Everything you can (and cannot) expect in Delta 757-200 Comfort Plus

Everything you can (and cannot) expect in Delta 757-200 Comfort Plus

I had an epiphany while sitting in Delta 757-200 Comfort Plus on a flight from Atlanta to Detroit recently.

Y’all know that I’ve been known to criticize the Delta Comfort Plus product in the past. They talk a big game (promising things like extra legroom, premium snacks, free alcohol, priority boarding, etc), but it never seems to be worth the extra cost on longer flights.

But on shorter flights (ones that Delta tends to use the 757-200 for), it actually starts to make a little sense. Let me explain…

Atlanta, GA (ATL) – Detroit, MI (DTW)
Saturday, October 21, 2023
Aircraft: 757-26D
Registration: N823DX
Duration: 1 hour 27 minutes
Seat: 20A (Comfort Plus)

Delta Air Lines 757-200 (N823DX) side view
Delta Air Lines 757-200 (N823DX) side view illustration by NorebboStock.com
dl2977 flight track
Our route from Atlanta to Detroit this evening as DL2977.

My full review of Delta 757-200 Comfort Plus from Atlanta to Detroit

I know. I was fairly whiny in my recent review of Delta 757-300 Comfort Plus. Yet here I am about to tell you why Comfort Plus on the 757-200 is kinda awesome. What gives?

Arrival at ATL

I arrived from San Diego just shy of 4 hours before the scheduled departure time of this flight to Detroit. A little bit of eating, a lot of walking, and a ton of people watching was how I prepped myself for this 757-200 Comfort Plus experience.

Concourse B at the Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson International Airport
Welcome to Concourse B at the Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson International Airport! This appears to be the proverbial fork in the road.
Crowded Concourse B ATL
*gulp* Looking straight down the barrel of Concourse B reveals that reaching my departure gate (B6) is going to be a bit of an ordeal total mother****r.
Gate B6 ATL
Well that wasn’t so bad. I still have all my teeth!
Delta 757-200 (N823DX)
Be still my beating heart. The sight of the 757-200 taking me up to DTW this evening (N823DX) is giving me tingling sensations that I can almost guarantee you don’t want me to describe.
SANspotter looking at a Delta 757-200 at ATL
I never realized how creepy I look when lost in the trance of a Boeing 757-200. How have I ever not been thrown out of an airport before?
Waiting at gate B6 ATL
Looks like it’s going to be a full flight this evening. Maybe Detroit isn’t as bad as everyone thought?

The boarding process for flight number 2977 to Detroit

The 757-200 is a fairly big aircraft with a capacity for 200(ish) passengers. The gate areas in terminal B at ATL can barely hold half that amount.

My natural instinct was to stay back (out of the crowd) while they rolled through the boarding process. First it was passengers needing extra time to board. Then families with small children and active duty military. Then first class. Then Diamond Medallions. Then Comfort Plus. Yay priority boarding!

Delta comfort plus boarding pass Atlanta to Detroit
Boarding has commenced. I’ll be on my way as soon as all the Diamond Medallions get out of the way (they’re always in the way).
Delta Comfort Plus passengers walking down jet bridge at ATL
Priority boarding is an included perk for a Comfort Plus passengers, but just know that it won’t seem like priority once they get all the pre-boarding taken care of.
Delta 757-200 boarding door
“b*tch better not take my overhead bin space” (at least that’s what it seems like she’s thinking).
Stepping onto a Delta 757-200 through the main boarding door
See? Her concerns were not without merit. BTW, stepping onto a Delta 757-200 is an experience like nothing else!
Delta 757-200 Comfort Plus cabin
This pic alone should squash any concerns you had about the Delta 757-200 being old and outdated. Not only do these diamond-stitched Comfort Plus seats look great, the ‘light saber blue’ mood lighting is freaking legit.

Seat overview

If you’ve seen one domestic Delta Comfort Plus seat, you’ve basically seen them all. The ones here on the 757-200 aren’t any different than what you’ve seen in any of my other Comfort Plus reviews, but that’s not a bad thing. It’s a good looking (and feature rich) seat with generous legroom IMHO.

