American Airlines 777-200 business class is better than you think

American Airlines 777-200 business class is better than you think

As usual, I’m a little late to the party. This American Airlines 777-200 business class review is something that I was planning on doing years ago, but instead, I preferred to focus my attention on what I thought we’re better (more exotic) airlines.

Of course, the pandemic changed all that. Long-haul international travel for US citizens like me has been difficult, and my wings have been clipped ever so slightly. I’ve been forced to focus my attention to what’s available here in the US for the time being.

You’ve already read my Allegiant Air review. I’m sorry about putting you through that kind of torture. But now it’s time to wash yourself off, raise a pinky or two, and drool with me over American Airlines business class. Proper business class, complete with lie-flat seats and trippy mood lighting.

Dallas / Fort Worth, TX (DFW) – Miami, FL (MIA)
Sunday, July 4, 2021
Aircraft: 777-223/ER
Registration: N758AN
Duration: 2 hours 59 minutes
Seat: 4A (business class)

American Airlines 777-200 side view
American Airlines 777-200 side view illustration by
AA2239 flight track
Our route from Dallas to Miami today as AA2239

The video

Business class review videos are hard to make. All I ever end up feel like doing is sitting back and enjoying the flight, but…I can’t because I’ve got to stay busy getting all the footage that I need to make a video about it.

In order to keep things as interesting as possible, I chose to take a slightly different approach to the video about this particular flight. Instead of a typical run-of-the-mill review, I thought it would be fun to point out all the little things that American Airlines doesn’t tell you about the 777-200 business class seat. There are definitely a few things you need to know.

As usual, the soundtrack for this video came from my pals over at Epidemic Sound. The song in the first half the video is “Unapologetic” by Timothy Infinite. The song in the second half is “This Way” by Snake City.

A full review of American Airlines 777-200 business class from Dallas to Miami

While admittedly not exactly the route I’d prefer to be reviewing a product like this, I took what I could get. Boeing 777s between Dallas and Miami are rare in normal times, so I jumped all over this the moment I decided to do a trip to visit my family in Florida.

Due to the pandemic and all the lockdowns, it was going to be the first time that I had seen them in a year and a half. What better way to kick off a long-overdue family reunion than to arrive in style on a swanky 777-200?

Terminal D at the DFW Airport is amazing

My arriving flight from San Diego docked in terminal A, so I had to hop on the inter-terminal train and scoot on down to terminal D to catch this flight to Miami.

DFW terminal D interior
Wait a sec. Since when did DFW become hip and stylish? Am I even at the right airport??
DFW terminal D
It’s almost seems as if the DFW airport authority got sick of reading all the bad reviews on Yelp and decided to fight back. “Ugly airport my ass
Terminal D Dallas Fort Worth airport
Part of the novelty of flying through DFW over the past 10 years was the “1990s regional airport vibe” it gave off. I can’t say that I’m going to miss that nostalgia.
SANspotter selfie DFW terminal D
Thinking about how to apologize for all the bad things I’ve said about DFW over the years. Also, why is airport food so expensive?! I don’t even want to tell you much much I paid for these boiled eggs…

American Airlines had been changing schedules like crazy in the weeks leading up to this flight. They left me with a 1 hour layover, which as scary as it may sound, didn’t phase me at all. 60 minutes is more than enough time for a connection at DFW, and I actually had plenty of time to relax and get something to eat.

The boarding process for flight 2239 to Miami

By far the biggest drawback to flying on a widebody aircraft on a domestic route is the time that it takes to board. It was complete chaos at gate 33, and I’m surprised they got everyone on board without any fist fights breaking out.

American Airlines 777-200 DFW
My ride to Miami this afternoon! Interestingly enough, this is not the largest airplane that I’ve flown on between Dallas and Miami. I was once able to do it on an AA MD-11 (right before they left the fleet), and I’m still kicking myself for not getting any pics or video footage of the experience.
AA 777-200 Dallas Fort Worth airport
Unpopular opinion: the MD-11 is better looking than the 777. #comeatmebro
Gate D33 DFW airport
Gate D33. Bummer that I didn’t see anybody high-fiving each other for choosing a ride on a 777 over a 737 or A321. Does nobody care about this as much as I do?
American Airlines mobile boarding pass iPhone 11
I was tempted to high-five myself, but I didn’t want to risk getting thrown out of the airport for being weird.
Airport boarding queue
The moment during every air travel experience where you need to be both gentlemanly-polite but firmly ***hole aggressive at the same time.
DFW gate D33 jet bridge
Quietly wondering to myself if I came off as an ***hole or a gentleman to everyone behind me just now…
American Airlines 777-200 boarding door
Thankfully I was too excited about this 777-200 business class experience to notice any derogatory expletives coming from behind.
777-200 mid cabin galley
Is getting your first look at the business class cabin not the best feeling ever? She looks so excited to realize that these seats are actually better than the ones you’ll find in American Airlines transcontinental business class (Flagship Business).
American Airlines 777-200 business class cabin
Welcome to American Airlines 777-200 business class! Admittedly not as exciting as walking into a Delta One 767-400 cabin (or seeing the JetBlue Mint Suites for the first time), but it’s exciting nonetheless.

