A detailed look inside the KLM Crown Lounge in Amsterdam

A detailed look inside the KLM Crown Lounge in Amsterdam

It’s been 2 months since I visited the KLM Lounge in Amsterdam, and I’m still having dreams about it. Yes, it was good, but not good enough to have a featured role in several vivid (and weird) dreams that I’ve had recently. What is happening to me?

More officially known as the Crown Lounge, KLM’s business class lounge at AMS is a beautiful 2-level retreat offering a wide variety of great food, even better drinks, and a near limitless supply of seating.

I ate well. I lounged (hardcore). I quite enjoyed my visit. I’d just prefer not to be dreaming about it like I have been, that’s all. 

Where is the KLM Lounge located at AMS?

The Crown Lounge for international passengers is located between concourses E and F at AMS. A word of warning though: the exterior of it is very low-key for a lounge of this caliber. You’ll walk right by it if you’re not paying attention (as I did – which is becoming a regular thing for me). 

KLM lounge entrance Amsterdam airport
That’s it. That’s the entrance to the Crown Lounge.
KLM crown lounge entrance AMS
Not that I was expecting to see windmills and tulip bulbs or anything, but this is far more low-key than I had imagined it would be.

The lounge is located on the second level, and requires taking an escalator or elevator to reach it.

KLM crown lounge escalator AMS
Maybe they tried to make it stealthy and as inconspicuous as possible on purpose? If so, they succeeded magnificently.
Amsterdam KLM crown lounge escalator to second floor
It’s a long ride to the second level (which gave me time to think of how it probably looked like I was taking pics of this dude’s butt).
Porcelain houses KLM lounge Amsterdam airport
How about pics of these little houses instead? Much better.

Upon arrival on the second level, you can gain access by scanning your boarding pass at one of the kiosks. If that doesn’t work, then one of the friendly KLM lounge attendants standing at the entrance will be able to assist you.

The layout of the Amsterdam KLM Crown Lounge

This KLM lounge is broken up into two separate levels – which would have seemed really impressive to me if I hadn’t visited the Air France Salon Lounge at CDG earlier that morning, but it was a nice first impression nonetheless. This is a big lounge.

KLM crown lounge Amsterdam cafeteria
The very first thing you’ll see as soon as you enter is this cafeteria space. Which is genius IMHO, because when have you ever been disappointed to see a cafeteria?
KLM lounge Amsterdam airport shower waiting area
I’ll show you pics of the individual seating areas in a moment. This is the waiting area for the showers (and spa) – complete with a huge no smoking sign (which leads me to believe they have had a problem of people smoking in the shower- however that works).

The lower level is where the majority of the food is located. There’s even a full bar on this level, but it’s not the place to be if all you want to do is drink.

KLM crown lounge AMS bar
Adjacent to the buffet (to the right) is the bar. Basically, you won’t have to walk far to get a shot of whiskey to go with your croissant.

The upper level is where the real bar is – and I found it to be a much quieter environment overall. 

KLM lounge Amsterdam second floor bar
This is the bar / lounge located on the second floor. The guy on the right looks like he’s not happy to see SANspotter, and he’s ready to make a run for it. It’s just the vibe I give off I guess.
KLM crown lounge second level bar
Sure, it was only 10am, but considering how much drinking I’ve seen in airports over the years, I was shocked to see how quiet it was up here.

I’ve heard some people describe the layout of this lounge as being “mediocre,” but I don’t agree. Not all KLM lounges are created equal, but this one is broken up into different sections very well IMHO. Don’t believe me? Scroll through my review of the Munich Air France KLM Lounge to see something truly mediocre.

What is the seating like?

The seating in this Crown Lounge is tight, but varied. You’ll find everything from plush recliners to nap in, to diner-style booths for eating (and socializing).

Amsterdam KLM crown lounge seating
Good news: there are many places to sit in this lounge. Bad news: you’ll feel like a deer in the headlights trying to decide where to set up camp.
Amsterdam KLM crown lounge dense seating area
Some seating options will make you question why you even came in this place…
Amsterdam KLM crown lounge seating area
…while others will make you think of yourself as a genius for deciding to pop in for a visit. The guy on the left is totally winning, btw.

It will likely be very difficult to get one of the more comfortable chairs due to how busy this lounge is throughout the day, but if you have patience, it’ll be worth the wait. Probably. I didn’t have patience.

SANspotter KLM lounge AMS
Can’t find a comfortable place to sit? No worries. You can always get another plate of food.

The food (omg the food)

If the only thing you care about in an airport lounge is the food, this is a lounge you’re likely to enjoy (and it might be the reason I keep having dreams about it). The buffet is consolidated into one main area, but it’s broken up into several different sections. 

KLM crown lounge Amsterdam English breakfast
It didn’t occur to me until just now as I was thinking of a caption for this pic, but this is totally a make-your-own English breakfast station. Freaking cool!
KLM crown lounge Amsterdam bread and pastries
They also had pretty much any kind of bread you could think of. How many times do you suppose that someone has tried to take that pumpkin?
KLM crown lounge food Amsterdam airport
Cheese cubes, coleslaw, carrots, yogurt, and tomatoes. It’s the breakfast of champions! At least the ones with iron-lined stomachs.
KLM crown lounge healthy food Amsterdam airport
I appreciate the fresh fruit for giving me thoughts of trying to be healthy, but I’m totally going in for the sausage and cheese as soon as I’m done taking these pics.
KLM crown lounge soup bar Amsterdam airport
Of course there’s soup. It wouldn’t be a proper airport lounge without it.

Hot food is separated from cold food, and there are separate sections for things like bread and beverages. Speaking of beverages, I had a hard time trying to find water (of all things). After a bit of hunting around, I found a water dispenser adjacent to the coffee machine next to the bar. 

KLM crown lounge sausage and cheese Amsterdam airport
I was not even kidding about the sausage and cheese.
SANspotter selfie AMS KLM lounge
“Looks like I’m gonna have to go heavy on the Cheerios when I get home.”

How to get into the KLM Lounge at AMS

Getting into this KLM lounge is easy if you are flying business class on either KLM or any SkyTeam partner airline. I was flying KLM 777-200 business class to SFO, and lounge access was included in the price of the ticket. Other ways to get your foot (and hungry belly) through the door include:

  • Being a KLM Flying Blue Platinum or Gold member
  • Being a SkyTeam Elite Plus member
  • Paying a 1 time €50 access fee (KLM Flying Blue members get a discounted rate).

Be sure to check the KLM website for the latest access requirements and fees.

Pros and cons of the AMS KLM Crown Lounge

Thinking back on it, my recurring dreams about this lounge likely had a lot to do with the fact that I found the food to be extremely satisfying. Like, extremely satisfying.

The lounge itself was ok. It wasn’t ugly. It wasn’t the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen either. However, a plate of meat and cheese hits me right in the feels when I’m really hungry, and I guess I just happened to be in the right place at the right time. 


  • The variety of food is excellent. They were serving breakfast while I was there, and they had pretty much all the bases covered. Eggs, potatoes, pancakes, cereal, fruit, meats, bread…they had something for everyone.
  • It’s a huge floor plan. If you happen to end up next to a blabbermouth who just won’t get the hint from your evil stares, there will be plenty of other places within the lounge to retreat to.
  • It’s a drinker’s paradise. The fully staffed bar on the lower level is impressive enough, but it’s the bar on the second level that wowed me the most. I was almost disappointed that I don’t drink.


  • It’s a busy place. It’s so crowded most of the time that you’re likely to find more peace and quiet at an empty gate out in the main terminal. 

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