The Breeze Airways A220-300 “Nicer” seat is a killer value IMHO

The Breeze Airways A220-300 “Nicer” seat is a killer value IMHO

The thing that sucks about purchasing a basic economy ticket is the feeling of wishing there was an option to get something nicer without having to shell out big bucks for the fancy seats.

Thankfully, Breeze Airways has a solution to this problem (at least on their A220-300s). They call it the “Nicer” seat. Clever, eh?

I recently had a chance to try the Nicer seat on a 3 1/2 hour flight from Los Angeles to New Orleans. As you’re about to see, it is indeed nicer. It’s also a little worse if I’m being honest…

Los Angeles, CA (LAX) – New Orleans, LA (MSY)
Monday, June 5, 2023
Aircraft: A220-300
Registration: N215BZ
Duration: 3 hours 40 minutes
Seat: 6F (“Nicer” Seat)

Breeze Airways A220-300 side view n215bz
Breeze Airways A220-300 side view illustration by
mx543 flight track
Our convoluted route from Los Angeles to New Orleans today as MX543.

My full review of the Breeze Airways A220-300 Nicer seat from Los Angeles to New Orleans

As a reminder, there are three types of seats in the Breeze Airways A220-300. The basic economy seats are called “Nice.” The fancy seats are called “Nicest.” Their middle tier seat (the one you will see you in this review) is called “Nicer.”

The Nicer seats are essentially basic economy (Nice) seats with a little extra legroom. The best part? It doesn’t cost very much to sit in one of them.

Arrival at LAX

Flying up from San Diego in Delta Connection E175 first class was probably not the best way to set myself up for this review. I hate to say it, but that was a more comfortable experience.

Breeze Airways operates out of Terminal 1 at LAX. Kind of. That’s where ticketing and baggage claim is. Their planes, however, operate in and out of the West gates at the Tom Bradley International Terminal (Terminal B). The hell?

I’m happy to report that there is an airside shuttle bus that makes the transfer convenient and easy.

Departures level terminal 1 LAX
Welcome to Terminal 1! This is the current home for Breeze Airways at LAX – but as you’re about to see, it’s more like “squatting” than “living”…
Breeze airways check in terminal 1 LAX
Yup – Breeze Airways uses shared check in counters (I told you they’re squatters). My arrival was too early for my short attention span to allow standing around a waiting for the changeover.
LAX airside transfer bus terminal 1 to terminal b
Plot twist! Once you battle your way through the baggage drop and security process here in T1, you’ll need to get on a bus to reach the gate (in a completely separate terminal on the other side of the airport). Squuaaatters!
LAX airside transfer bus terminal 1 to terminal b SANspotter selfie
I’ll spare you the details of the bus ride (since it’s not the point of this review), but let’s just say the airside transfer bus hit this nerdy AvGeek right in the feels. It’s also worth mentioning that this was where I found an all new appreciation for squatting. Sometimes maybe it is necessary. 
Inside terminal b West gates LAX
I can certainly think of worse terminals to transfer to here at LAX. Terminal B is beautiful!
terminal b West gates panoramic window LAX
And then, it hit me. “B” obviously stands for “bitchin’.”
Gate 210 LAX terminal b breeze Airways
Gate 210 is where my flight to New Orleans is departing from today. And it looks like there’s an option to switch to Norfolk if I’m feeling so inclined.
Breeze airways gates Tom Bradley international terminal LAX
Nah, I’m stickin’ with New Orleans. Eventually. The plane hasn’t even arrived yet for chrissakes.
SANspotter selfie lax terminal b west gates
I’d like to tell you that I was carefully weighing the pros and cons of both New Orleans and Norfolk, but let’s just call this what this is: squatting.

The boarding process for flight number 543 to New Orleans

For being such a relatively new airline, I’m still amazed at how quickly Breeze Airways got their **** together. This was my third ever flight with them, and once again, they got the boarding process started nearly right on time.

Breeze airways boarding process gate 210 LAX
Finally seeing some action here at gate 210!
Breeze airways nicer seat zone 1 mobile boarding pass
By the way, Nicer seat passengers are part of the Zone 1 boarding group. But isn’t that technically the “nicest” boarding group? I’m getting confused…
Breeze airways jet bridge LAX
Going down the jet bridge was a breeze with a Zone 1 boarding pass. #rimshot
Breeze airways a220-300 boarding door
I wasn’t completely alone though. There seems to be some traffic here at the boarding door.
Breeze Airways Nicest seats
Nice looking seats, eh? You can read more about them in my Breeze Airways Nicest seat review.
Breeze Airways A220-300 Nicest seats aisle
Here’s a preview of what you’ll see as you hang your head in shame on the way past the fancy seats.

