Do you travel a lot?

I’m not a road warrior by any means, but I do a fair amount of air travel both domestic and international every year. I live in San Diego and have family spread around in Minnesota, Florida, and Japan so racking up the miles is relatively easy.

Why is this blog named “SANspotter”?

San Diego International Airport (SAN) is my home airport. And I’ve been “spotting” (a very British term for watching or photographing) aircraft ever since I can remember. I’m not photographing airplanes much anymore these days, but I thought the combination of the two items was appropriate for my blog title.

Why do you write trip reports?

Basically, I’m a travel nerd. I love to document my trips so that I’ll be able to remember the little details far into the future.  Long before I even had this blog, I was writing about my travels in the form of a Microsoft Word doc on my computer. So yeah – it’s something I really enjoy doing.

Why are you interested in airplanes?

Good question. I’m not sure where the interest came from, but it’s always been there. The silly thing is that I was never interested in fighter jets like all the other boys in school when I was growing up – for me, DC-10’s and L-1011’s were far more interesting.

How long have you been taking pictures of commercial aircraft?

Inspired by the pictures I saw on, I started taking airliner photos in July of 1999 with a crappy little point and shoot film camera. This hobby has been a large part of my life ever since, some years more active than others. I am doing it less and less these days, however.

What kind of photo equipment do you shoot with?

Currently, I’m shooting with an iPhone 6S, Canon 60D (DSLR), GoPro Hero4, and GoPro Hero5