A Frontier A320 economy review (not even sure why I wasted my time on this)

A Frontier A320 economy review (not even sure why I wasted my time on this)

The fact that I’m even making the effort to do a Frontier Airlines A320 basic economy review should tell you a lot. Of course it sucked. But you know what? It was kind of fun, and I want to talk about it.

I’m not sure what there is to actually review though. What you’re about to see is exactly the same as what you saw in my Frontier A321 basic economy review.

Perhaps it makes more sense if I call this a “trip report” rather than a review. Yeah, let’s go with that…

Denver, CO (DEN) – San Diego, CA (SAN
Friday, April 5, 2024
Aircraft: A320-214
Registration: N229FR
Duration: 2 hours 13 minutes
Seat: 6F (basic economy)

Frontier Airlines A320 (N229FR) side view
Frontier Airlines A320 (N229FR) side view illustration by NorebboStock.com
f94927 flight track
Our route from Denver to San Diego this afternoon as F92801.

My full review trip report of Frontier Airlines A320 basic economy from Denver to San Diego

This flight to San Diego was a continuation of my journey from Orlando earlier in the day. I had approximately 1 hour in Denver to stretch my legs (and eat / frolic) before continuing on.

Terminal A Denver International Airport
I suppose most people fly for legitimate reasons (to visit family, tend to business matters, etc). Me? I do it to write stupid trip reports on SANspotter.com. Welcome to Terminal A at the Denver International Airport!
gate A34 Denver international airport
No beatin’ around the bush here. I’m kicking things off with a pic of gate A34 (the gate from which my flight to San Diego will be departing from). The faster we can get through this Frontier A320 review trip report, the faster I can write about something fun (like my Zipair 787-8 premium flatbed experience).
Frontier Airlines A320 N229FR
This very < checks notes > peachy A320 is the one taking me home to San Diego this afternoon. 
Gate A34 waiting area Denver international airport
I wouldn’t exactly call the gate area <checks notes again > foxy, but it was a nice looking place to hang out nonetheless. Don’t worry – my seemingly off brand vocabulary is going to make sense in a moment. I have a plan!

The boarding process for F94927 to San Diego

They didn’t waste a second getting the boarding process kicked off for this flight at gate 34. It’s almost as if they couldn’t wait to get rid of us. Perhaps we were the last flight of the day? Probably not considering that it was only 4:00 p.m. Maybe we were stinky. I don’t know.

Frontier Airlines A320 economy mobile boarding pass Denver to San Diego
As I was taking this pic of my mobile boarding pass, I thought that the flight number (4927) might be the highest I’ve ever had. A quick check of my flight log revealed that it wasn’t even close. The highest was 9732 (an ANA/IBEX CRJ-200 flight from Hiroshima to Tokyo Narita on October 19, 2012).
SANspotter walking down gate A34 jet bridge DEN
Of course, I didn’t make that realization until after I got home. Here’s what I looked like walking down the jet bridge trying to figure it out from memory. It felt every bit as painful as it looks.
Stepping onboard a Frontier Airlines A320
I also believe this marks the first time ever that I’ve ever done two Frontier Airlines flights in a single day. Well, a lot can happen between now and the departure time, but let’s have some faith that this is actually going to happen.
Peachy the fox frontier airlines
See?  I told you the peachy / fox comments were gonna make sense eventually. Remember what I just said about having some faith? Moving on…
Frontier Airlines A320 Basic economy cabin
Frontier Airlines A320 Basic economy. This marks the official transition into the “painful’ portion of the review trip report.
Walking down the aisle of a Frontier Airlines A320
“I wonder if she appreciates the fact that I wore my peach colored shirt today?” (It helps to keep your mind distracted when trudging down the aisle of an ultra low-cost airline).

The seats

I think it’s time that I start flying long haul international business class again, because I’m running out of things to say about tiny basic economy seats on ultra low-cost airlines. The cheap seats on the Frontier A320 are about as bad as they get by current day standards. If the lack of legroom doesn’t piss you off, the lack of padding certainly will.

