Delta A220-300 economy review: all the stuff you need to know (and more)

Delta A220-300 economy review: all the stuff you need to know (and more)

Of all the new aircraft types and have come online over the past few years, it’s the Delta A220 that I’ve wanted to try the most.

It’s got everything that I like when it comes to modern aircraft design: It’s sleek, it has an incredible range for its size, and I really like the fact that it’s just small enough to have a 2-3 cabin layout (as opposed to a 3-3 layout found on most other airliners).

Anyway, I finally had the chance to give the A220 a try between Denver and Salt Lake City on Delta Air Lines last February. For those of you who are too lazy to read this full review, all you need to know is that it’s a nice little airplane.

Oh – and that (thanks to my carelessness), there’s a Delta A220-300 flying around with orange-stained carpet at seat 26E. I’m really sorry about that.

Denver, CO (DEN) – Salt Lake City, UT (SLC)
Saturday, February 13, 2021
Aircraft: A220-300
Registration: N306DU
Duration: 1 hour 43 minutes
Seat: 26E (Economy Class)

Delta Air Lines A220-300 side view
Delta Air Lines A220-300 side view illustration by
DL1595 flight track
Our route from Denver to Salt Lake City today as DL1595

My full video review of the Delta A220-300

I specifically chose the Denver to Salt Lake City route because of how potentially scenic it would be. I had been looking forward to this flight for weeks, and I had all my video equipment set and ready to go to capture Epic Winter Scenery (TM) the entire way. Unfortunately, despite how cold it was, there was no Epic Winter Scenery to be found at either location.

Full transcript of the video, with loads of pics (and bonus content)

It was extremely cold in Denver this particular morning. Temperatures were hovering around 0°F with a windchill of about -30. For a delicate San Diegan such as myself, that hurt.

Arrival at the airport

I flew into Denver from San Diego on Frontier Airlines, and I arrived with just one hour to go before the scheduled departure time to Salt Lake City.

Don’t worry. I’ll explain the goldfish disaster later on, but first: welcome to another SANspotter airline review.

SANspotter Denver airport
Hi! My name is Scott, and I’m here in Denver on this cold and frigid February morning to catch a ride on my first ever Airbus A220.
SANspotter selfie eating DEN
As you can see, I’m actually not that sloppy of an eater (this is important info considering the things you’ll see later on in this review).
Denver airport terminal inside
The last time I was in this airport was back in 2015 right before trying a Frontier Airlines A319 Stretch seat for the first time. I’m happy to report that it’s still as cool as ever, and it’s a shame that I only have a 1 hour layover here. Yes, a 1 hour layover is plenty of time in Denver.
Denver airport sculpture
Anyway, I’ve got to soak this in as fast as I can, because my flight over to Salt Lake City will be boarding soon.
SANspotter Denver airport
I wonder how many people have missed their flights out of here because of all the cool and crazy distractions at the center of the terminal?
Denver airport train
The most interesting thing about the Denver airport is the fact that it’s like a mini version of the Atlanta airport. The terminal layout is exactly the same, with parallel concourses connected by an underground train system that runs perpendicular to them.
SANspotter selfie DEN
FYI , that was most technical bit of information in this video. It’s all downhill from here, with the most exciting event being the upcoming goldfish incident. I’d recommend clicking away now while you still have the chance.

The boarding process for flight number 1595 to Salt Lake City

The most frustrating thing about this Delta A220 experience so far was the fact that I couldn’t get a clear shot of the aircraft from the terminal windows. For all I knew, they could’ve swapped it with a CRJ-200 and I wouldn’t of known it until I stepped on the plane. That would have hurt just as much as the cold temperatures. I’m delicate, ok?

Gate A26 Denver airport
Slight delay here. I guess I could’ve admired that sculpture a little longer. Oh well.
Terminal A Denver airport
Boarding ended up being only 10 minutes late, but it still felt a bit stressful since I had another short layover in Salt Lake City.
Delta air lines mobile boarding pass Denver airport
All I’m going to say is that the concentration required to get footage for a silly airline review is a good distraction from the stress of air travel.
Denver airport jet bridge
It’s also a fantastic way to not enjoy the flight as much as I would if I wasn’t trying to get footage for a silly airline review.

