Xiamen Airlines business class review: 787-9 LAX-XMN

Xiamen Airlines business class review: 787-9 LAX-XMN

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Is there anyone else out there like me who gets excited when flying an airline with a name that’s really hard to pronounce? I’m writing this review from the comforts of home after returning from an amazing Xiamen Airlines business class journey 10 days ago, and after two amazing segments on this airline I still can’t pronounce it in a way that doesn’t make me sound like an ignorant tourist.

Anyway, some of the best flights of my life have been on airlines I can’t pronounce properly (every Asiana flight I’ve ever taken has been amazing) so I was especially looking forward to this one. Despite a handful of negative reviews I’ve read/watched lately…

Los Angeles, CA (LAX) – Xiamen, China (XMN)
Wednesday, May 1, 2019
Aircraft: 787-9
Registration: B-1566
Duration: 13 hours 58 minutes
Seat: 14A (business class)

Xiamen Airlines 787-9 side view
Xiamen Airlines 787-9 side view illustration by Norebbo.com
LAX-XMN flight track
Our route from LAX to XMN this evening. I mean morning.

The video for this flight ended up being one of my longer ones, but that was only because I couldn’t resist stuffing it full of footage showing how amazing of a flight it was. The flight attendants were amazing, the food was really good, and the seat was nothing short of perfect for a 14 hour overnight journey across the Pacific.


This Xiamen Airlines business class review begins deep in the bowels of the Tom Bradley International Terminal

Just like the kick-off flight for my previous trip, this review begins in the ticketing hall of the Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX. However, the difference this time was that I arrived at 8 PM, and the place was an absolute zoo. Compared the last time, when it was 8 AM and the place was as empty as ghost town. FYI, there are a large number of transpacific flights that depart LAX around midnight, so the place gets pretty busy in the late evenings.

Xiamen Air check in LAX
It’s a snobbishly good feeling to be able to look up at that sign and say that I’ve flown all of those airlines. Well, my first Xiamen Air experience happens in a few hours, but close enough.
Lax international departures sign
It appears that I’ve got more work to do though, since there are five airlines in this list I’ve yet to try. Spoiler alert: I’ll be crossing one of those off my list next month. And if you want a hint, it’s an airline that starts with “LA” and ends with “TAM”. Sorry, no more hints because I don’t want to ruin the surprise!

The Xiamen Airlines check in counter was scheduled to open at 8:45 PM, but the line started forming about 8 PM and I figured that it behooved me to grab a spot of my own in the main queue before things got too unwieldy.

Yes, I did have a business class ticket, but there were no signs showing dedicated lines for premium passengers. Therefore, I stood there in the main line popping my head up like a meerkat every five minutes or so to see if they opened up a separate lane somewhere.

Xiamen Airlines check in lax
Xiamen Airlines check in here at LAX. And it looks like that guy in the knit hat is getting an earful from his wife because he didn’t book business class. If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!

Yes, it is a little bit embarrassing to start this Xiamen Airlines review with the admission that I (a business class passenger) stood in the economy class line to check in. However, I was proudly able to save face by jumping into the business class line once they opened it up just a few minutes before starting to check passengers in.

It was a little bit frustrating that they didn’t create a business class line until right before they started the check in process, but whatever. It wasn’t the best way to start my first ever Xiamen Airlines business class experience, but I’ll let it slide.

Finally, after years of failed attempts, I get to see (and experience) the notorious KAL Lounge!

All Xiamen Airlines business class passengers get complementary access to the Korean Air (KAL) lounge located on level 5 of the Tom Bradley International Terminal. This is arguably one of the best lounges in all of LAX, and it’s the one that I’ve been trying to get into unsuccessfully for several years now.

KAL lounge entrance LAX
The main entrance to the coveted KAL lounge. I’ve been denied entry here enough times that I’m sure that there’s a printout of my face stuck to the inside of that desk with the word “NO!” written all over it.

I’ve tried to get into this lounge on three separate occasions in the past using my Priority Pass membership. The first time was was exactly one year ago before my Emirates flight to Dubai. I didn’t have anything on me which showed my priority pass credentials, so they didn’t let me in. Next time was right before my Air Tahiti Nui flight to Paris several months ago. Unfortunately, that was during a time when access to the lounge was limited to Korean Air passengers only – which happens several times a day in conjunction with Korean Air flights to ICN. But this time, the stars were perfectly aligned, and I was finally granted access.