My first impressions of the American Airlines 777-200 business class seat

Having already spent 15 consecutive hours in an American Airlines 777-300/ER business class seat, I already knew that this was going to be pretty good. I was also curious to see how different (or the same) this business class cabin would be compared to the American Airlines 787-9 business class cabin.

Spoiler alert: it was completely different than the 777-300/ER and nearly identical to the 787-9. I really wish airlines would make more of an effort to create a consistent product across all of their different aircraft types.

Collins Aerospace reverse herringbone seat American Airlines 777-200
This is the Collins Aerospace reverse herringbone seat – the same one you saw in my review of American Airlines 787-9 business class.
American Airlines 777-200 business class seat video screen
These seats feature a very large video screen (complete with an image of an American Airlines employee staring back at you – presumably grinning from ear to ear because of how much money – or points – you spent to be here).
American Airlines 777-200 business class seat storage
One of the best things about these seats is the amount of storage space they provide. There are far more storage options in these seats than what you will find in United 787-8 business class seats!
American Airlines 777 business class seat storage
The little one is a fantastic place to lose your car keys (and not realize it until 5 hours later, when the plane is halfway across the Atlantic on the way back to Europe).
American Airlines 777-200 business class leg room
Do I even need to tell you how awesome the leg room is?
SANspotter selfie American Airlines 777-200 business class
“The leg room is awesome!”
The touch screen seat control
The touch screen seat control thingy worked nicely.
American Airlines 777-200 business class reading light
There’s a reading light over your shoulder which will come in handy if you’re planning on working during the flight. It’s ok if you’d rather get drunk on cheap wine and watch the Minions on repeat though. I won’t judge you.
American Airlines earbuds
Being a short domestic flight, all we got were these lightweight earbuds for watching video content (I mean the Minions). Note that American Airlines does provide noise canceling headphones on longer international routes.
American Airlines 777-200 business class seatbelt
The one thing that I don’t like about these seats is the seatbelt. It’s huge. And heavy.
SANspotter American Airlines seatbelt
It kind of makes me feel like I’m all strapped into a sketchy bumper car down at the nearest traveling carnival or something.
SANspotter American Airlines 777-200 business class review
By the way, if I ever stop posting all of a sudden, it’ll be because I was killed by someone’s 40 lb carryon crashing down on my head. It’s the risk that we airline reviewers take to bring you fresh content.

What are the best business class seats on the American Airlines 777-200?

Once I had a pretty good look around at all the different seat types, it was pretty obvious which businesses class seats are best on the American Airlines 777-200.

I highly recommend a window seat in the middle of the cabin (even if you’re traveling with somebody). These seats are extremely private, and during the times during the flight or you might want to talk with your traveling partner, it’s easy to pop your head up and have a quick conversation.

American Airlines 777-200 business class interior
All business class seats on the American Airlines 777-200 are private, but the window seats are the best.

Personally, I would avoid any seat in the first or last rows. There is a galley located at both ends of the cabin, and it can get quite noisy at times. Not only during meal time – those galleys are a common place for other passengers to stand up and stretch their legs (and talk loudly).

American Airlines 777-200 business class window seat
This is gonna be an awesome video thumbnail!” Window seats FTW.

The departure out of DFW

Even though I like the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport quite a bit, I’ll be the first to admit that it’s not a visually exciting place. The terminals aren’t very stylish (except for terminal D of course), and on the outside, there is concrete in every direction for miles. Was that a great way to talk up this departure sequence, or what?

View from seat 4A
As you can see, seat 4A has a pretty good view of the engine. Seat 5A might be slightly better, but you’d also have to deal with the sound of the toilet flushing in the lav right behind you. Along with disgusting thoughts of what people are actually doing in there (separated from you by only a thin wall). Eww!
777-200 engine and wing
If you’re curious, I made a completely separate video showing the full takeoff. It’s basically engine noise porn. And it’s glorious.

In-flight entertainment

Not surprisingly, the video entertainment on the American Airlines 777-200 is exactly what you would get on any other American Airlines aircraft with video screens. The screens are large, very responsive, and stuffed full of TV shows and movies that most of us never have time to watch at home.

American Airlines 777-200 business class video screen
Sorry dude. We’ve been staring at each other for far too long.
In flight map Dallas to Miami
There may be loads of TV shows and movies on tap, but watching our progress (pixel-by-pixel) is my kind of entertainment.

I will say this: the video screens reflect light off the windows like crazy – even though they’re covered with a matte-textured finish. The only way to eliminate the reflections was to lower every window shade in the cabin until it was pitch black.

Boeing 777-200 window shades
Be prepared to deal with angry glances from other passengers if you refuse to lower your window shades. Remember what I was saying earlier about being a gentleman instead of an ***hole?

The food

Because of the fact that this was a short domestic flight, the only food we were served was of the “snack” variety. It wasn’t a full meal service by any means, but they gave us a choice: a fruit and cheese platter, or a chicken sandwich of some kind. My recommendation: always go for the cheese platter.

