A closer (and perhaps whiny) look at Delta 757-300 Comfort Plus

A closer (and perhaps whiny) look at Delta 757-300 Comfort Plus

On paper, Delta 757-300 Comfort Plus sounds like a pretty sweet deal.

Not only do you get 5 more inches of legroom compared to basic economy, you’ll get additional perks such as priority boarding, dedicated overhead bin space, premium snacks, and complementary alcohol.

The reality is that none of that really matters when you realize that they stretch the truth a little. Of course they provide all that stuff. However, on a recent flight from San Diego to Atlanta, I realized that they do an excellent job of half-assing it.

San Diego, CA (SAN) – Atlanta, GA (ATL)
Saturday, October 21, 2023
Aircraft: 757-351
Registration: N581NW
Duration: 3 hours 26 minutes
Seat: 17A (Comfort Plus)

Delta Air Lines 757-300 (N581NW) side view
Delta Air Lines 757-300 (N581NW) side view illustration by NorebboStock.com
dl990 flight track
Our route from San Diego to Atlanta today as DL990.

My full review of Delta 757-300 Comfort Plus from San Diego to Atlanta

As a reminder, Comfort Plus is Delta’s domestic premium economy offering. It’s literally (and figuratively) the product that fits between first class and economy class.

Flying time between San Diego and Atlanta is just a tick under 4 hours (on average), which is the perfect amount of time to give it a proper go IMHO.

Arrival at SAN

First things first: shoutout to the Delta scheduling team for putting the 757-300 in the 7:30 AM timeslot to ATL. That’s early enough to make convenient connections in Atlanta without having to wake up at an ungodly hour here on the West Coast. I was up at 5 AM, and at the airport by 6. Easy.

Walking into Terminal 2 West San Diego international airport
Y’all should know by now what it’s like to walk into Terminal 2 West here at the San Diego International Airport. I’m only including these pics to help tell the story of my journey today.
SANspotter holding a banana in terminal 2 west San Diego airport
Perhaps the most important part of this Delta 757-300 Comfort Plus story is the fact that there will be no food served on today’s flight to Atlanta (other than a small snack). I highly advise bringing your own grub. The more well-endowed it is the better.
Inside terminal 2 near gate 36 San Diego airport
Because I know there’s at least one person who’s going to ask, Camden Food Co has the girthiest bananas here at SAN. Tell them SANspotter sent you.
Delta 757-300 parked at gate 37 San Diego airport at sunrise
Speaking of girthy cylindrical objects, the 757-300 taking me to Atlanta today is looking as menacing as ever (in an oddly pleasurable way).
Gate 37 terminal 2 San Diego airport
Why is nobody here at gate 37 amused by my colorful commentary?
Delta Comfort Plus boarding pass San Diego to Atlanta
Oh well. Ain’t nothing like a Delta Comfort Plus boarding pass to get an airline review marred by stupid d**k jokes back on track.

The boarding process for flight number 990 to Atlanta

Although boarding a Boeing 757-300 takes a while, having a Comfort Plus boarding pass comes with the added benefit of getting to be one of the first passengers on the plane. Behind first class and Diamond Medallions of course. Given how many seats there are on a DL 757-300 (234), you’re still going to have to wait a while.

Boarding Delta comfort plus passengers Gate 37 San Diego airport
Please stand by. Delta boards Comfort Plus passengers after first class and the Diamond Medallion elite.
SANspotter walking down gate 37 jet bridge at SAN
“I can’t believe they still haven’t done anything about this baby s**t brown paint!”
Stepping onboard a Delta Boeing 757-300
This the 105th time that I’ve stepped onboard a Boeing 757. Damn my flight log (and my insistent need to document everything) for reminding me that I am old.
Delta 757-300 Comfort Plus cabin
You’ll be smack dab in downtown Comfort Plus upon turning right when boarding the aircraft. Fun fact: the Comfort Plus seats feature red accents. The regular economy seats are solid blue.
Delta 757-300 Comfort Plus row 17
This is row 17. I’ve got the window seat (and a strong feeling of déjà vu considering that I’ve seen these seats before).

It’s also worth noting that these Delta 757-300s haven’t been fully updated with the newest interiors. Yes, the seats at the latest and greatest, but the sidewalls and ceilings are old school Boeing 757. Do be sure to check out my Delta 757-200 Comfort Plus review to see just how sweet the 757 looks with modern interior features.

Seat overview

The main benefit of the Comfort Plus seats is extra legroom (at least compared to economy class). If you read my Delta 757-300 economy review, you’ll know that the extra legroom is very much appreciated.