How I get into airport lounges
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Check it out!
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Unfortunately, just like like most other special moments in my life, I built the KAL lounge up far too much in my mind so I was naturally disappointed once I stepped foot inside. Yeah, it was really nice. But it certainly wasn’t as nice as I was imagining.

KAL lounge LAX
Have you ever wanted something so bad that it was kind of a let down once you finally got it? This KAL lounge is nice and all, but I was kind of expecting everything to be solid gold and covered in chocolate. Meh.

Despite the minor letdown, being able to step inside the coveted KAL lounge for the first time was one of the most exciting things about this Xiamen Airlines business class experience. I was almost more excited about finally getting past the front desk of that lounge than I was being wined and dined in a fancy seat all the way to China. I realize this isn’t going to be the case for most people flying Xiamen Airlines business class out of LAX, but please have patience as I gush over this lounge experience.

KAL lounge LAX pics
The innards of the KAL lounge. Not a bad place to sit and relax (while reminding myself to not get my hopes up so high next time).
KAL lounge food
Do I know how to pair flavors or what? Mega carbs for the win!
SANspotter selfie KAL lounge LAX
I was also massively proud of myself for assembling a meal which would have cost at least $20 down in the main terminal. Food tastes so much better when it’s free.
View from KAL lounge terrace LAX
By the way, this is the view from the “outdoor” terrace in this lounge. And yes, it’s rude to point and laugh at people from up here. You can certainly think about it, but definitely don’t do it.

In summary, two things disappointed me about this KAL lounge:

  1. The food. There wasn’t very much of it, and what was there wasn’t very high quality IMHO. It was certainly edible, but I’m of the opinion that the Star Alliance Lounge upstairs on level 6 has a much better spread of food.
  2. The size. The fact that I’ve been building this place up far too much in my mind is precisely why it felt small to me. I’m sure of it. The entire lounge is a giant “L” shape, with a small balcony overlooking the main terminal at the far end. It was nice, but…the United Club over in terminal 7 felt bigger to me. Not that size matters or anything, but I had visions of this being the biggest and grandest lounge at LAX. It isn’t.

For the record, I’m not complaining! It probably sounds like I’ve got a stick up my butt and I can’t enjoy anything in life, but that’s (mostly) not true. It was really nice having lounge access before a long flight, and it was a much more comfortable place to be than out mingling with the masses in the main terminal. However, this is a review after all, and it’s fun to sit on my perch (this blog) and try to be critical.

I finally got to see the dark side of the Tom Bradley International Terminal

I guess I’ve been nothing short of lucky each and every time I’ve flown out of the Tom Bradley International Terminal since the grand reopening several years ago. Other that that one time arriving from Vienna on Austrian Airlines last year, I’ve never once had to experience the dreaded remote gates. It was kind of a bummer that I was going to be reacquainted with them right before this Xiamen Airlines business class experience.

For those who aren’t in the know about all things LAX, the second phase of the TBIT is still very much under construction. This second phase is vitally important to this airport, because there simply aren’t enough gates available at the main terminal during peak hours. This terminal extension will add a large number of much-needed gates, and will completely eliminate the need to do what it is I am about to show you.

My gate for this evening’s flight to Xiamen was 142 – a basement gate located at the far north end of the TBIT. Getting there required following a really tight maze of corridors, several of which cut directly through the middle of gate areas for flights departing to Mexico and Latin America. Who knew that this Xiamen Airlines business class flight was going to be such a cultural experience?

Once through all the tiny hallways and crowds, it opened up all at once to reveal a large open room with a handful of gates. It literally felt like a bus station – especially with all the busses parked outside, and as expected for such a dumpy setup, there was no place to sit. That didn’t bother me all that much anyway since I was going to be sitting for the next 14 hours anyway and it was probably best to pace around and get the blood flowing as much as possible.