Delta 757-200 Comfort Plus leg room
Nice. It’s not that you’ll need this much legroom for a short 90 minute flight to Detroit, but trust me – you’ll certainly want it.
Delta 757-200 Comfort Plus video screens
The same goes for these large video screens. I like!
Delta 757-200 Comfort Plus power outlets
I’m not sure if this was supposed to be a pic of the power outlet (located down there between the seats), or a well used seat pocket. Screw it. It’s both.
Delta 757-200 Comfort Plus adjustable headrest
I know a headrest pic when I see one tho. #nailedit
Delta 757-200 Comfort Plus middle seat
Yeah, despite how hard Delta is pushing the “comfort” thing, the middle seat is still gonna suck.
Delta 757-200 Comfort Plus seat pitch
… Especially if you’re sitting next to a guy who keeps taking a picture of his junk. I was trying to get another picture of the awesome legroom!
updated Delta 757-200 interior
I’m really impressed with how nice these updated Delta 757-200 interiors are. So far, this is every bit as a dope as my Delta A321 Comfort Plus experience was.

The departure out of ATL

You win some, you lose some. On one hand, we actually pushed off the gate a couple minutes early. On the other hand, I was on the wrong side of the aircraft (which resulted in seeing absolutely nothing during the taxi out to runway 26L).

Gate B6 jet bridge ATL
Jet bridge detached. Regardless of whether or not Detroit is ready for us, we are on our way.
Window view from seat 20A delta 757-200
Not a bad view from seat 20A! I especially like the fact that I’m seated far forward enough not to be impaled with fan blade shrapnel during an uncontained engine failure. RIP to the people on the row behind me though.
Delta 757-200 passenger experience
While nowhere near as cool as the time I flew between Detroit and Atlanta in Delta 747-400 business class (Delta One), any opportunity to get a ride on a Boeing 757-200 is worth the effort.
Taxiing to runway in a delta 757-200 at ATL
World’s busiest airport in my a**!
Taking off from runway 26L ATL
Kicka** aerial pics of ATL in 3..2…
Overview of terminal D at ATL upon takeoff from ATL
…1! Never in my life have I taken a pic with this many Delta CRJ’s in it.
aerial pic of the T gates ATL
I don’t believe that I’ve ever taken an aerial pic of the T gates either, so this was an eventful (and productive) departure indeed.
Taking off from ATL in a delta 757-200 at sunset
A perfect evening for a Delta 757-200 Comfort Plus review!

In-flight entertainment

With the coming of free Wi-Fi, in-flight entertainment is going to be getting even better than it already is here on the Delta 757-200. These aircraft already feature the always awesome Delta Studio video entertainment product, with video screens at every seat. FYI, the video screens here in Comfort Plus are the exact same size as the ones up in first class.

Delta 757-200 blue mood lighting
Who needs video screens when the mood lighting is this freakin’ awesome?
Delta 757-200 Comfort Plus in-flight entertainment video welcome screen
I have a sneaky suspicion that I am alone in my feelings about mood lighting vs video screens. The next few pics (starting with the welcome screen of the in-flight entertainment system) are for you. Not me.
Delta 757-200 Comfort Plus Delta in-flight entertainment screens and menus
You see pics of the always awesome Delta Studio video entertainment system (and all of the movies, TV shows, audio, games, and podcasts it contains). All I can see is that awesome blue mood lighting. A total win-win!
Delta 757-200 in-flight entertainment aircraft information screen
This flight information screen had my full attention though. Remember the creepy pics of me looking at this 757 through the terminal windows earlier in this review? I’d bet everything that I have that my expression at this moment was exactly the same (if not worse).
Delta 757-200 in-flight entertainment flight tracking screen
I think we’re getting to the point where some of these screens are starting to look dated though. The flight tracker / map thingy seems a bit old school (at least compared to what other airlines are doing these days).
Delta 757-200 Comfort Plus free wired headphones
Earbuds (that are yours to keep) are still complementary – even on flights as short as this one. I think they do this on purpose to make you feel less perturbed about the forthcoming snack service.