Delta 757-300 Comfort Plus leg room
You honestly didn’t think this would be more spacious than Delta A321 Comfort Plus, did you?
Delta 757-300 Comfort Plus armrests
Crap. It’s only been five minutes and I’ve already lost the battle for the armrest.

It should be noted that legroom is similar to what you saw in my review of Delta 757-300 first class. Seat width is exactly the same as economy class though, so these seats are more beneficial for the tall (not wide).

Delta 757-300 Comfort Plus video screens in seat backs
See?  From certain angles, this looks exactly like the economy seats just a few rows back. These Comfort Plus seats are maybe not as hoity-toity as you thought!
Delta 757-300 Comfort Plus in seat power outlets
Ain’t nothing hoity-toity about having to bend down between your legs (past the saggy bag) to reach the electrical outlets.
Delta 757-300 Comfort Plus adjustable headrest
I do like the adjustable headrests though. Never mind the fact that I’ve spelled “Comfort +” wrong everywhere in this review so far.
Delta 757-300 Comfort Plus row 17 passengers
Homeboy isn’t going to give up that armrest.
Delta 757-300 Comfort Plus overhead air vents
Perhaps a blast of ice cold air from the overhead air vent will persuade him to lean the other way?
Delta 757-300 Comfort Plus seat space
In all seriousness, I’ve always been a firm believer that the middle seat passenger deserves both armrests. It was a very easy thing for me to concede today thanks to all this legroom in these seats.

The departure out of San Diego

I hate to say it (because I’ve got a major crush on the Boeing 757), but I was kind of shocked that we pushed off the gate right on time. These aircraft are getting on in years, and reliability has been trending downhill. Hence the reason the reason why Delta doesn’t send these aircraft out to the West Coast very much anymore.

San Diego international airport gate 37 jet bridge exterior
So long, gate 37. It’s been real.
Delta 757-300 Comfort Plus interior
Are we there yet?
Window view row 17 Delta 757-300
I was so shocked as you are to find out that row 17 offers an excellent view of the engine and wing here on the 757-300. I thought for sure I’d be directly over the wing.
Window view engine and wing Delta 757-300
On the other hand, the windows were every bit as smudgy (and a slimy) as I anticipated.
Delta 757-300 taking off from the San Diego international airport
‘later dudes (and dudettes)!
View of North Island naval air station on departure from the San Diego airport
I’d like to think there were there was at least one person over there at North island NAS giving us a celebratory fist pump as we blasted off.
Delta 757-300 flying over point Loma in San Diego
I can almost guarantee there was no one down there at Sunset Cliffs who gave a crap though. Stunning California coastline > Delta 757-300 (any day of the week).
Delta 757-300 flying over downtown San Diego
For the record, no, I’m not yet feeling the benefits of Comfort Plus as we climb east over downtown San Diego. My back already hurts!

In-flight entertainment

Of course there are video screens at every seat. This is Delta, So why wouldn’t there be? Just as you’ll find on nearly any other Delta aircraft these days, the 757-300 Comfort Plus seats feature large video screens (crammed full of really good content).

Delta 757-300 Comfort Plus video entertainment welcome screen
I’m going to warn you right now. What you’re about to see is exactly the same as what I showed you in my Delta 767-300 Comfort Plus review. It’s the same s**t.
Delta 757-300 Comfort Plus video entertainment screens
Perhaps ‘s**t’ was the wrong word to describe the Delta Studio in-flight entertainment system. Y’all know that I’ve always been a really big fan of the extensive catalog of TV shows and movies.
Delta 757-300 Comfort Plus video entertainment Spotify playlists
There’s even Spotify playlists too! How concerned should I be that ’90s country’ sounds appealing?
Delta 757-300 Comfort Plus complementary earbuds
Just try to imagine how awesome some classic Garth Brooks would sound through these complementary earbuds.
Delta 757-300 Comfort Plus aircraft information and map screens
“Blame it all on my roots, I showed up in boots… “ (Don’t mind me. I’m just scrubbing through the aircraft information and map screens while humming along was Garth).
Delta 757-300 Comfort Plus audio and USB inputs
By the way, connecting wireless headphones via Bluetooth still isn’t possible with Delta Studio here on the 757-300. You’re gonna have to rock out to your favorite jams via an old school 3.5 mm audio jack.

The food

This is the part that really ticks me off about Comfort Plus. Delta advertises “premium snacks” as part of the Comfort Plus experience, but (in my opinion) they are anything but. The snack offerings on today’s flight weren’t even as good as what I was offered in JetBlue A321neo economy recently.