LAX international terminal bus gates
Everything about these lower level bus gates just screams “horse corral”. Get some bales of hay in here, dump some manure on the floor, and viola! Instant tri-county 4H fair.
Xiamen Airlines US passport
My passport has taken me all over the world, and I was especially thankful it was about to take me far away from gate 142. I don’t like these bus gates!
LAX international terminal bus
How do say “screw this stupid bus ride out to the plane!” in Chinese? Because the look on some of these faces tells me that’s exactly what they were thinkin’.
Xiamen Air 787 LAX
When you’re trying to get a clean shot of the plane but there’s airport staff givin’ you the stink eye.
LAX remote gate inside
Up the ramp we go. I know these buildings are temporary and all, but how hard would it have been to go with a decor something other than “LA County Jail?”

I’m not really sure what the rationale is for assigning these bus gates to specific airlines (or flights), so there’s really no way to telling if you’re going to experience them yourself on your next flight out of LAX. The good news is that they are going away soon(ish), so we won’t have to put up with it for much longer!

My very first look at Xiamen Airlines business class

Once off the bus and onto the plane, things took a massive turn for the better. I’ve heard mixed reviews about Xiamen Air’s business class product (which makes sense considering how inconsistent Chinese airlines can be), so seeing this first hand was something I was quite looking forward to.

Xiamen Air flight attendants
Ain’t no sneakin’ nuthin’ past these ladies. They look thorough!

Xiamen Air is part of the SkyTeam Alliance, which was enough of a data point to put my mind at ease about a lackluster (and perhaps unsafe) product. I mean, I suspect that the requirements for joining one of the biggest airline alliances on the planet must be quite strict, so…this cant be all that bad. Right?

Xiamen Airlines business class first impressions
Moments after turning left at the door and on my way to seat 14A. He looks just as impressed with this cabin as I am.

My first impressions of the seats were positive. They were stylish, clean, and I really appreciated the 1-2-1 layout in this cabin. For comparison’s sake, the business class layout on the Air China 777-300/ER (a plane which also serves LAX) is 2-2-2, which is not as comfortable IMHO.

Xiamen Airlines business class seat
The Xiamen Airlines 787-9 business class seat. With a cute little pillow all buckled in and looking ready to fly.
Xiamen Air business class review
Leg room is decent in these seats, though there’s a lot of wedging (and toe curling) you’re gonna have to do later when you recline with a fat belly full of food.
Xiamen Airlines business class video screens
The video screens are huge, and she looks a bit stiff. Someone bring this woman a shot of vodka!
Xiamen Airlines business class privacy
Don’t worry. Privacy is excellent in these seats and nobody will see you looking like a nerd taking pictures of everything for your next big trip report.
Xiamen Air business class cabin
The “meerkat” view.
Xiamen Airlines business class seat controls
The touch-screen controls for the seat. Yes, I already know which button I’m going to press once the meal service is finished. (—)

Something else I quite liked was the fact that the flight attendants were extremely proactive. Almost to the point of being annoying since I was busy trying to get footage for this review. Ha!

Xiamen Air flight attendant
Cold towel service. Although, maybe this isn’t a normal part of the Xiamen Airlines business class product, and this was her way of subtly letting me know I still had some pizza sauce on my chin from dinner a few hours ago.
Xiamen Air service
I’m going to forgo a comment about the pre-departure drinks so that I can draw your attention to the woman in the background getting trip report footage of her own. I’m not the only AvGeek on this flight it seems!

The flight attendants always seemed to appear at my seat (with a wet towel or drinks) just as I was concentrating deeply on my b-roll – which isn’t something I think is fair to complain about. I know. But it’s fun to share the struggles of getting content for airline reviews

The business class cabin ended up being completely full this evening, which isn’t shocking considering the late departure time and overall length of the flight. I imagine this is a popular flight for business travelers, as it allows them to work a full day in LA, get a full night of sleep on the plane, and arrive fresh(ish) in China two days later bright and early for another full day of work.

Xiamen Airlines business class menu
Menus were handed out while on the ground, and were followed up several minutes later by the flight attendants eager to take our order.
Xiamen Airlines food menu
Click on the image to view it full size, and everyone in your immediate vicinity will be disgusted by your grumbling belly and all that drool dripping from your chin. The options look delicious here on Xiamen Airlines!

So…what’s it like departing LAX at midnight?

It’s been a very long time since I’ve had a midnight departure out of LAX, and I’ve forgotten how busy it is here in the wee morning hours. Being wickedly tired while having to deal with all that busyness is stressful, I’m not going to lie – but the fact that I was firmly wedged into a comfortable Xiamen Airlines business class seat was a nice consolation prize.

