Singapore Airlines business class review: 787-10 Guangzhou to Singapore

Singapore Airlines business class review: 787-10 Guangzhou to Singapore

I’ve never told anyone this, but I’ve got a very detailed / top secret wishlist of airline reviews that I haven’t done yet. Some of what is on this list (such as this Singapore Airlines business class review) makes total sense, and I can imagine you nodding your head in agreement with me as I tell you it’s one that I’ve been dying to write.

Some of the others would likely make you think less of me (more than you already do), and therefore, the list is going to remain secret for the foreseeable future. Sorry. Normally I don’t care what others think of me but it’s kind of awkward seeing people snicker and laugh at me whenever I walk into an airport.

Anyway, I finally got the opportunity to try Singapore Airlines 787 business class in January, and, well…it was everything I hoped it would be.

Guangzhou, China (CAN) – Singapore (SIN)
Saturday, January 25, 2020
Aircraft: 787-10
Registration: 9V-SCH
Duration: 3 hours 38 minutes
Seat: 19A (business class)

Singapore Airlines 787-10 side view
Singapore Airlines 787-10 side view illustration by
sq851 flight track
Our route from CAN to SIN this afternoon SQ851

My Singapore Airlines business class review video

I know. I’m starting to fall out of sync again when it comes to posting my videos and corresponding written reviews here on the blog at the same time. I’d be thrilled if I could manage to do it on the same day – but considering how long both the videos and blog posts take to put together, it’s a miracle that I can get them posted within 4 weeks of each other.

Anyway, I posted the video for this Singapore Airlines business class review almost three weeks ago, and it was honestly the most fun I’ve had making a video in a while. Not only was I getting the opportunity to fly Singapore Airlines for the first time, but doing it in business class was the icing on the cake. Singapore Airlines regional business class is quite good!

All music for this video (as well as all my other videos) was sourced from Epidemic Sound. Not only do they have one of the largest YouTube-friendly collections of music anywhere, there’s lots of new stuff added every week. It wasn’t difficult finding just the right music for every section of this video.

Full transcript of my video review of this Singapore Airlines 787 regional business class experience

Guangzhou taxi
In a taxi and on the way to the airport. Woo-hoo!
Guangzhou airport departures level
As much as I loved the city of Guangzhou, I’m happy as all heck to be getting out of China today.
Guangzhou airport terminal
It’s January 25th, the coronavirus is spreading like crazy, and – I’m outa here.
CAN airport terminal interior
My escape this morning will be via a Singapore airlines 787-10 – in business class, which (quite frankly) is a pretty sweet way to flee a deadly virus.
Guangzhou airport lunar new year decorations
On a slightly more somber note, today is the first day of the lunar New Year holiday here in China, and unfortunately there’s not a lot of celebrating going on.
Singapore Airlines business class check in Guangzhou airport
See? I do listen to you guys. Singapore Airlines Business class was one of my most requested videos last year, coming in a very close second to the WestJet 787. Which, I’m definitely going to do by the way…
SANspotter selfie Guangzhou airport
I’m super excited to be flying Singapore Airlines for the very first time today!

Lounge access for Singapore Airlines passengers at Guangzhou airport

Plaza premium lounge Guangzhou airport
All Singapore Airlines business class passengers get full access to the appropriately named Premium Lounge here in Guangzhou. Well, technically, it’s a Plaza Premium Lounge, and one that all Priority Pass members have access to as well.
Plaza premium lounge CAN airport food
Technicalities aside…my god. It’s a good thing I arrived hungry!
SANspotter selfie plaza premium lounge Guangzhou
Scanning the room for deadly viruses before digging in.
How I access airport lounges
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What is the Guangzhou airport terminal like?

Gate A147 Guangzhou airport
Gate A147. And yeah, I know. Boarding doesn’t begin for another 45 minutes, and I’m doing this all wrong. Shouldn’t I still be up in the lounge relaxing like a normal human being?
SANspotter selfie Guangzhou airport terminal
Turns out that someone sneezed within close vicinity of me up there and I freaked out and – now I’m down here.
CAN airport terminal interior
Even without lounge access, there’s lots to do down here in the main terminal. This is a very nice (and big) airport.
advertisements Guangzhou airport
I can’t read Chinese very well, but I think that sign says “You can’t get the Coronavirus if you’re ****-faced drunk!”

The boarding process

Boarding for this 4 and a half hour flight down to Singapore started about 10 minutes early, which totally caught me off guard because nearly half the plane was already onboard by the time I arrived back at the gate. I guess I’m not the only one feeling just a little bit anxious to flee the country today.

boarding Singapore Airlines 787-10
I could definitely sense a twinge of paranoia in the air as we boarded this plane. For example: how exactly do I know the guy in front of me hasn’t been exposed to the coronavirus?
Singapore Airlines 787-10 boarding door
And you know what? I’m nearly 100% confident the person on my heels was looking at me with a raised eyebrow thinking the same exact same thing. Oh, and check out the flight attendant recoiling in fear upon first sight of me. The typical female response to a SANspotter sighting, and something I’m very used to by now.

