Delta 767-300 first class review: old seats, bad food, friendly service

Delta 767-300 first class review: old seats, bad food, friendly service

It’s not very often that I’ll review the same airline seat twice and call it something different each time. This Delta 767-300 first class review is one of those times.

In my defense, it’s not all that uncommon of a situation actually. The first class seats on Delta’s current 767-300s are actually the old style Delta One business class seats (which I have reviewed before). However, the route that I flew for this particular review was sold as “first class” – without any of the extra benefits that come with a proper Delta One experience.

Not only that, this is the third time that I’ve reviewed Delta 767-300 first class. The last time was back in 2016, back when those airplanes had non lie-flat (poopy) domestic first class seats. I’m happy to report that those seats are no longer with us.

In summary: this is a review that I’ve done multiple times before. But this time it’s different.

Atlanta, GA (ATL) – San Diego, CA (SAN)
Thursday, December 30, 2021
Aircraft: 767-332/ER
Registration: N196DN
Duration: 5 hours 2 minutes
Seat: 5D (First Class)

Delta Air Lines 767-300 side view N196DN
Delta Air Lines 767-300 side view illustration by
dl677 flight track
Our route from Atlanta to San Diego this evening as DL677.

The video

Trying to keep track of all my Delta 767 reviews (and trying to figure out how to fit new ones into the mix) is heartburn-inducing. Even in the moments I began recording footage for this video, I had no idea how I was going to structure it. Was it going to be a Delta One review? Or just a regular ‘ol domestic first class review?

In the end, I decided to review this experience as domestic first class. After all, this was sold as a domestic first class, and there were no other perks other than a fancy seat for the price that I paid for it.

As usual, I sourced the soundtrack for this video from Epidemic Sound. The music you hear in all of the transitions is “Wow Factor” by Daniel Fridell.

My full review of Delta 767-300 first class from Atlanta to San Diego

Having just arrived in Atlanta on a Delta A321 in first class, I had about three hours to kill before my connecting flight over to San Diego. It would have been about an hour and a half if the flight hadn’t been delayed, but whatever. I actually like hanging out in the Atlanta airport.

SANspotter underground walkway ATL airport
The best way to kill time at ATL, by far, is to walk through the underground walkway from end to end. On a completely unrelated note, how come everyone from the 1800s looks so angry?
Delta push notifications on Apple Watch
Criticize Delta however you want, but you have to admit that their notifications are some of the best in the business. As a result of being well-informed, this pretty much concludes my walk through the underground tunnel.
Delta 767-300 at gate a25 ATL airport
Just as promised, our aircraft has arrived! They didn’t tell me that I was only going to see half of it though…
Gate A25 ATL airport
Our aircraft has arrived, but it seems as if we’re still missing the gate agents here at A25.
Gate A25 boarding area ATL
This is what a 767-sized load of bored and frustrated passengers looks like. And it seems as if the guy in red has had enough. “F*** this – I’m driving!”

The boarding process for DL677 to San Diego

Being that it was just a few days after Christmas, the crowds were thick in and around the gate area. It was pretty obvious that this was going to a very full flight. No matter though – I had a seat up in first class, which is actually a lie flat business class seat – so the crowds were of little concern to me.

I am concerned, however, by the fact business class is sometimes better than first class here in the US (United Polaris on the 767-300 and the Jetblue Mint Suites are perfect examples of this). The naming structures of our premier airline products is so messed up.

Delta mobile boarding pass ATL airport
Finally! Starting to see some action here at gate A25.
Crowded boarding door delta gate a25 ATL
It depends on what your definition of “action” is, I guess.
Delta posters in jet bridges ATL airport
Name one other airline in the US that makes an effort to spice up their hometown jet bridges. I’ll bet you can’t!
Delta 767-300 boarding door
I wonder what would happen if I yanked on that lever (besides Delta banning me for life)?

My first impressions of the Delta 767-300 first class seats

As I’ve already mentioned, I’ve experienced these seats before. But that was on a flight offering a true premium business class experience. Today, I got the same seat, but the service will be Delta domestic first class (which isn’t anything to get exciting about).

These old seats on the 767-300 are perfectly comfortable. I don’t like how exposed and open they are, but it’s not a bad seat for a 5 hour grind across the US. And they are much nicer than the old Delta 767-300 first class seats.