Delta 757-300 flight fuel menu QR code
Delta calls this the Flight Fuel Menu. I call it a neat idea which is pretty much useless here in Comfort Plus on the 757-300. Not only could I not get it to work, it would’ve provided very little information anyway considering how limited the menu is.
Delta 757-300 Comfort Plus in-flight meal
That’s it. That’s the Comfort Plus “premium snack” they promised me at the time of booking. 
Delta Comfort plus premium snack snack and drink
At least they were kind enough to include a beverage. Free alcohol is included in Comfort Plus on flights over 500 miles, but (unfortunately) I don’t have enough hair on my chest to be drinking whiskey at 7:30 AM.

Complementary alcohol is a nice perk IMHO. Even though I didn’t take advantage of it, I suppose that’s all the reasoning some would need to pay extra for one of these seats.

SANspotter eating pistachios in Delta 757-300 comfort plus
How much testosterone do you suppose one pistachio contains?
SANspotter drinking water in Delta 757-300 comfort plus
Cheers to the prospect of drinking something a little more manly in my next Delta Comfort Plus review!
Delta comfort plus snack service
Nope. I’m just not a fan of Delta Comfort Plus onboard service.
Delta 757-300 Comfort Plus tray table
For anyone curious, the tray table is lightly weighted (but firm), and would have benefited from softer dampening to absorb turbulence. The locking mechanism offers a satisfyingly poppy “clack” sound when released. Cleanliness left a lot to be desired. Rating: 6/10 (would use again).

Seat comfort

If it wasn’t for the extra legroom, this would’ve been a fairly miserable experience. Four hours on a 757-300 in economy class is rough enough, but being able to stretch out a bit does help to dull the pain. At least a little. Being able to cross my legs (without dislodging anything) was nice too.

SANspotter sleeping in delta 757-300 comfort plus seat
The seats are comfortable enough (to enjoy those 90s country classics without feeling overwhelmed a lack of legroom).

As you might imagine, seat recline isn’t any better than what you would get in basic economy class. At least that’s what you should be imagining. Going into your next Comfort Plus flight thinking that the recline is going to be excellent would be foolish of you.

The descent (and arrival) into Atlanta

Remember what I said earlier about being shocked that we departed San Diego right on time? Well, I was even more shocked to realize that we were going to end up at ATL 23 minutes ahead of schedule. See? The Boeing 757 can do anything! #greatestairplaneever

Beginning the descent into Atlanta
Beginning the descent so soon? I haven’t even started the second course of my in-flight meal! (Yes, that was condescending sarcasm).
Flying over downtown Atlanta
Hotlanta. The Big A. The ATL. A-Town. Nothing says “I’m just passing through” more than calling a city by anything but it’s actual name.
Delta 757-300 landing at ATL
As long as you try not to think about the millions of things that go wrong at this very moment (and how horrible it would be to be burned alive), landing is fun, isn’t it?
Delta 757-300 thrust reversers upon landing at ATL
Welcome to Atlanta Hotlanta / The Big A / The ATL / A-Town!
Delta 737-800 at ATL
Don’t be so quick to judge me. $20 says that there’s at least one bro on that 737-900 over there who’s texting a friend about the fact that he’s about to take the f**k off out of Hotlanta.
Delta 757-300 pulling up to Concourse A at ATL
Pulling up to Concourse A. It’s always Concourse A when flying in from San Diego.
Delta 757-300 Comfort Plus passengers end of flight
We’ve arrived! Other than the lack of proper food, this wasn’t all that bad actually.
Delta 757-300 Comfort Plus aisle
At the very least, the lack of food keeps the aisle (and floor) squeaky clean. I wonder if they ever found that one pistachio that I dropped just West of Dallas?
Delta 757-300 boarding door frame
Dang it, this was my last chance to ask for some Biscoff cookies to go. I blew it!
SANspotter walking up jet bridge after arrival at ATL
I love how it looks like I’m mad about the cookies lol.

Pros and cons of the Delta 757-300 Comfort Plus experience

Honestly, there are only 2 reasons why you’d want to choose Comfort Plus over basic economy. The first is the extra legroom. The second is free alcohol (if you’re into that sort of thing). The rest is meh.


  • The extra legroom is enough to make you completely forget about how hard (and narrow) the seat is.
  • Free alcohol. Drunkards rejoice!
  • Being seated near the front is especially nice on the 757-300 (the longest domestic aircraft in Delta’s fleet).


  • The snacks they serve are barely any better than what you would get in regular economy class. Quantity is exactly the same.
  • Because of how narrow they are, the seats won’t be beneficial to anyone who prefers width over added legroom.
  • Extras such as blankets, pillows, and noise canceling headphones are not provided on domestic flights. It’s not that premium.

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