Singapore Airlines regional business class: first impressions

Singapore Airlines 787-10 business class cabin
Here you have it: Singapore Airlines 787-10 business class. Not bad at all, though little did I know that this pales in comparison to what is on their A350s.
Singapore Airlines 787-10 regional business class seat
Singapore Airlines 787-10 regional business class seat. If you’ve ever found yourself figuring out how to justify if business class is worth it or not, this pic ought to convince you that hell yeah it is.
Singapore Airlines 787-10 regional business class seat review
These seats are very cocoon-like. Which…I like.
Singapore Airlines 787 business class seat details
Singapore Airlines 787 business class seat details.
Singapore Airlines 787 business class seat controls
The control center, built into the side of the console. That black bar above the handheld remote is a touch-screen interface for the seat controls. It took every bit of maturity I had in me not to run my hand across it back and forth just to see what would happen.
Singapore Airlines 787 business class seat controls
Close up pic of said control panel. Which button would you press first?
Singapore Airlines regional business class cabin
Not bad for a regional business class product, eh?
Singapore Airlines 787 regional business class cabin
As you can see, privacy in these seats is decent thanks to being so cocoon-like. Which…I like.
Singapore Airlines 787 business class seat review
Don’t worry. Those wings are plenty big enough to prevent anyone from seeing you laughing during cheesy Adam Sandler movies.
SANspotter selfie Singapore Airlines 787 business class
It’s funny when I edit all this footage sometimes, because I naturally expect to hear a clear and satisfying “aahhhh!” whenever I sit down like this…
Singapore Airlines 787 business class leg room and foot space
Imagine the shock and horror I felt when (right away) I realized that there was something about these business class seats that I didn’t like. These foot wells are tiny.
Singapore Airlines regional business class menu
Wanna know what makes up for tiny foot wells? Good food of course, and Singapore airlines comes in clutch every time with culinary options designed to distract you from sore feet. This menu does look really good! (click on it to see it larger)
Singapore Airlines business class pre departure drink
Pre departure drinks were offered just as I was sitting here contemplating my thoughts on this Singapore Airlines business class product so far, and they were pleasant thoughts indeed. So far.
SANspotter Singapore Airlines business class review
*cough* *cough* …give me a second… (clears throat)….what do you suppose my chances are of being allowed back in the US after this?

But seriously – even though I’m making jokes about the Coronavirus, you need to know that this entire situation breaks my heart and I’m just using humor as a coping mechanism. Sometimes humor is the best medicine, and it’s something we all have inside of us if we choose to tap into it.

Noise cancelling headphones Singapore Airlines business class
Noise cancelling headphones too (but of course).
Singapore Airlines 787-10 safety card
Singapore Airlines 787-10 safety card. Completely unnecessary since there has never once been a crash of a 787-10. Yet.

The departure sequence

Guangzhou airport jet bridge
You know that awkward time between pushing off the gate and takeoff? I’ll take pics of anything.

787-8 engine and wing
Punching through the cloud layer. If you want hear what this sounds like, do be sure to check out the video above!

Singapore Airlines regional business class service

How is it possible that I’ve been doing airline reviews since 2013 and that this is the very first time that I’ve flown Singapore Airlines? I’m actually so late to the game that I’m not even sure the world *needs* another Singapore Airlines business class review.

Singapore Airlines business class slippers
Of course, needs and wants are two completely separate things, and I’m filled with a lot of want this morning. Now excuse me while I strap these babies on…
787 engine and wing
Since I don’t really need to be here, what is it that I want to show you? I’m not sure. But I’m gonna figure it out, so please give me a moment to gather my thoughts and process what it’s like to be spoiled rotten in Singapore Airlines 787 business class.
Singapore Airlines business class appetizer
The appetizer: eel and salted egg roll with spicy asparagus mushroom salad.

You ever get so excited that you shake uncontrollably and you nearly pee your pants? Actually, we were going through a bit of chop just as the appetizer was served, and it was little tough to hold the camera steady enough to convey the notion that I can indeed control my nerves when excited. (Note: you need to see the video for that to make any sense lol).

Singapore Airlines business class meal
Hmm. I’m starting to get the sense that chicken and water is my default airplane food. Yeah, there were other choices available, but somehow I naturally gravitated towards this grilled chicken breast in mustard sauce. It was excellent, of course.
Singapore Airlines business class dessert
For desert, they served up a fresh slice of pumpkin mousse cake, which (to my unsophisticated palette) tasted exactly like a really good piece of chocolate cake. Aren’t you glad I don’t do food reviews for a living?