My first impressions of the Delta Air Lines A220-300

Right away, it was easy to tell that I had stepped onboard a Delta aircraft. All of the familiar sights and sounds were there, right down to the blue vinyl seats with red accents. That’s not a complaint by the way – I’ve always been a really big fan of Delta’s stylish (and feature-rich) interiors.

Delta A200 boarding door
So this is it! My first ever Airbus A220 flight, which would’ve happened a long time ago if it weren’t for the COVID thing.
Delta Air Lines A220-300 boarding door
Anyway, it’s nice to finally get the chance to see what these things are all about (as soon as all these people get the heck out of my way of course).
Delta A220-300 interior
Even before sitting down, the thing that struck me first about the Delta A220-300 is that it looked like some sort of weird blend of an MD-90 and an A320.
Delta A220 economy cabin
These are the Comfort Plus seats (which look a lot nicer than, say, the seats found in Delta 767-300 Comfort Plus) – or even A321 Comfort Plus for that matter). While nice, I guess I was expecting something a little different with this being a brand new aircraft type for the fleet.
Delta Air Lines A220-300 economy class
That’s the problem with anticipating something for too long I guess. I think I built the A220 up way too much in my head prior to this experience.
Delta A220 economy seats
Don’t get me wrong. The leg room felt quite good actually, the video screens were phenomenal, and I don’t think it’s even possible to say bad things about “new airplane smell”. This is almost as good as Delta 767-400 economy!
Delta a200-300 economy leg room
This is definitely nice. Especially since Delta was still blocking middle seats at this time due to COVID.
Delta A220 economy experience
Sure, the extra space was nice, but having an empty seat next to you comes in real handy when you dump a full bag of goldfish crackers all over the floor (and inadvertently grind them into the carpet).
Frontier airlines owl
Is it just me, or is the Frontier Airlines owl super creepy? I’m actually surprised that this didn’t give me nightmares.
Delta Air Lines safety video 2021
Speaking of creepy…my video screen is stuck and I can’t make this go away. At least these are the same video screens that Delta uses in first class (check out my review of Delta A321 first class to see for yourself).
Delta A220 USB power ports
Anyway, yes, there are USB power ports under the display…
Delta A220 electrical outlets
….as well as full size electrical outlets down beneath /between the seats (which is exactly how it is in Delta 737-800 economy). Nice.

The departure out of Denver

Even though I was feeling bummed about the fact that the skies were overcast (and that there was no snow on the ground), I held out hope that Salt Lake City would be the winter wonderland I was hoping for. That being said, it’s dangerous to expect too much.

Overcast skies Denver airport
Yes, a longer segment for my first ever Delta A220 flight would have been nice, but I specifically booked this thinking that the Epic Winter Scenery upon arrival in Salt Lake City would make it well worth it. Spoiler alert: don’t get your hopes up.
Departing Denver airport
Another thing I was really looking forward to on this flight was some spectacular Winter Mountain Scenery (TM) on departure from Denver, but as I said…don’t get your hopes up.

Delta A220 in-flight entertainment

The best thing about Delta is that they are one of the few airlines left that pride themselves in offering video screens at every seat on every aircraft. The A220-300 is no exception.

Delta USB power at every seat
You gotta hand it to Delta – having USB power ports at every seat on every aircraft is nice.
Delta Studio in flight entertainment on the A220
Delta Studio (the name of the in flight entertainment system) is also really nice. But…
Delta A220 flight information screen
…why is there a picture of a 737 on the flight info screen?

Delta A220 cabin service

I was so excited to be on a Delta A220-300 that I wasn’t even expecting to be fed anything on this short flight over to Salt Lake City. You can imagine my surprise when they started slinging the snack bags.

