AeroMexico Salon Premier Club, Terminal 2 MEX

AeroMexico Salon Premier Club, Terminal 2 MEX

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06: AeroMexico Salon Premier Club, Terminal 2 MEX
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It didn’t even occur to me that I might have lounge access as part of my itinerary until I was standing smack dab in the heart of terminal 2 at MEX with two hours to go before my flight with no place to sit and relax. Mexico City Benito Juárez International Airport is one of the most chaotic airports I’ve ever been in, with very limited quiet / secluded seating options throughout the entire terminal. I certainly wasn’t expecting that, so it was only natural for me to start thinking about how to get into a lounge of some sort. Any lounge would do – I just needed a quiet place to sit!

Since I had a Premier Class boarding pass for my flight to TIJ this morning, I thought I’d trudge on up to the AeroMexico Salon Premier club on the second floor and see if they’d let me in. Knowing that it’s pretty much impossible to get into the lounge on any domestic US first class ticket, my hopes weren’t very high as I made my way up the staircase. But it never hurts to ask, right?

AeroMexico Salon Premier Club
AeroMexico Salon Premier Club signage right outside the main entrance
Salon Premier Club main entrance
Salon Premier Club main entrance (second level)

Much to my relief, I discovered that a Premier Class ticket does grant access to the lounge, even on a domestic intra-Mexico route like the one I had today. Very unexpected, but very welcome as well.

main lobby
AeroMexico Salon Premier Club main lobby

Unfortunately, once inside, I quickly discovered that it was just as busy and chaotic in here as it was out in the main terminal. Finding a place to sit was difficult, made even worse by a handful of other travelers who were sprawled out on the huge couches along the back wall taking up valuable seating space. Oh well – I did find an empty chair with an adjacent table nearby so it wasn’t a total disaster.

AeroMexico Salon Premier Club MEX
This is what you see as soon as you enter. The bar is straight ahead, and the food is forward on the left.
aeromexico salon premier club lounge
The interior of the lounge was really nice, but there were few places left to sit.
sleeping in the aeromexico salon premier club mexico city
Part of the problem were other travelers who were spread out and sleeping on the couches in the back.

My first impressions of the lounge were pretty good despite how crowded it was. It is a very large and open space with high ceilings, and the layout is broken up into sections for dining, lounging, and working.

Salon Premier club MEX
The Salon Premier club here at MEX is bright and spacious – but the ceiling texture is a bit busy!
salon premier club MEX overview
The bar is straight ahead, and food/dining options are to the right.
salon premier club bar mexico city
Fully staffed bar
salon premier club business center
My apologies for the slightly blurry pic, but this large desk with power and connectivity ports looked like a fairly decent place to get some light work done.

Food options weren’t all that great. The self-serve cold food bar was nearly picked clean by the time I arrived, with the only options left being a few pieces of fruit, some stale danish, and an assortment of pre-packaged granola bars and nuts. I was really looking forward to a healthy bowl of cereal, but there was none to be found. A small bag of peanuts and a glass of orange juice would have to do.

salon premier club MEX food bar
Self serve cold food bar
aeromexico salon premier club drinks
It was more of a drink bar than anything else, since there were very few food options.
aeromexico salon premier club snacks
Orange juice and peanuts – this was all that looked appetizing to me at the time.

Note that there is also a hot-food “restaurant” in this lounge with limited Mexican-style items such as quesadillas and tortas. I use quotation marks simply because I’m not sure what else to call this section – it’s broken off from the main lounge as it’s own separate room, but it’s very small with bar-style seating and it did seem a bit awkward and cramped. It looked more like a smoking lounge than a place to eat. I didn’t try any of this food simply because I had a hankering for healthy cereal that no quesadilla on earth could quench.

salon premier club MEX hot food
Hot food items could be had in this little nook separated from the main section of the lounge.

Another nice thing about this lounge is the fact that there is a full spa for those who seek complete detachment from the stress of being in a noisy airport. I didn’t go in, but it looked really nice and tempting from the outside.

aeromexico salon premier club mexico city spa
Entrance to the spa

Despite the crowds and lackluster food options, I did find this Salon Premier Club to be a really nice alternative to grinding it out in the main terminal below. The noise and activity levels inside were much lower, and there were plenty of places to plug in and recharge mobile devices. I certainly wouldn’t call it “heaven”, but it was a decent place to hang out for a while before my flight.

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