Nicer seat overview

Remember what I was saying earlier about these seats being “worse” than “nicer”? They aren’t anywhere near as nice as the Nicest seats, so technically, I’m not lying. They are pretty decent though, with gobs of extra leg room and useful amenities (such as power outlets and device holders).

Breeze Airways A220-300 Nicer seats
There they be. These are the Breeze Airways A220-300 Nicer seats in all their pleather-clad glory.
Breeze Airways A220-300 Nicer seats extra legroom
That extra legroom!
Breeze Airways A220-300 Nicer seats seat pitch
I think you’d have to be monstrously vertically-endowed to complain about seat pitch such as this.
Breeze Airways A220-300 Nicer seats seat back
On one hand, there seems to be nothing exciting about the seat backs. On the other hand, these are darn near identical to the seats you saw in my Air France A220-300 business class review. Chew on that for a moment!
Breeze Airways A220-300 Nicer seats USB-C power outlets
USB-C ports? Aw hell yeah!
Breeze Airways A220-300 nicer seat headrest
As you will see in my video review of this flight, the only word I could think of to describe these headrests was “voluptuous.” You’ll understand completely the moment you cop a feel for the first time.
Dirty Breeze Airways A220-300 nicer seat
Yes, it was probably inappropriate to post a pic of this mystery stain on the seat in front of me immediately after telling you how voluptuous the headrests are.
SANspotter breeze airways a220-300 nicer seat
At what age does one typically outgrow the immature jokes? Asking for a friend.
breeze airways a220-300 nicer seat passengers
The nicest thing about this experience so far is the feeling of how much nicer this this with an empty middle seat next to me. Nice!
breeze airways a220-300 nicer seat section
Hmm – the load factor here in the Nicer seat section looks to be about 70%. This is kind of surprising to me considering how cheap the upgrade is from the basic economy seats.

The departure out of LAX

Pushback from the gate was about 9 minutes late, but who was counting? I certainly wasn’t. Especially since I got lucky and scored an empty middle seat next to me. As a matter of fact, most every solo traveler in the Nicer seat section had an empty seat next to them. Nice!

breeze airways a220-300 engine and wing
Not to be an annoying backseat driver or anything, but we should have pushed off the gate 8 minutes ago. I have no specific comment about this – I’m just reporting things as they happened.
Air France a350 and breeze airways a220-300 at LAX
If that wing walker is anything like me, he was probably pissing his pants in excitement for being so up close and personal with an A350 and an A220 (the two best looking aircraft in existence).
breeze airways a220-300 at LAX
I wonder if the Norfolk flight made it out of here on time?
breeze airways a220-300 taxi to runway at LAX
By the way, seat 6F was a fine choice. It’s situated just far enough ahead of the wing to allow for a slight peek into the engine (which always makes for more interesting pics).
breeze airways a220-300 takeoff from runway 24 right at LAX
Being able to see inside also helps when a goose (or cinder block) is ingested during the takeoff roll. The sparks and flames from this vantage point will be spectacular!
breeze airways a220-300 winglet after takeoff over Pacific Ocean at LAX
And then, there was nothing but water as we made the long and gradual 180 degree turn to the east…

The following is a full / unedited video of the entire taxi and takeoff process. I love how quiet the Airbus A220-300 is at full rip!

In-flight entertainment

There is no in-flight entertainment on any Breeze Airways flight at the time of this writing. Wi-Fi isn’t available either. Not even for an additional cost.

breeze airways a220-300 wifi connection
A quick scan of the nearby WiFi networks revealed that no – they weren’t pulling a fast one on us. At the time of this writing, flying Breeze Airways means being completely disconnected from society for a few hours. I can tell you from experience that it’s as every bit as glorious as it sounds.

Despite the lack of video screens and streaming entertainment, at least they were kind enough to provide handy personal device holders built into the seat back headrests.

breeze airways a220-300 nicer seat personal device holder
Ribbed for your pleasure? These personal device holders look like they’ll hold any size device (phone or tablet) with ease.
Breeze Airways A220-300 Nicer Seat phone holder
There’s a ‘small penis’ joke in here somewhere (I’m sure), but all I’m going to say is this: size doesn’t matter. This device holder works well no matter what size phone you’re rockin’.
AirPods Pro on a flight
I don’t have any scientific data to back this up, but the A220 seems much quieter to me than other comparable mainline aircraft. As a matter of fact, the noise canceling system in my lowly AirPods Pro earbuds was easily strong enough to make this A220 seem as quiet as a Rolls Royce.

The food

Nicer seat passengers on Breeze Airways have the exact same food options as everyone else on the plane does. The only difference (at least compared to the Nicest seat passengers) is that nothing is free. Except water. They’re not that stingy.