Delta Covid snack bag
It’s time to eat. I present to you (once again) the Covid snack bag.
Delta A220 economy snack
The neat thing about this snack is that it was the exact same thing they were serving up in first class. Not only that, it’s more than what you’ll get in a Breeze Airways Extra Legroom seat (the ones you have to pay extra for).
SANspotter eating goldfish crackers
We were all equals on this flight today, and it was something fun to think about while I nibbled on the goldfish.
Delta economy class goldfish crackers snack
The only problem was…there didn’t seem to be that many in the bag for some reason.
SANspotter delta a220 economy snack
You know that feeling of dissatisfaction you get after getting a small taste of something really good? And then (in an instant) it’s gone? Those goldfish disappeared awfully quickly.
Delta A220 economy tray table
Did I inadvertently inhale them all (without chewing) the way I used to do it when I was 3 years old? I felt really embarrassed about it as I was stowing the tray table. But then, in a moment of pure horror, it all made perfect sense….
SANspotter smashed goldfish crackers
Yup. Somehow, during the shuffling of all the stuff on my tray table, I spilled about half the bag over the side and onto the floor. Even worse, several poor goldfish had been thoroughly ground into the carpet under my shoes. This was awkward.

Delta A220 cabin comfort

All in all, I’ve got to say that the Airbus A220 is a really nice aircraft. It’s small, but thanks to the 2-3 cabin layout, it feels just as spacious as a full-sized airplane. I could be totally happy fly on one of these on a transcontinental route from, say, New York to Los Angeles.

Delta A220 economy class cabin
It’s amazing to think that an airplane of this size has the range to fly from New York to Los Angeles non stop. Or even New York to London. As sick as it sounds, I’d love to try that!
Airbus A220 wing in flight
Well done Airb…I mean…Bombardier!
SANspotter A220 review
To any Delta executives watching this video: I’m really sorry for making a mess.
Delta A220 air vents
As I was adjusting the air vents (which provided plenty of air by the way), I could only imagine the expletives that came from the mouths of the cleaning crew after this flight. I’ll bet that was fun.

The arrival into Salt Lake City

As much as I would love to flood this section of the review with mind-melting pics of snowy peaks and glistening low-winter sun, Mother Nature let me down today. Oh well.

Descent into clouds a220 wing
Some of the most visually spectacular approaches and landings of my life have happened here in Salt Lake City. Case in point: my Delta 737-800 first class flight from MSP to SLC in 2016. I didn’t have the same kind of luck today though. This was not the winter wonderland that I was expecting.
Moments before touchdown at SLC
Perhaps it was karma for the goldfish thing?
Arrival at SLC airport
Fair enough. I totally deserved it.
Delta A220 interior
So that’s it for my first ever Delta Air Lines A220 experience.
Rainy Salt Lake City airport delta terminal
Other than Mother Nature being a total you-know-what, it was a really great experience and I can’t wait to fly on one of these things again.
SANspotter goldfish incident
It’ll be a much longer route though. And there will be no spillage of goldfish. I can promise you that.
Delta A220 seat backs
I wonder how long it’s going to take before Delta sends me a hefty cleaning bill?
Salt Lake City airport jet bridge
Being served a cleaning bill was the least of my worries actually. I was facing an awfully tight connection, and even though I know that SLC minimum connection times are actually quite generous, I couldn’t help but to feel just a little bit stressed as I was walking off this plane…

Pros and cons of Delta Air Lines A220-300 economy class

The good thing about anticipating this experience for so long was that it helped me to evaluate this experience on a much deeper level. Did it live up to my expectations? Here are the pros and cons:


  • The 2-3 cabin layout is really nice. Especially if you’re traveling with only one other person, as you won’t have to share a third seat with a complete (and potentially smelly) stranger.
  • Having video screens at every seat is extremely convenient. Not only that, they are large and some of the best I’ve ever seen in economy class on any airline.
  • There are power ports (both USB and electrical) at every seat. Woo-hoo!
  • The A220 is a relatively small aircraft (smaller than a typical A320 or 737), which makes for a shorter boarding and unloading times.


  • This is a very small aircraft to be flying on long routes over four hours. For some people (like me) it may not matter, but I can definitely understand how some may feel claustrophobic.
  • Bright orange goldfish crackers don’t blend into the dark blue carpet very well.

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