Delta 767-300 first class cabin
The look on the faces of these two gentlemen was pretty much the same: “This isn’t what I was expecting.”
Delta 767-300 first class seat
Delta 767-300 first class seat 5D. Technically, it’s the old Delta One seat. And she looks mortified knowing that she might end up in a stupid SANspotter airline review. 
Delta 767-300 first class window seat
It’s important to know that these seats are staggered – so if you want a true window seat, make sure to choose one in an odd number row. Seats in the even numbered rows are exposed to the aisle, away from the windows. 
Old first class seats delta 767-300
Not much has changed since the last time I sat in one of these seats (6 years ago). That’s gotta be like 50 years in “airplane” years, right?
Delta 767-300 legroom and foot space
Legroom is fairly decent – but it might be an issue for taller folks. The footwell is a bit narrow!
Delta 767-300 first class noise canceling headphones
Bottled water and noise canceling headphones at every seat. Pretty much the only amenities we are going to get on this flight.
Delta 767-300 first class seat controls
How much you wanna bet that at least one of these buttons doesn’t work? I’ll test that out later…
Delta 767-300 first class entertainment system remote
There’s no need to test this entertainment system remote though – because there ain’t no way I’m picking that grimy thing up.
Delta 767-300 first class video screen
A video screen straight outta 2009. But it works!
Delta 767-300 first class seat privacy
Don’t do anything gross in these seats, because everyone will see you do it. If you want total privacy (for things like picking your nose), I highly recommend Delta One on the A330-900 instead.
SANspotter delta 767-300 first class review
For as much crap as I’ve been spewing so far, I’ll be the first to admit that these seats are a lot better than normal domestic first class seats. It’s just far too easy (and tempting) to be a critic, that’s all.
Delta 767-300 first class small video screens
Remember the tiny video screens I made jokes about in my review of the old TAP A330-200 business class seats? This is giving me flashbacks.

The departure out of Atlanta

The weather was ugly in Atlanta this afternoon, and I wasn’t expecting much in terms of Instagram-worthy scenery during the departure process. But then, just as if a miracle had happened, the skies began to clear as we pushed off the gate.

Yes, it had also appeared as if the video entertainment system had already malfunctioned (*sigh*), but the views out the window were nothing short of spectacular.

Delta 767-300 pushing off gate a25 ATL
For what it’s worth, I didn’t even care that we pushed off the gate about an hour and a half late. I’m sensing sunset takeoff footage coming up!
Delta 767-300 first class video entertainment system reboot
Oh, and the video entertainment system is already on the fritz. Just thought I’d point that out.
Delta 767-300 taxi and takeoff ATL
Since pictures wouldn’t do this takeoff justice, be sure to watch the full video (embedded below). Strap on a good pair of headphones and crank it up!

Delta 767-300 engine and wing sunset
Whoa. Screw the review – this lighting is spectacular!
SANspotter looking out delta 767-300 window
Please stand by. This review will continue once the sun goes down…

What is video entertainment like in first class on the Delta 767-300?

Remember in my old Delta One 767-300 review where I raved about how good the video entertainment system was? Well, that was 6 years ago, and a lot has changed since then. Including my standards for what a good in-flight entertainment system should be.

Long story short, the software (Delta Studio) is fantastic. However, the hardware is showing it’s age and I found the screen difficult to see due to it being so reflective. And that’s if they even worked at all. Mine was very tempermental, and it was frustratingly non-responsive to touch inputs. These screens need to be updated, but it’s unlikely they ever will.

Delta 767-300 first class cabin view from row 5
15 minutes into the flight, and we are still waiting for the entertainment system to fully reboot. Making me sit here alone with my thoughts is dangerous lol…
Delta 767-300 first class power outlets not working
Making matters worse was the fact that the power outlets were flicking on and off, and I never was able get enough juice to charge my phone. 
Delta Studio 767-300 first class
Success! I don’t know what they had to do to get the video entertainment system up and running (beating the server with a mallet perhaps), but they did it. 
Delta 767-300 first class video screen problems
Speaking of wanting to beat things with a mallet…my video screen was completely unresponsive. **** me!
Delta 767-300 first class noise canceling headsets
Looks like I won’t be needing these noise canceling headphones this evening. A real shame, because they look nice.

Domestic first class food is pathetic

I had a lot to say about the current state of Delta domestic first class food in my Delta One 767-400 review, so there’s really no need for me to get into it again. The moral of the story is that, due to Covid (or so they say), Delta isn’t serving proper meals in domestic first class on most flights. 

All we got was a snack box filled with junk food. Plus free drinks of course, but I don’t care so much about that. How hard is it to offer a complete meal in first class on a 5 hour flight across the country?