Food and snacks

Cabin service (and food) is where I find Comfort Plus to be a better an acceptable value on shorter flights. The “premium snack” is anything but (consisting of a little package of snacks that are hardly more premium than what you would get in basic economy). But that’s fine. A substantial snack probably isn’t important on shorter flights anyway.

Delta 757-200 Comfort Plus premium snacks
Although I didn’t have very many good things to say about what was essentially the very same “premium” snack in my Delta 767-300 Comfort Plus review, it seems somewhat more acceptable (and appropriate) for a 1.5 hour flight.
Delta 757-200 Comfort Plus snack service
I know! It’s taking every bit of strength I have not to berate them for calling this a “premium” snack, but…< whispering > I probably could’ve survived a flight to Detroit without this. < / whispering >
SANspotter eating snacks in Delta 757-200 comfort plus
Remember that moment when the Grinch discovered the true meaning of Christmas? It was almost the same as me realizing that Comfort Plus is a much better value on shorter flights (because of how lame the onboard service is). #lightbulbmoment
Delta 757-200 Comfort Plus passengers eating snacks
Comfort. Plus a puny snack.

The good news is that they don’t skimp on the free alcohol. Not even on shorter flights. I would assume that most people would prefer a stiff drink over a substantial snack anyway, so no biggie I guess.

Seat comfort

Again, on shorter flights, the extra legroom in these Comfort Plus seats is just about perfect. You’ll hardly even notice how hard the seats are. You probably won’t even care about the lack of decent recline. But that extra legroom? Oh baby!

SANspotter feeling dejected in Delta 757-200 Comfort Plus
For the record, my expression is the result of the weak a** snack. It is not an indication as to how comfortable (or uncomfortable) the seat may be.
Crossed legs in Delta 757-200 Comfort Plus seat
I (a scrawny 5′-10″ chap) am able to cross my legs in these seats without much fuss. I therefore deem them to be comfortable (for shorter flights at least).

The descent and arrival into Detroit

Flying into Detroit always hits me square in the feels. I grew up about an hour north of DTW – so this is basically home for me. It was such a nice feeling that I wouldn’t have even cared if we were late. But we weren’t (as long as you don’t count being 3 minutes behind schedule as “late”). Thanks Delta!

Approaching Detroit in a Delta 757-200 at night
Detroit at 11 o’clock!
Delta 757-200 approach and landing at DTW at night
Well…it’s actually only 8:09 PM, and we’re 3 minutes behind schedule. Close enough.
Delta 757-200 touchdown at DTW at night
Whoa big girl! Whoa.
Arrival at DTW McNamara terminal at night
What I didn’t show you was the 15 minute taxi time it took to get to this point. But! At least I now have the data to tell you that these Comfort Plus seats are fairly comfortable bouncing along on the ground as well.
Unbuckling seatbelt inDelta 757-200 Comfort Plus
I also have enough data to tell you that you will very likely be arriving at your destination hungry. I say again: premium snacks my a**!
Delta 757-200 Comfort Plus seatbelt sign turn off upon arrival
Speaking of my a**, it’s going to feel really good to stand up again. I started in San Diego over 9 hours ago and I do believe that I’ve had my fill of airplane seats for today.
Exiting through forward boarding door Delta Boeing 757-200
Perhaps the most interesting part of this entire experience was exiting through the forward boarding door. I’ve never done that on a 757 before! Again, they probably did that on purpose to take our minds off the fact that the premium snacks weren’t all that premium (and it worked).

Pros and cons of the Delta 757-200 Comfort Plus experience

The TLDR of this entire review is that you’ll probably enjoy Comfort Plus on the Delta 757-200 more on shorter flights than you will on longer flights. The food sucks. The seats are hard. But the legroom (and in flight entertainment) is excellent.


  • It’s all about the legroom. It feels even more spacious than Alaska Airlines 737 MAX 9 Premium Class (which ain’t half bad).
  • Delta has updated the interiors of most of their 757-200s. It feels like flying on a brand new airplane.
  • Freeee boooooze (even on shorter flights).


  • Flying Comfort Plus for the “premium snacks” is doing it wrong. You’ll want to bring your own food on longer flights.
  • The seats are rock hard (though it admittedly won’t be much of an issue on shorter flights).

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