Aeromexico Lounge Mexico City (T2): Good for drinks, not much else

Aeromexico Lounge Mexico City (T2): Good for drinks, not much else

The Aeromexico Lounge in Terminal 2 of the Mexico City Airport (more formally known as the Salon Premier Club) is a perfect example of why I’m not always a big fan of airline lounges.

It’s small, dark, and the food options are limited. If you’re unfortunate enough to arrive when the majority of the seats are taken (which is almost all the time), it’s about as comfortable as hanging out down at the local DMV office. I only lasted about 10 minutes before I had to go back out into the main terminal. This Aeromexico Lounge wasn’t for me.

Where is the Aeromexico Lounge located at the Mexico City Airport?

This is a really easy lounge to find in the Mexico City Airport. Upon clearing the security checkpoint in Terminal 2, turn right and look up. The Salon Premier Club is located on the second level above the main departures hall (between the two individual concourses).

Aeromexico lounge Mexico City airport
That’s the Salon Premier Club up there on the second level of the main terminal. Because it wouldn’t be a true airline lounge if it didn’t offer guests the opportunity to look down on the peons below.

Warning: getting up to that second level isn’t all that intuitive. There are elevators and stairs located at the far ends of the departures hall – which is a long walk from one end to the other. There might be another staircase somewhere in the middle, but I couldn’t find it. Long story short, be prepared to walk for a bit before you find the stairs.

Stairs to lounges Mexico City airport
As you can see, there’s a lot happening on the second level. At least you’ll know that there are other options if the Aeromexico Lounge isn’t for you (spoiler alert: you’ll be glad there are other options). 
Salon premier club MEX terminal 2 entrance
Fun fact: this is the only lounge here in Terminal 2 without windows. I’m getting “strip club” vibes already…
Level 2 lounges Mexico City airport terminal 2
A quick look back to show you what it took to get here (the stairs are all the way at the end).
Aeromexico lounge check in desk Mexico City airport terminal 2
Can you believe that she actually let me in? By the way, I’m already very much liking the materials so far (this sort of reminds me of the Air Canada lounge at the Edmonton Airport).
Walking into Aeromexico lounge Mexico City airport terminal 2
I think that I had better step inside quick before she changes her mind…

The layout of the Aeromexico Salon Premier Club

The good news is that the Salon Premier Club in Terminal 2 at MEX has been completely redesigned since my last visit back in 2016. Thankfully, most of the changes have been for the better.

This is a fairly small airport lounge with two levels:

  1. The main level consists of a variety of seating types, the “kitchen” (more like a pantry really), two bars, and a quiet room.
  2. The second level consists entirely of the restaurant. Unfortunately, it was closed during my visit.
Aeromexico lounge bar T2 MEX
The first thing that you’ll see as soon as you enter is the bar. I kinda like how they just get straight to the point (because they know why you really came).
Aeromexico lounge overview T2 MEX
Looking to the right slightly, you’ll get a better sense of how much room the bar takes up. But it gets even better…
Aeromexico lounge layout T2 MEX
…because there’s another bar just 30ft away (along the back wall)! So, in summary so far, it’s safe to assume that this is an anti-chair but pro-tequila environment (not that there’s anything wrong with that).
Aeromexico lounge bars T2 MEX
Ok, I’ve run out of things to say about the bar(s), so let’s move on…

In my opinion, this is a really good looking lounge. It looks a lot better than it did back in 2016, though it has been reduced in size quite a bit.

What is the seating like in this lounge?

I have to give the designers of the Mexico City Salon Premier Club a lot of credit for making good use of a challenging floor plan. The two fully-staffed bars take up a majority of the space. The rest of this lounge is filled with a combination of open communal seating, along with private nooks and crannies separated from everything else with dividers.

Aeromexico salon premier club seating terminal 2 Mexico City airport
The partitioned seating areas along the front wall are nice (and not only because they’re located mere steps from the bar).
Aeromexico lounge open seating terminal 2 Mexico City airport
If sitting inches away from complete strangers in a confined space isn’t your jam, these open seats filling the gap between the bars is a nice alternative. 
Aeromexico lounge cleanliness terminal 2 Mexico City airport
Should I feel offended that she swopped in to immediately scrub down that chair immediately after I got up? My cooties may be more potent than I thought.

There’s also a quiet room located at the far end the lounge. It’s really dark, and it has a strong “VIP room at a strip club” vibe going on. It’s awkward, but at least it’s quiet.

SANspotter selfie Aeromexico lounge Mexico City airport
Yours truly giving an awkward demonstration of the quiet room. Either that I just unknowingly walked into the waiting room of the airport proctologist’s office.
Aeromexico lounge quiet room Mexico City airport
Looking forward out of the VIP quiet room out into the main lounge.
Aeromexico lounge massage terminal 2 Mexico City airport
BTW, realizing that it was a spa /massage studio behind me was a relief (to both my state of mind and colon).