Delta first class drink service
Kicking off the service this evening was a round of drinks.
SANspotter drinking Diet Coke delta 767-300 first class
But this wasn’t a drink to me. It was preparation for all the sodium I was about to consume. 
Delta boxed first class food
Boxed food in first class? C’mon man!
Delta first class charcuterie board box
To Delta’s credit, this was a little better than I was expecting. I wouldn’t go as far to call it a “charcuterie board” the way the flight attendant did, but I appreciated the fact that it wasn’t a box of cookies and potato chips.
Delta first class charcuterie board box contents
You just know this is going to stink up the cabin something fierce when I rip it open.
Delta first class charcuterie board box
Bone apple teeth!
SANspotter looking out window delta 767-300
I wonder if Uber Eats delivers way up here?

How comfortable are the first class seats on the Delta 767-300 seats for sleeping?

The best thing about this experience was the seat. After a lackluster meal service (as usual), I took solace in stretching out on the lie-flat seat for the remainder of the flight to San Diego.

These old seats are comfortable for sleeping, though there is no privacy. Pick your nose (or do something worse), and everyone is going to see it. Oh – and because this was sold as domestic first class, blankets and pillows were not provided.

Delta 767-300 first class illuminated seat control buttons
I’m happy to report that all of the seat control buttons worked. Yes, the grinding noises coming from the seat were somewhat concerning, but at least I was able to get the seat into a lie flat position.
Delta 767-300 first class lie flat seat
Yes, this felt as awkward as it looks.
Delta 767-300 lie flat seat footwell
The footwell was a bit tight, but other than that, this wasn’t a bad way to cross the state of Texas.
Delta 767-300 first class passengers
Apparently I was the only one brave enough to trust that these old seats will return to a full upright position for landing. Those grinding noises I heard earlier certainly gave me doubts…

The arrival into San Diego

I wasn’t planning on sleeping all the way across the country this evening, but I did. That just goes to show you how comfortable these old seats are I guess.

Delta 767-300 first class lavatory
Lavatory pics. I mean, you had to have known this was coming considering all the Diet Coke I have consumed so far.
Delta 767-300 first class bathroom
Meh. I’ve seen better (I mean the lavatory – not me). 
Flying over Phoenix Arizona at night
Hello Phoenix!
Delta 767-300 first class overhead lights
Nobody was as excited as I was about seeing Phoenix I guess. On a side note, since these seats are so exposed, turning on your overhead light will blast the entire cabin – and I could see this being a real problem on overnight flights.
Delta 767-300 first class cabin lights
This reminds me of the scene in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation where the sewer vent was glowing green (after cousin Eddie drained his septic tank into it). “The ****ter was full!”

The descent and landing into San Diego was rather uneventful due to the sun having set hours ago. I did my best trying to get pictures of it all. Enjoy the arrival into America’s finest city!

Delta 767-300 approach and landing into San Diego
Those of you who follow me on Instagram have already seen pics of this approach into SAN. Seat 5D really does offer the best view of the engine and wing on the Delta 767-300.
Delta 767-300 first class aisles
And there you have it. Delta 767-300 first class certainly isn’t terrible, but it’s not as good as it used to be. I wonder what everyone else on this flight thought of this experience?
people in jet bridge San Diego Airport
“Lets not do that ever again, ok?”
SANspotter San Diego Airport jet bridge
I can’t promise that I’ll never do it again though. Maybe I’ll give it one more shot after all of these aircraft have been updated with the new seat coverings. Because, if there’s anything that needs, it’s more Delta 767-300 reviews! (/sarcasm)

Pros and cons of Delta 767-300 first class

My biggest gripe about this experience was the lack of proper food, but that’s something you can expect on nearly any Delta flight these days. Good news though: real food is coming back soon! Other than that, first class on the 767-300 is pretty nice – and worth seeking out if you’re looking for room to stretch out on your next flight.


  • As far as domestic first class seats go, these are absolutely fantastic. It’s hard to go wrong with a lie-flat business class seat on a flight of any length.
  • If you suffer from claustrophobia, these are the seats for you! It’s a very open seating layout, and it feels bigger than it actually is.


  • The most obvious con about Delta 767-300 first class is that it technically doesn’t exist. These are the old Delta One business class seats, and they sell them as such on certain international routes.
  • Even if you manage to score one of these seats for your next domestic flight, be prepared for lackluster service. Delta onboard service (even in first class) isn’t what it once was.
  • No blankets and pillows will be provided – which makes the lie-flat benefit of these seats less appealing.
  • These seats are very open and exposed. You won’t have much privacy.
  • The technology (video screen, seat controls, etc) is becoming extremely dated. Consider yourself lucky if the video screen at your seat is fully functional.

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