Breeze Airways food for purchase menu cover
Heck yeah I am. Thanks for asking.
Breeze Airways buy on board menu
Complain all you want about the lack of choices, but this buy-on-board menu is far more substantial than the menu on my last Breeze Airways flight. Slow progress does qualify as progress!
Breeze Airways buy on board popcorn
Although my natural instinct is pushing me to whine about how this little bag of popcorn cost $4.50, I refuse to do so considering that I was weak enough to agree to those terms and conditions. 
Breeze Airways buy on board snack
I think I would’ve paid more for a bigger bag if they offered it though. This was such a tease!
Breeze Airways complimentary water
Water is complimentary in all seats on all Breeze Airways flights. Where that water is sourced likely differs depending on the route.
SANspotter drinking water in a breeze airways a220-300 nicer seat
This stuff probably came straight out of the Los Angeles Aqueduct (and I don’t care).

The best way to sum up the food on this flight is to compare it to what you saw in my Breeze Airways E195 Extra Legroom review. Back then, all we got was a bag of potato chips and a cup of water. It seems not much has changed.

Seat comfort

If you’ve flown economy class on any other airline recently, the Breeze Airways Nicer seats might not be much of a surprise. Yes, the leg room is extremely generous – but the seat itself is bare-bones basic economy.

It’s a narrow (and hard) seat, and it doesn’t recline as much as the Nicest seats do. That said, it was perfectly fine for this 3 1/2 hour flight to New Orleans.

breeze airways a220-300 nicer seat recline
Testing out the seat recline (which was ok, btw). My apologies to the poor soul behind me who had to endure three whole attempts at this (once for this written review, once the video, and once for myself).
Crossed legs in a breeze airways a220-300 nicer seat
Crossing your legs in a Nicer seat requires two things: First, you need to be under 6’ tall. Second, the person in front of you has to be sitting bolt-upright. Being bendy also helps. 
breeze airways a220-300 nicer seat recline and leg room
Here’s a better visualization of “tall guy vs reclined seat”. He seems ‘aight with it.

The descent and arrival into New Orleans

It had been over 23 years since I had last flown into New Orleans, so I was very much looking forward to seeing how things have changed. Then again, I have a really hard time remembering 23 hours ago let alone 23 years, so that probably explains why nothing looked familiar to me all the way in.

Breeze Airways A220-300 top of descent over Louisiana
Waiting to see something that looks Louisiana(ish)…
Breeze Airways A220-300 flying over Louisiana
There we go! Even if I had never seen Louisiana before, this looks pretty much exactly like I would have imagined.
Breeze Airways A220-300 approach to MSY
Smugly giving a middle finger to all the hungry gators below on the approach into MSY.
Breeze Airways A220-300 landing at MSY
Welcome to New Orleans! Fun fact: that’s the old airport terminal building in the background. The new structure (which we will be parking at) was built in an entirely different location.
New Orleans airport new terminal building
The fact that they were able to build a huge new terminal building without having to tear down the other one first is kinda impressive. What other airports in the US have that kind of available real estate to work with?
Breeze Airways A220-300 pulling up to gate at MSY
We’re a few minutes late, BTW.
gate A1 MSY
Better to be late than crash land into the swamp and being eaten by hungry gators I guess.
Under seat storage space Breeze Airways A220-300 Nicer Seat
Another Nicer seat perk: being one of the first off the plane (which is awesome when you need to make a beeline to the nearest restroom). 
SANspotter selfie gate A1 jet bridge MSY
The walk up the jet bridge was anything but easy breezy. I really gotta go!
Breeze Airways A220-300 New Orleans Airport
Thanks for the ride, N215BZ! I can’t think of any “extra legroom” economy experiences I’ve had that were much nicer than this.

Pros and cons of the Breeze Airways A220-300 Nicer seat

This experience was an eye-opener for me. As much as I enjoyed the much larger Nicest seat last year, this Nicer seat experience seemed to be a much better value. I much prefer extra legroom over extra seat width, and it’ll be really hard for me to resist on future bookings. I mean, it only costs just a teeny bit more than basic economy (the “Nice” seats) for crying out loud. 


  • The extra legroom is very noticeable. Anyone over 6 feet tall will appreciate it.
  • Being able to board with Zone 1 means that you won’t have to fight for overhead bin space.
  • It’s a great value. Most of the time, you’ll be able to score one of these seats for not much more than what basic economy costs.


  • It’s the exact same seat they use for basic economy. Translation: it won’t be very comfortable on longer flights.
  • Other than water, snacks and drinks are not free.
  • The lack of in-flight entertainment means that you’re going to have to bring your own.

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