Is the food any good?

What food? I was unfortunate enough to time my visit between meal services (there was noting available). I could see the kitchen staff working hard in the background making the transition between breakfast and lunch – but I wasn’t patient enough to stick around to see what they were whipping up.

Looking around, I did see some people nibbling on what looked to be little pizza wedges. It looked fine, but cafeteria quality at best.

Aeromexico lounge food terminal 2 Mexico City airport
Those of you hoping to get a tasty (and complimentary) bite to eat in this lounge will be disappointed. What you see in this pic is all that was available to me on this visit.

I found the snack options to be very limited as well. The only thing that I could find was a small snack basket with a variety of granola bars and chips. The nonalcoholic drink selection was pretty good though. They had pretty much any kind of drink you could think of.

Aeromexico lounge drinks terminal 2 Mexico City airport
What this lounge lacks in snacks is made up with drinks. It’s almost like they are encouraging you to get **** faced before your flight.
SANspotter in Aeromexico salon premier club MEX terminal 2
I’m not much of an alcohol drinker, so I went with a gut-busting dairy-based smoothie instead. It’s almost like they were encouraging me to get as bloated as possible before my flight…
Aeromexico salon premier club restaurant MEX terminal 2
Before totally giving up on this lounge, I went upstairs to check out the restaurant.
Aeromexico lounge restaurant MEX terminal 2
But there was no food, and therefore, I gave up.

How to get into the Aeromexico Lounge at MEX

Getting into the Aeromexico Lounge in Terminal 2 of the Mexico City airport is fairly easy (at least how it is compared to lounge access back home in the US). Here are the most common ways to do it:

  • Flying domestic business class is the easiest way. Since I was flying to Tijuana in Aeromexico 737 MAX 9 business class on this particular day, they welcomed me with open arms (figuratively speaking of course).
  • You can purchase a Premier Lounge Membership which will get you into all other Aeromexico Lounges in Mexico as well – not just this one.
  • If the idea of a membership seems too spendy for you, you can purchase a single day pass instead. However, I don’t recommend this since it’s not a very good value for the money in my opinion.
  • Aeromexico Club Premier Titanium members will have complementary access.
  • All SkyTeam Elite Plus members have complementary access, regardless of what airline or class of service you’re flying.
  • You’ll also get complimentary access if you’re flying in First / Business Class on any SkyTeam partner airline (regardless of status).
  • This is a Priority Pass Lounge, meaning that you will have complimentary access with a Priority Pass membership.
  • There are a variety of credit cards that will grant you access as well (which is one of the reasons why this lounge is always so busy).
How I access airport lounges
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  • Complimentary snacks, drinks, and meals.
  • Digital entry for instant access through the dedicated Priority Pass app.
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Note: I may earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

When is the best time to visit this lounge?

I arrived in Terminal 2 approximately 4 hours before my departure to Tijuana, so I had a lot of time to observe how busy the Salon Premiere Club can get.

Basically, I found that it’s always extremely busy in the hour or so leading up to a large bank of Aeromexico flight departures. Since the timing of these flight banks are always fluctuating, my best recommendation is to show up early for your flight, wait for the next bank of flights to clear, and then go to the lounge.

Otherwise, it’ll be pure hell trying to get in (and then finding a place to sit). The food disappears really quick during these times as well, so it most likely won’t even be worth it – unless you’ve got a bad hankering for a shot or two of tequila. 

Pros and cons of the Mexico City Aeromexico Salon Premier Lounge (Terminal 2)

Overall, I think that the Mexico City Aeromexico Lounge could be a lot better if it was just a bit larger. It was just too intimate and dark for my tastes, but that’s not saying much considering that I don’t normally like hanging out in airport lounges anyway. But before I get too far ahead of myself, here’s a list of all the pros and cons:


  • This lounge provides a far more quiet and less chaotic experience than hanging out in the main terminal. As it should, considering how cramped Terminal 2 at MEX is.
  • The swanky “VIP room at a strip club” vibe may be appealing to some. Don’t worry – I won’t judge you for being into that sort of thing.
  • The drink selection (both alcoholic and nonalcoholic) is fantastic.
  • There’s a full sit-down restaurant on the second level, which I’m sure would be a really nice place to grab a bite to eat between flights. Unfortunately, it wasn’t open during my visit.


  • This Salon Premier Club is so dark and swanky in certain areas that it almost felt creepy.
  • Complementary food options look to be extremely limited. The best you’re going to get is finger food, but even then, you’re going to have to act fast since it disappears quick. Basically, in regards to food, it’s pretty much the opposite of the American Airlines Flagship Lounge at JFK.
  • Even the snack selection was weak. I understand hot food not being available at all times, but the lack of snacks was really disappointing.
  • It’s a very small lounge, and it fills to maximum capacity very quickly. If there is a line of people waiting outside to get in, I would avoid it altogether.

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