Xiamen Airlines 787 cabin
I’ve certainly been in worse places at 12:30am.

Since there were no views to the outside world as we taxied out to 25R for departure, I focused on the little details I hadn’t had the chance to check out earlier.

Xiamen Airlines business class amenity kit
The Xiamen Airlines business class amenity kit. I hope y’all can appreciate the effort it took to arrange everything so neatly for this shot.
Noise canceling headphones business class
A very handy electronic device you put over your ears to drown out the obnoxiously loud snoring which always happens on these overnight flights.
Xiamen Airlines 787-9 safety card
I’ve been studying Chinese language recently, and the direct translation for the speak bubble on the cover of this safety card is “read this or die.” I really like how to-the-point Chinese culture is.

By the way, how many of you remember when I vowed to never again to take such a late night flight after that incredibly painful SGN-ICN redeye on Vietnam Airlines a couple months ago? Well, that was different. Sure, this Xiamen Airlines flight departs LAX far later than I’m normally comfortable with, but it’s 14 hours long. Theoretically, that allows for a full 8 hours of sleep while still being awake long enough to enjoy the experience of flying business class.

I say “theoretically” sarcastically though, since I didn’t sleep very well on this flight. More on that later…

The food in Xiamen Airlines business class is surprisingly good

After a somewhat mediocre flight in Air China business class from Beijing to Los Angeles several years ago, I really wasn’t expecting much in terms of food quality. Thankfully I didn’t have to wait until very long after departure to find out that it was actually really good.

As expected with such a late night departure, the cabin service started very quickly and I had a bowl of nuts and a drink beside me within 15 minutes.

Xiamen Air snack service
A warm bowl of nuts and a high-energy action movie at 1am. It was right about this time when my brain chimed in with a very condescending-sounding “come on Scott…really?”

Since dinner orders were taken on the ground while back at LAX, the flight attendants didn’t have to waste very much time coming through the cabin again trying to figure out what everybody wanted to eat. They already knew, and it was probably cooking even before takeoff.

This dinner service was my favorite part about this Xiamen Airlines business class experience. Yeah, that KAL lounge back at LAX was kind of nice, but I really wasn’t expecting such a good meal on this airline. Maybe it’s because I’ve read / watched terrible reviews from others lately, but my expectations weren’t very high.

Xiamen Airlines food pics
The appetizer: a garden salad, as well as a crabmeat salad with mango. Pinkies up!
Xiamen Airlines business class dinner
The main course: braised pork rib soup to start, with a pork and mushroom patty to accompany it. My compliments to the chef (and the factory that mass-produced it).

Food quality was excellent, and it was just the right amount for being served well after midnight. Actually, I probably could’ve passed on the meal altogether considering that it was pushing 1 AM by the time I stuffed that first fork full of food into my mouth. I can’t remember the last time that I ate a meal this big that late – probably not since my college days.

SANspotter eating rice
Who says white boys can’t eat rice with chopsticks? It took a while, and it wasn’t graceful, but I did it!

Once I ate all that I could, I figured it was probably wise (and sensible) to not go for the ice cream that they were offering. A fruit plate did the job just fine, and I was perfectly content with that.

After dinner fruit plate
Somewhere deep in the heart of China, there’s a flight attendant school that taught this crew how to arrange this fruit just like so. I’ll bet that was a fun class.
SANspotter sleeping business class
I gotta sleep now, but…I’m too deep into this movie now and cutting it short without seeing how it ends is not an option. Kinda like how I feel about videos from Moments In The Sky

Ahhh, 14 hours of blissful sleep in business class!

Hardly. I don’t know what my deal was, but even after eating such a big meal I wasn’t feeling very tired at all. I was incredibly sleepy right before getting on the plane a few hours ago, but I was wide-awake now and all I really felt like doing was watching movies. Which is really weird for me because it’s not very often that I watch movies at home.

I did my best to try and get comfortable, but all I could do was toss and turn all night. And if I’m being honest, I couldn’t even calculate how many hours of actual real sleep I managed to pull off. Definitely two, but probably not three.

