy class passenger. This is nice since the overhead bins on the 767-300 are slightly smaller than more modern aircraft, and you’ll have a much better chance of finding a place for your carry-on bag.
  • There are USB and full-size electrical outlets at every seat.


  • Technically, Comfort Plus is not premium economy. Delta Premium Select is their true premium economy product, and this is most certainly not that.
  • The Comfort Plus seats on Delta 767-300 are normal economy seats. There are no physical differences in size.
  • The food you’ll get is exactly what you’d get in basic economy class. A bag (or two) of snacks along with a complementary drink will be served shortly after takeoff. If the flight is long enough, you’ll get another small snack and drink before landing. But that’s it.
  • The Comfort Plus seats on the 767-300 are not as nice-looking as the ones that are on other (newer) Delta Aircraft. Be sure to check out my Delta A321 Comfort Plus review to see what I mean…
  • There are no extra / priority perks for Comfort Plus passengers during the check in process. You’ll have to stand in the regular economy class line and patiently wait your turn. RIP to your sanity if it’s full flight.

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