Trip Report: Southwest Airlines Las Vegas to Reno

Trip Report: Southwest Airlines Las Vegas to Reno

01. Introduction: San Diego to Reno on Southwest Airlines
02. Southwest Airlines San Diego to Las Vegas
03. Southwest Airlines Las Vegas to Reno
04. Two days of skiing at Heavenly / Lake Tahoe
05. Southwest Airlines Reno to Las Vegas
06. Southwest Airlines Las Vegas to San Diego

I always love flying into LAS. Once inside the terminal, the flashing lights and ding-ding-ding-ding sounds coming from the slot machines are unmistakably Vegas. This is gaming country, and you don’t even need to leave the airport to experience it!

las airport slot machines
Vegas, baby! Slot machines inside the C concourse at LAS
las vegas airport c concourse
The C concourse at LAS

We had a 2 hour layover before our flight up to Reno, and being that it was lunch time, we grabbed a bite to eat that the Pei Wei Asian Diner. It was one of the healthiest choices available in a sea of other fast food places, though not as healthy as I’d like. Yeah, I’m a picky eater and airports are pretty much the worst places in the world to get a healthy meal. Kind of sad, really…

Las Vegas (LAS) – Reno (RNO)
Thursday February 20 2014
Aircraft: Boeing 737-700
Seat: 24C

Southwest Airlines 737-700 N7734H illustration
Southwest Airlines 737-700 N7734H
southwest airlines 737-700 at gate C5 in las vegas
Our Southwest Airlines flight to Reno parked and ready at gate C5 at LAS
c5 gate at las
The C5 gate area at LAS just moments before boarding started

Our flight was departing out of gate C5, and this time we had boarding cards for B59 and B60. I really wanted a window seat on this flight since I had never flown into RNO before, but I knew that my chances were slim. We were deeply in the second half of the boarding groups, and I made a mental note to myself that if I ever fly Southwest Airlines again, I’m going to pay extra for a spot in the first boarding group. I hate open seating!

Once onboard, my anxiety increased. My wife was able to get an aisle seat in the middle section of the plane, but I had yet to see any open window seats. Further and further back I went, finally spotting one in row 20 or so. I had laser-focus vision on that seat as I was approaching it, but as luck would have it, the guy right in front of me took it. Argh! With that seat gone, the struggle had switched to finding an open aisle seat. I was in no mood for a middle seat this far back on the airplane, and I’m happy to report that enough luck was on my side to grab the last empty aisle seat on the plane – in the very last row. Ugh. Oh well. Better than being stuck in the middle.

view from the last row on a southwest airlines 737
View from seat 24C on this Southwest Airlines 737-700. The very last row!

Feeling defeated (and bummed that I wouldn’t be able to take any in-flight pics out the window), I settled in and tried to make myself as comfortable as possible given the situation. But that proved difficult due to the guy sitting next to me who didn’t quite understand the concept of “personal space”. He wasn’t big, but he had no problem stretching out and getting comfortable himself.

my seat mates knees
My seat mate stretching out and invading my space. Good thing this is a short flight…

Sigh. Did I mention that I hate open seating?

Since I couldn’t see out the window, I have no idea what runway we departed from at LAS. But in an effort to save this trip report, I present to you pictures of…the bathroom. If you’ve ever wondered what the rear lavatory on a Southwest Airlines 737-700 looks like, the following images are just for you:

rear lavatory sink on the 737-700
The rear lavatory sink on this Southwest Airlines 737-700
rear lavatory toilet
The rear lavatory toilet on this Southwest Airlines 737-700
small boeing 737-700 bathroom
The tight quarters of the rear lavatory on this Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-700

Back at my seat, I spent the remainder of the flight enjoying the inflight snack and napping on and off until we landed.

peanuts and orange juice in flight snack
Peanuts and orange juice on our flight up to Reno today
seat back tray table lock mechanism on the 737-700
Nicely designed tray table lock mechanism. Hey…when there’s nothing else to look at, I tend to notice stuff like this!

Arrival into RNO was about 15 minutes late (on which runway I have no clue), thus beginning our long weekend of skiing at Heavenly in south Lake Tahoe.

waiting my turn to get off the aircraft
Having a seat in the last row means waiting a long time to get off the aircraft.
reno airport interior
My first impression of the Reno airport. Very nice!

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