787 ceiling
Have you any idea how difficult it is to sleep when the ceiling is smiling at you?
Flying over North Korea
Realizing that we were on course to buzz Pyongyang might have been causing some tension as well…

I do need to mention that my lack of sleep had nothing at all to do with the quality of Xiamen Airlines business class. This is an incredibly comfortable premium airline product, but for some reason or another I just couldn’t slow down enough to get any meaningful sleep. I suppose if I was a regular business traveler on this route and I did it all the time, I would’ve dozed off upon sitting down at LAX and slept all the way to China.

I spent the entire eight hours between the first meal service and the second just fidgeting and getting up every now and then to go for a walk. It was hardly the most restful business class experience that I’ve had over the years.

Transpacific flight map
This was about the point where I said “screw it” and gave up on sleep entirely. With nothing else to do, I was half tempted to walk around and stick “subscribe to Bay Area Traveler” Post-It notes to everything…

It’s time to eat again

Despite feeling rather lousy for not being able to sleep, I was actually starting to get hungry again by the time they turned the cabin lights on to begin the second meal service. Yes, there was a midflight snack offered a few hours ago, but I passed on it completely knowing that it would be more beneficial for me to try and sleep instead. Which, as I’ve already mentioned, didn’t work out at all.

I decided to go with the Chinese breakfast option, and it was a good one. Xiamen Airlines flight attendants do such a good job preparing these meals that I knew I would’ve liked the western option as well – but I personally feel it’s sacrilege to eat a western meal on an Asian airline.

Xiamen Air breakfast pic
Breakfast! I especially like how the tiramisu is conveniently (and very neatly) labeled.

My only complaint about the breakfast service was that it was a bit too small for my liking. Yes, I probably should have had the mid flight snack they offered, but just know that this second meal may not be enough for you if you choose to skip the snack as well.

SANspotter selfie Xiamen Airlines business class
An over-exposed scalp. One of the many curses of having no hair on the top of my head.

On a sidenote, the sun was starting to come up over my left shoulder just as I was finishing the meal, and it was spectacular.

Sunrise over China
Mother Nature porn. (eew!)
Xiamen Air mood lighting
It was equally colorful in the cabin as well. And the position of his hand implies that he’s either really comfortable or is being devoured whole by Gremlins (who obviously ate after midnight).
Flight track to Xiamen China
Thinkin’ that maybe there’s some Gremlin action happening up in the cockpit as well…

Final thoughts on Xiamen Airlines 787-9 business class

Is it just me or is arriving in China after a really long flight a special feeling all it’s own? The hazy skies and mountainous terrain are a spectacular combination in my opinion, and I love flying to this part of the world.

Purple sunrise
This is the last of the blue sky you’ll see in this review, so enjoy it.
787 engine and wing
The haze starts in 3…2…1…
China haze
Welcome to China! Actually, despite how gloomy this looks, it was actually a rather beautiful approach and landing (which you can see in the video).

Xiamen Airlines business was really impressive to me for several reasons. First of all, this was the best Chinese airline crew that I have ever experienced. That China Airlines flight from Taipei to Seoul a few years ago was really good too, but this crew really felt world class and competitive with the business class crews of Emirates and Philippine Airlines. I wouldn’t go as far as to say that there is good as JAL business class crews, but I was still quite happy impressed.

Another thing that really impressed me was the fact that they seemed to be doing everything by the book. I didn’t see any employees cutting corners with anything both on the ground or in the air, which is especially reassuring. There’s been quite a few reports of questionable safety “issues” when it comes to Chinese airlines lately, and thankfully I didn’t see anything out of the ordinary.

SANspotter forgetting things
I wonder what I’m going to forget this time? The last time I arrived in China I inadvertently left my phone charger behind.
Xiamen Air business class center seats
She’s still taking pictures! I wonder what her blog URL is? XMNspotter perhaps?
Xiamen Air male flight attendant
Being that I’m the second person with a camera to walk past him in the last 10 seconds, the look of confusion on his face is understandable. Nobody understands us AvGeeks.

I walked off this flight in Xiamen feeling really happy that I discovered a new airline that I really like. At least I thought I did at that particular moment.

Xiamen Air 787-9 XMN Airport
Thanks for the ride, ‘66!

I know that one flight is hardly enough to make an informed decision about an entire airline, but I had one more Xiamen Airlines business class flight coming up in a few hours (going over to Chengdu) which would help me solidify my thoughts. That review is next…

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