Trip Report: Delta Airlines Sky Club San Diego

01. Introduction
02. Delta SkyClub San Diego
03. Delta Airlines first class San Diego to Detroit
04. Delta SkyClub Detroit
05. Westin Hotel Detroit Metropolitan Airport
Delta Airlines first class Detroit to San Diego

I wasn’t even planning on visiting the Delta Sky Club at SAN this morning, as I was hoping to wander terminal 2 and do some aviation photography before my flight to Detroit. The weather wasn’t on my side, however, so I decided to splurge on a one day pass to the lounge. I’ll come right out and say that the price that Delta charges for this pass is ridiculous ($50) but it was worth it just to see it so I could write this review. It should be noted that if you use your Delta Airlines American Express card, the cost drops to $25 – assuming you just want one-time access to that particular club (and not any others at other airports that day). But $50 is required for a full 1 day pass which is good for the entire calendar day.

Both the Delta Sky Club and United Club have recently relocated to the new terminal 2 extension at SAN, and they are both located next to each other upstairs above the food court. I have already reviewed the United Sky Club, so I was anxious to see how Delta’s compared.

Overall, the club is open and bright, and it offers seating both inside and an area outside overlooking the food court with downright awesome views of the action out on the ramp.

upstairs Sky Club

The Sky Club is located upstairs above the food court

Sky Club entrance

Entrance to the San Diego Delta Airlines Sky Club

main lounge area

The main lounge area of the SAN Delta Sky Club

Sky Club bar

The bar at the SAN Delta Airlines Sky Club

open air seating area

Overview of the open air seating area at the San Diego Delta Airlines Sky Club

open air seating area

View of the open air seating area at the Delta Sky Club looking the other way

open air seating area view

View from the open air seating area at the Delta Airlines Sky Club in San Diego

view of the aircraft

There’s actually a pretty good view of the aircraft from the Sky Club

business center

Business center at the San Diego Delta Sky Club

The food spread wasn’t all that impressive, but there was a nice selection of light breakfast items such as pastries, fresh fruit, and cereal.

food buffet

Food buffet at the Delta Sky Club in San Diego

red bathrooms

Red bathrooms in the Delta Sky Club at SAN

SAN sky club toilet

One of the most awesome toilets I’ve seen in any airline lounge. How cool is this??

So, was it worth the $50 one day pass? No. However, it is a really nice place to spend time between flights – assuming you’ve earned your membership for “free” as a status benefit.