Star Alliance First Class Lounge, LAX

Star Alliance First Class Lounge, LAX

01. Introduction: San Diego to Hong Kong on Asiana, Air India, and United Airlines
02. United Express ERJ-175 first class San Diego to Los Angeles
03. Star Alliance First Class Lounge, LAX
04. Star Alliance Business Class Lounge, LAX
05. Asiana A380-800 first class Los Angeles to Seoul
06. Asiana A380-800 business class Seoul to Hong Kong
07. Hong Kong, day one – Tsim Tsa Tsui, the Star Ferry, and Victoria Peak
08. Hong Kong, day two – blending in
09. Hong Kong, day three – I love this city!
10. Hyatt Regency Hong Kong, Tsim Tsa Tsui
11. United Club, HKG
12. United Airlines 777-200 business class Hong Kong to Chicago
13. United Airlines 737-900 economy class Chicago to San Diego

I’ve never been to any airline lounge at LAX, so I was especially excited to check out the new Star Alliance lounges here now that the Tom Bradley International Terminal has been completely renovated. I’ve heard nothing but raving reviews of this new terminal, so I was very much looking forward to check it out for myself.

The Star Alliance First Class Lounge is located on the 6th floor, via elevator access located near the center of the terminal. Upon exiting the elevator, there are two doors – the one on the left is the business class lounge, and the one on the right is the first class lounge. To be honest I didn’t even notice the difference – there was a greeter standing at the entrance of the business class lounge, so I handed her my boarding pass and she personally escorted me to the first class lounge (which didn’t have a greeter at that time of day).

star alliance lounge entrance lax
Business Class entrance on the left, First Class entrance on the right

Once inside, I immediately felt how small and intimate it was. I hate to admit it, but “this is it?” was the first thing that popped into my head. It was certainly nice, and very secluded and quiet. But it seemed very dark and closed-in, offering no views to the outside world.

lax star alliance first class lounge
Wide angle view showing the entire First Class Lounge

It looked good though. In addition to the comfortable lounge area, there was a dining room set up for those who wished to order something off the menu. I never saw the menu, and nobody offered one to me – but as the lounge filled up the staff became proactive and quickly asked other patrons if they would like to order anything.

Dining area
Dining area within the lounge
first class lounge lax
View looking the other way, towards the entrance

There were several self-serve options as well, with a decently stocked snack bar on the left and a full open beverage bar on the right. In addition to that, hot food items were available in the Business Class Lounge via doorway access on the north side.

Self-serve snack bar
Self-serve snack bar
Self-serve beverage bar
Self-serve beverage bar
lax first class lounge snack bar
A wide angle view of the snack bar, showing all that there is to offer. Not much here – if you want hot food, you have to trek on over to the business class lounge.
lax first class lounge drink bar
Wide angle view of the beverage bar, which seemed to be better stocked than the snack bar.
comfortable seating lax first class lounge
My throne. Although this was a nice and quiet space to sit and relax, views to the outside world would have been nice.
star alliance lounge first class snack
Just a light snack during my time here – I needed to save room for what would be served in Asiana first class!
lax star alliance first class lounge bathroom
The bathroom seemed a bit stale, IMHO. I’ve seen much nicer than this in many other business class lounges.
lax star alliance first class lounge bathroom
Spacious – but not a place where you’d want to spend lots of time (maybe that was their intent – lol).

All in all, I thought the LAX Star Alliance First Class Lounge was a very nice and comfortable place to kill a few hours before a long flight. Snacks were plentiful, the seating was comfortable, and the staff was pleasant. But the lack of windows made it feel somewhat claustrophobic and dark. Yes, there are windows in this lounge, but they offer nothing in terms of a view – it’s essentially a view into a dark courtyard with skylights.

However, if peace and quiet is important to you, this lounge is tops when it comes to that.

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