Breeze Airways review: Is an Extra Legroom seat worth the cost?

Breeze Airways review: Is an Extra Legroom seat worth the cost?

This is a full review of Breeze Airways flight 118 from Tampa to Oklahoma City. The aircraft was an E195, and I spent extra on a “Nicer Fare”, which gave me a seat with extra legroom and priority boarding (among other minor perks). It was an interesting experience.

On one hand, it was a pleasantly comfortable flight with an attentive cabin crew.

On the other hand, with a very limited flight schedule, Breeze Airways doesn’t make it easy to fly with them. Coming from San Diego, I had to get really creative to find a way to get on one of their airplanes. That’s a pretty tall order for someone with limited brain cells such as myself.

Tampa, FL (TPA) – Oklahoma City, OK (OKC)
Thursday, September 23, 2021
Aircraft: ERJ-195
Registration: N192BZ
Duration: 2 hours 29 minutes
Seat: 5F (Extra Legroom)

Breeze Airways E195 side view
Breeze Airways E195 side view illustration by
MX118 flight track
Our route from Tampa to Oklahoma City today as MX118

The video

Creating a full video review of Breeze Airways was a lot more fun than I thought it was going to be. This isn’t a very exciting airline, but somehow it ended up being one of my most enjoyable flights of the year.

Finding the right music to convey the excitement of flying and all new airline was super easy with Epidemic Sound. The song in the first half of this video was Dark Horse by Tigerblood. The song used in the second half was Pursuing Tikiness by The Fly Guy Five.

An in-depth review of the Breeze Airways Embraer 195 Extra Legroom seat

Before going any further, it’s important to note that the Extra Legroom seats on the ERJ-195 are not the best seats that this airline offers. I’d recommend checking out my Breeze Airways A220-300 “Nicest” seat review to see what first class is really like on Breeze.

Anyway, this is still a very new airline at the time of this writing, and they are still promising to roll out new perks as time goes on. But for now, this is what it was like on my flight from Tampa to Oklahoma City.

Breeze Airways E195's parked at TPA
Breeze Airways E195’s parked at TPA. The one on the left is the one I’m taking to OKC. Well, it’s taking me, but you know what I mean.

My arrival at the airport

I spent the night at the Tampa Airport Marriott Hotel. It’s attached directly to the terminal, which makes it perfect for an overnight stay before an early morning flight. It’s also a great hotel for plane spotting. The pic you see above was taken from my room the evening before the flight.

Unfortunately, I had mistakenly input the wrong birthdate on my reservation, and the TSA wouldn’t let me through the security checkpoint because of it.

The birthdate on my drivers license and my ticket didn’t match, so they sent me right back to the Breeze Airways check-in counter to see if they could get it resolved. So much for a stress-free morning.

SANspotter shoes Tampa airport
I know. Standing at the Breeze Airways check in counter watching the friendly agent struggle to fix my mistake is an awfully embarrassing way to begin this review.
Breeze airways boarding pass Tampa airport
There we go. Pro tip: don’t be stubborn and refuse to give an airline your real birth date when making a reservation! The TSA frowns upon that.
Breeze airways check in counter TPA
Figured I might as well get a proper pic of the Breeze Airways check in counter here at TPA while I’m here. It ain’t fancy.

What terminal does Breeze Airways use at the Tampa International Airport?

Breeze Airways uses Terminal C at TPA. It’s fairly small with limited food options, but as long as you’re not spending an entire day there, it’s not that bad. I had about an hour to kill before my flight started boarding, which was the perfect amount of time to get situated and relaxed.

Terminal C Tampa airport
Inside Terminal C here at TPA. Along with the same black seats we see in pretty much every other airport in the US.
Breeze airways gate Tampa airport
I really hope Breeze Airways got a good deal on gate space here at TPA, because they’re located all the way at the end (next to the toilets).
Gate c45 Tampa airport
Gate C45…I mean…C44 is our gate this morning. *sound of toilet flushing in the background*
Breeze airways e195 Tampa
I thought this was our aircraft this morning, but I was wrong. A last minute gate change (which you’ll see in a moment) ruined my attempt for achieving complete and total accuracy in this Breeze Airways review.
Breeze airways aircraft at gate Tampa airport
I was so confident that this was our plane that I took another picture of it. < Austin Powers voice > Yeah baby! < / Austin Powers voice >
Tampa airport breakfast
Feeling proud of myself for being so accurate in my airline reviews. Ignorance is bliss, I guess.