So there you have it. My first ever dining experience in Singapore Airlines business class, and it was honestly everything I hoped it would be. Now – if I can just cure myself of the crippling addiction to chicken and water!

The arrival into Singapore

boeing 787 hand sensor toilet flush
Well, my plan was to kick off the final section of the video with me flushing the toilet Obi-Wan Kenobe style. A simple wave of my hand, and…come on! Flush dammit!
Singapore Airlines 787 regional business class review
If it wasn’t completely obvious by now, these business class seats on the 787-10 are very comfortable, and absolutely perfect for a 3 and a half hour flight such as this.
Singapore Airlines business class blanket
Sometimes I wonder if I chose the wrong path in life. I mean, I essentially film myself folding blankets on airplanes for a living, while my buddy Pilot Wright is going through flight school and is well on his way to doing something meaningful for society.
Changi airport approach
Is the approach into Changi airport in Singapore not one of the best and most scenic in all the world? Really. No matter the weather or time of day, my nose was glued to the window just like the last time I did this (in Thai Airways A350-900 business class).
787 dreamliner wing and engine
Welcome to Singapore! And let me tell you: I’m feeling a huge sense of relief for putting some distance between me and the coronavirus. Oh, and yeah. Singapore airlines 787-10 business is quite good, though nowhere near as good as the A350 business class product. That mind-melting experience is the subject of my next video
787 window
Waiting for the jet bridge to be attached. Pro tip: you’ll look a lot less impatent if you keep busy taking artsy-fartsy pics on the engine through the window.
SANspotter carry on bag
Still waiting, so here’s a pic of my carry on backpack. Did you read the article I wrote about what’s inside of it?
Singapore Airlines crew
I promised her that I’d write a good review on my way out. Betcha anything that’s not the first time she’s heard that line before.

Thanks so much for watching, and do prepare yourselves for my next video, which is likely to contain a lot of idiomatic expressions. You know – things such as “Holy crap”, “Holy mother God”, and maybe even a “Holy ****” or two. Until then, that’s for watching, and I’ll catch you in the next one.

How much did I pay for this flight to Singapore?

The total price I paid for this ticket was $830.34, which I consider to be an absolute steal considering how good Singapore Arlines 787 business class is.

Unlike how I cashed in a load of Delta SkyMiles for my China Eastern and China Southern flights several days prior, I decided to go big and pay for this Singapore Airlines 787 business class experience out of my own pocket. No, I’m not rich or anything, but I had two things going for me as I was making this reservation:

    1. The video I would be making for this flight was going to be sponsored by Surfshark. Not only does having a sponsor help to drive down the costs associated with booking airline tickets, I wanted to give them the most bang for the buck by producing the most interesting video possible. In general, business class review videos tend to get more views than economy class reviews.
    2. Business class fares between Guangzhou and Singapore are not all that expensive actually. It didn’t take much effort at all to stumble all over a handful of really attractive premium one-way fares on several different airlines.

To sweeten the deal, I used my American Express Platinum card to make the purchase, which always gives me 5X points on all airline ticket purchases. Combined with the 1,639 miles I earned for the flight itself (which I applied to my United Airlines Mileage Plus account), I earned an extra 4,150 miles thanks to my Amex card. Total points earned for this segment: 5,789.

How I pay for all my travel expenses
The American Express Platinum Card
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Pros and cons of Singapore Airlines 787 business class

I’m a actually giggling slightly as I type this, because…well…come on. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to come up with a list of cons about Singapore Airlines business class? No, it wasn’t a perfect experience, but I have no shame in saying that it was probably one of the best flights of my life. And that says something considering that I basically fly around the world for a living.

Still, this is a Singapore Airlines business class review, and I must do what I can to tell you both the good and the bad of what it’s like to be wined and dined on their 787-10.


  • For a regional business class product, the seats on the Singapore Airlines 787-10 are remarkably comfortable. They are large, decently private, and cozy enough to be considered a competitive long haul seat.
  • The food was nothing short of spectacular. I actually enjoyed the appetizer more than I did the main dish, but everything I was served was perfectly prepared and quite satisfying.
  • Although somewhat cold (see below), the entire cabin crew was extremely professional and I felt as if I was in a fancy hotel or restaurant the entire time. I was greeted by name, and they were very proactive and attentive throughout the entire flight.


  • There was no snack service. For a 3 and a half hour flight, I would have expected to be served a light snack with a drink before they initiated the lunch service. They started right with the meal shortly after takeoff, and it caught me off guard slightly.
  • Not unlike a handful of other Singapore Airlines business class reviews I’ve read recently, the cabin crew seemed somewhat cold and disinterested on this flight.
  • I found the movie and TV catalog to be somewhat lacking. I’m a simple guy with adolescent tastes though, so take that for what it’s worth.

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