American Airlines fruit and cheese plate
Quite possibly a better fruit and cheese plate than what I was served in Alaska Airlines 737 MAX 9 first class. A bold statement indeed, but I stand by it.
SANspotter selfie American Airlines business class meal service
I can’t believe that I just threw Alaska Airlines under the bus like that…
American Airlines fruit and cheese platter
RIP to the lactose intolerant. These cheese wedges are serious!
American Airlines domestic first class meal service
For what it’s worth, I found this to be a perfectly acceptable “meal” for a 3 hour flight. Combined with the unlimited supply of drinks, I have no complaints. Except for the seatbelt of course. That still sucks.

Seat comfort

I didn’t have a lot of time after the meal service to stretch out and relax, but gosh darn it, I tried my best.

While not quite as comfortable as the seats on their 787 aircraft, these 777-200 seats are more than adequate. Yes, they lie fully flat, and I know for a fact that I’d be able to sleep like a baby all the way to Hong Kong one of these bad boys.

Touch screen business class seat controls
In search of the “flat as a pancake” setting.
American Airlines 777-200 business class lie flat seat
That’s what I’m talkin’ about. Can’t do this in American Airlines A320 first class!
Airplane socks
Leg (and feet) room in the lie flat position is pretty good! And no, this wasn’t just an excuse to show you my cool travel socks…
American Airlines 777-200 business class center seats
Note that the interior seats face each other, so it’ll be more than a little awkward sleeping next to a complete stranger. Unless you’re into that sort of thing.
Fasten seatbelt sign
Unfortunately, the fasten seatbelt sign rarely went off, so it meant having to deal with that annoying seatbelt when lying down. Maybe that’s why I had creepy carnival dreams?
American Airlines 777-200 business class seat comfort
Who am I kidding? There’s no way I’d be able to stay asleep knowing that I can watch our pixel-by-pixel progress towards Miami. And for what it’s worth, these are excellent seats for just lying back slightly and watching the pixels go by. It’s very easy to get comfortable!

The arrival into Miami

Just as I was starting to get comfortable, they turned on the cabin lights and informed us that we’d be dodging thunderstorms all the way into Miami. I opened my window shade, clenched my butt cheeks, and got ready for the show.

SANspotter selfie American Arlines 777-200 business class lavatory
Figured I’d check out the loo before we start weaving in and out of thunderstorms. Clenching butt cheeks is a lot easier with an empty bladder!
Flying around thunderstorms
Sigh. Here we go…
American Airlines red white and blue mood lighting
Oh – I’m not sure if it was because it was the 4th of July holiday (Independence Day), but this red white and blue mood lighting was super cool.
South Florida thunderstorms
Not an unusual sight in South Florida in July. I’d actually be disappointed if I didn’t have to clench my butt cheeks all the way in.
Approach to Miami airport
Thankfully things cleared up the closer we got to the airport (and I was able to unclench by at least 20 psi). By the way, make sure to watch the video to see the full approach and landing.
Arrival at Miami airport
You didn’t watch the video, did you?
American Airlines 777-200 business class seatbelt problems
That’s ok. I’m more upset about this dang seatbelt anyway.
American Airlines 777-200 overhead bins
*still thinking about the seatbelt*
Miami airport jet bridge
One of these days there will be someone really excited to see me the moment I step off an airplane. Today is not that day.
Walking into Miami airport terminal
And there you have it. Welcome to Miami! By the way, yes, a 1 hour layover is enough time in Miami (usually). I’m lucky that I didn’t have to attempt it this evening, but I figured I say it anyway for anyone curious.

Pros and cons of American Airlines 777-200 business class

If you read my full review of American Airlines 777-300/ER business class, you’ll know that I am a pretty big fan of the premium service on this airline. No, it’s nowhere near the levels of quality and service that you get in Qatar Airways business class, but they try their best. And it’s not half bad.


  • Unlike United 767-300 Polaris business class (a very similar product), the seat is phenomenally comfortable, and is perfectly suitable for long-haul flights over 12 hours.
  • Privacy at the window seats is quite good. In a seated position, it’s extremely difficult to see anyone else without twisting your head around or standing up slightly.
  • Two USB charging ports and a full-size electrical outlets will give you all the power you need to keep your devices charged for the entire flight.
  • The seat lays 100% flat and is quite comfortable for sleeping. There are no bumps or lumps!


  • The seatbelt is incredibly large and uncomfortable.
  • Not only is the tray table extremely difficult to figure out, it’s located too far forward (in my opinion anyway). This means that you have to bring your seat to the full upright position in order to use it effectively at meal time.
  • The window shades need to be completely shut in order to avoid reflections on the video screen. It’s pretty annoying if you’re like me and you always like to keep one eye on the ground below.
  • Keep in mind that the interior noise levels of the 777 are higher than they are compared to similar aircraft. My comparison of the A330 vs the 777 contains a section about interior decibel levels, and you might be shocked at how much louder the Boeing really is…

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