The boarding process for Breeze Airways flight number 118 to Oklahoma City

The scheduled departure gate for the flight to Oklahoma City was 45. However, they switched it over to gate 44 just five minutes prior to the boarding process. I’m not sure why they waited that long to tell everyone, but whatever.

Gate 44 breeze airways Tampa airport
Plot twist! We’re departing out of gate 44 now. And I’m feeling miffed for having taken lots of pics of the wrong plane.
Tampa and jet bridge
Even they look disappointed that I took pics of wrong plane. I’m sorry!
Breeze airways e195 boarding door
So nice to see a boarding door in any other color than white. I haven’t seen this much blue since my Air Tahiti Nui review!

My first impressions of the Breeze Airways E195 Extra Legroom seat

Not only was this the first time that I had ever flown Breeze Airways, it was also the first time that I had ever stepped foot on an Embraer 195. Neither of those two little tidbits of information mattered once I saw the seats. Long story short, the interiors of the Breeze Airways E195s look fantastic.

Breeze airways e195 full cabin
Whoa. I was not expecting white seats. At all.
Breeze Airways Extra Legroom seats
Remember Virgin America first class? Breeze Airways Extra Legroom seats here on the E195 are nearly as cool.
Breeze Airways Extra Legroom seat review
No, it’s not exactly first class, and there is no neon pink mood lighting, but…dang this is nice.
Breeze Airways legroom
The legroom is “extra” (just as advertised). I wonder if it’s possible to cross my leg in these seats?
Crossed legs breeze airways seats
Well, would you look at that. 
Extra legroom seats breeze airways
An overview of the entire Extra Legroom section here on the E195. All I can see is heads, but I’ll bet anything there’s lots of happy knees in this pic.
Breeze airways e195 safety card
Should I really be touching this considering that Covid is still a thing?
Sanford selfie breeze airways e195
That moment when you realize that you’ve probably just given yourself Covid.

Finally, it’s worth noting that these extra legroom seats on the E195 are not typical of what you’ll find on other aircraft in the Breeze Airways fleet. Be sure to read my Breeze Airways A220-300 Nicer seat review to learn more about their latest and greatest “extra legroom” offering. 

The departure sequence out of Tampa

The sun was just starting to pop over the horizon as we pushed off the gate. This is easily my favorite time of day to fly, so I was more than a little excited about the prospect of getting some juicy sunrise-themed takeoff footage.

Breeze airways embraer 195 Tampa airport
There’s that plane again. I’ll tell you what: I did a fantastic job of getting pics of a plane that wasn’t ours for this review.
Tampa airport ground crew
“Hey! You there in seat 5F! You took pics of the wrong plane!”
Breeze airways window Tampa airport
I may never be able to show my face in this town again.
Breeze Airways passengers
On a more serious note, the load factor on today’s flight was probably 75%. Nice to see Breeze Airways doing so well in Tampa!
Breeze Airways in Tampa
I wouldn’t have thought that there’d be enough demand for an all-new airline to do well on a TPA-OKC nonstop, but here we are. By the way, be sure to watch the video embedded below to see (and hear) the full takeoff.

SANspotter selfie breeze airways sunrise
Breeze Airways e195 white seats
Still climbing out of Tampa, and I’m still liking these Breeze Airways Extra Legroom seats. The fact that there’s an empty seat next to was something to like as well. Yes, there are things you can do to increase the odds of having an empty seat next to you on a flight!

What kind of food do they serve on Breeze Airways?

At the time of this writing, not much. They are promising extensive “buy onboard” menu in the future, but for now, food is limited.

Breeze Airways e195 tray table
I’m ready for anything. Bring it!
Breeze Airways food
Maybe I should have been more specific? They brought me potato chips and water.
SANspotter selfie breeze airways potato chips
Trying to recall the last time I had potato chips for breakfast…
Breeze airways snacks
Here’s to hoping that real food comes to Breeze Airways sooner rather than later.
 Breezy Airways drinks
FYI, water was the only beverage option this morning. I’m tempted to say something critical about that, but then again…I only paid $124 for this ticket. Water was fine.

How comfortable are the seats?

The Extra Legroom seats on Breeze Airways aircraft are pretty comfortable actually. No, they are not as comfortable as a standard domestic first class seat. These are simply the regular economy seats wrapped in a different material (and spaced a little farther apart).

That being said, I found these seats to be more comfortable than Avelo Airlines extra legroom seats (you can read my Avelo Airlines review to find out why).

Sanford selfie sleeping breeze airways
Dreaming about the day Breeze Airways comes to San Diego? Or still thinking about the last time I had potato chips for breakfast? I can’t remember.
Breeze airways seat comfort
For comparisons sake, these seats are much more comfortable than a Southwest Airlines Business Select seat (which is basically a standard seat at a higher price). If Breeze Airways is an option, they’re likely to be a better choice than Southwest IMHO.

For the record, I purposefully chose this route from Tampa to Oklahoma City because of the fact that it was the longest flight in the Breeze Airways network at the time. I figured that it would be the ultimate test of seat comfort on this brand new airline.

Breeze airways e195 seat comfort
Although the look on my face implies that I’m still thinking about potato chips for breakfast, I can assure you that I was thinking about how much better of a deal Breeze is than other ultra low cost carriers. These seats are amazing for the price!

What’s the verdict? Is Breeze Airways good?

In my opinion, yes! Breeze Airways is a good airline. The low fares that they offer are unbeatable, and once on board, it’ll be just as comfortable as any other airline. Especially if you spring for an Extra Legroom seat like I did.

I had absolutely zero complaints about this flight, and I’m very much looking forward to flying with Breeze again. Unfortunately, I’m not sure when I’ll have the opportunity to do so with their limited schedule. If they can grow their route network into something more substantial, I’d be willing to place them higher on my list of the best airlines to fly in the US. Until that happens, this isn’t a very convenient airline to fly.

And now, let me show you the descent and arrival into Oklahoma City:

Breeze Airways e195 lavatory
Wait! I need to show you the lavatory before we land.
Breeze Airways e195 lavatory SANspotter selfie
See? It’s exciting, isn’t it?
Flying over Oklahoma City
Good morning Oklahoma City!
Flatness of Oklahoma
As someone who lives in a valley between two mountains, the flatness of this terrain is mind blowing.
Approve and landing into OKC
It was a butter-smooth approach and landing into OKC. I can only dream of being this smooth whenever I try to land in Microsoft Flight Simulator, so props to the captain for a job well done.
E195 window Oklahoma City Airport
Did you read my Allegiant Air review? If so, this should look awfully familiar.
Southwest Airlines at OKC
I spy Breeze Airways competition!
Breeze airways taxiing at OKC
Thankfully I didn’t see any Southwest Airlines employees giving us the middle finger as we rolled by.
Oklahoma City airport jet bridge
That’s it folks! You’ve reached the end of my first ever Breeze Airways review, and I’m happy to report it was a good experience overall. I’m looking forward to flying with them again soon (hopefully once they start serving real food), and – why do these people seem anxious to get away from me? Anything to avoid ending up on the blog I guess…

Pros and cons of the Breeze Airways E195 Extra Legroom seat

More than anything, you need to understand that a seat with more legroom on Breeze Airways isn’t that much better than a regular seat. And since this is an airline which flies typically shorter routes, think twice before spending the extra money for just a little bit more room. It may not even be worth it.


  • The E195 Extra Legroom seats look very high class wrapped in a white leather-like material. In terms of looks, reminds me a lot of Virgin America first class.
  • It’s an incredibly good deal. I paid just $124 for my seat, and I overheard the guy in front of me tell his seatmate that he paid $134 on his last minute ticket.
  • The added perks you get with the seat (priority boarding, free snacks, free checked bag, etc.) are nice. You’d pay a lot more for a Southwest Airlines Business Select seat and you’d still get less.


  • It’s probably not worth it to spend more money on an Extra Legroom seat if your flight is less than an hour in length. There is extra legroom, but not that much extra.
  • The seats themselves are equivalent to basic economy seats. You won’t get any extra padding or lower back support.
  • The snacks they serve in these premium seats are equivalent to what you would get in regular economy on nearly any other US airline.

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