Frontier Airlines A320 basic economy seats
Ain’t nothing ‘peachy’ or ‘foxy’ about these seats, that’s for damn sure.
Frontier Airlines A320 economy seats and armrests
So many things to say about the seats, but the adolescent teenage boy isn’t going to let the ‘erect’ armrests thing go unnoticed.
Frontier Airlines A320 economy legroom
Aaaaaaand straight into a crotch shot. Legroom sucks BTW.
Frontier Airlines A320 economy seat space
Might as well enjoy all the manspread that I can before my seatmate shows up, right?
Frontier Airlines A320 economy seat covering
It’s actually not a bad looking interior all things considered. Would it have killed them to go with green vinyl instead of the gray though? C’mon guys..live a little!
Frontier Airlines A320 economy lowered armrest
Looks like the (tiny) armrest wasn’t so excited to see me after all.
Frontier Airlines A320 economy tray table in the fully locked position
The tiny tray table is though. Now that’s a stiffy!
SANspotter sitting in Frontier Airlines A320 economy
My apologies for what this trip report as degraded into. I just can’t help it.
Frontier Airlines A320 economy seat back
Let’s see if we can get this back on track, shall we? Here’s a riveting picture of what you’ll see looking forward in a seated position.
Frontier Airlines A320 economy seat pocket
And this is what you’ll see as you dig for the barf bag (or something entertaining to read).
Frontier Airlines A320 economy under seat storage space
While we’re looking down, I might as will show you the under seat storage space. Not too shabby actually.
Peachy the fox winglet frontier airlines a320
I’m not sure I like the way the that fox is looking at me. We better get out of here quick, because if Peachy ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.
N606FR Frontier Airlines A321neo
Whenever doing a Frontier Airlines trip report, it’s mandatory to make note of the critter parked next to you. That’s Luis the Axolotl over there on a shiny new A321neo. What the bloody hell is an ‘Axolotl?’

The departure

I didn’t measure it exactly, but I’m fairly certain that we drove halfway to San Diego before taking off. DEN is a monster of an airport (covering an area of 137.8 square miles). Total taxi time was 15 minutes – which, I know doesn’t seem like a lot, but it felt a lot longer than that. It was probably because of the crappy seat I was sitting in.

Taxiing to runway in Frontier Airlines A320 economy
Looks comfy, doesn’t it? It better be, because this is DEN (where it always requires a bit of a drive to reach the runway).
Taxiing to runway at DEN
This looks like Kansas. Yeah, I’m pretty sure this is Kansas.
View of terminal from runway at DEN
I’m not even kidding about the runways being located in a different state. We can hardly even see the terminal building anymore!
Taking off from Denver in a Frontier Airlines A320
Can you imagine what it would’ve been like to set off on a journey from Colorado to California back in 1850? Complain about Frontier Airlines all you want, but this kicks the snot out of a 3 month journey in a covered wagon (where it’s beans and coffee for every meal).
Flying over the Rocky Mountains in April
Rocky Mountain snow check: looks like board season is just about over, bro.

Food and drinks

I’ve already talked enough about the extensive food and drink items for purchase in the Fly Bar menu in past Frontier Airlines reviews. The good news? This isn’t a review. It’s a trip report.

Therefore, all I need to tell you is that I paid $4 and half dollars for a can of Diet Coke. And I enjoyed the s*** out of it all the way to San Diego.

Frontier Airlines A320 open tray table
Here we go. Ready for beans ‘n coffee!
Frontier Airlines A320 economy food for purchase menu
Hmm. Considering how much fiber there is in beans (and that coffee is a natural laxative), perhaps it would be wise to go for something a little less potent…
Frontier Airlines A320 economy Diet Coke on tray table
Nope, Diet Coke isn’t potent at all. *burp*
Frontier Airlines A320 economy drink and snack service
“Howdy there, ma’am! I reckon I’ll take a pot of them savory beans and a steamin’ cup of strong coffee to go with it. Much obliged!”
SANspotter drinking Diet Coke in Frontier Airlines A320 economy
There was no verbal response to that, but I could tell by the look on her face that she was trying very hard to resist telling me to get f****d.

In-Flight entertainment

Video screens in the seat back headrests? Nope. Streaming movies and TV shows? Not a chance. Wi-Fi even? Ha! In-flight entertainment on Frontier Airlines has been non-existent since that time that I flew Frontier A319 economy from San Diego to Denver in 2015.

Frontier Airlines A320 economy seat with the tray table down
No onboard entertainment? Not even Wi-Fi? Maybe this isn’t so different from the covered wagon experience after all.
Using the flighty app while in flight
I chose to pass the time watching the little airplane move pixel by pixel in the Flighty app. It was riveting.

Seat comfort

This being a trip report and all, there’s no point in telling you that these seats have an abysmal 28″ of pitch. It would be a waste of my time to tell you that the seats themselves are only 31″ wide. That kind of useless data is reserved for boring airline reviews.

The only thing you need to know is that my ass hurt. And my left leg was starting to go numb 45 minutes in.

Frontier Airlines A320 economy row six passengers
Status check on my fellow row 6 compadres: only one casualty so far. I think we lost her somewhere over Southern Utah.

The descent (and landing) into San Diego

All things considered, running 6 minutes behind schedule as we began descent into San Diego seemed just about right. I mean, all we hear about these days is how s****y of an airline Frontier is. How weird would it have been if we had arrived exactly on time? Or *gasp* – early??

Frontier Airlines A320 approaching San Diego
Honestly? My butt is so numb that I probably wouldn’t even feel a thing if we plow into one of these mountains out here in East County.
Frontier Airlines A320 flying over Balboa Park in San Diego
A quick buzz of the Air and Space Museum at Balboa Park…
Frontier Airlines A320 landing in San Diego
…and we’ve arrived. Welcome to San Diego!
Frontier Airlines A320 pulling up to terminal 1 in San Diego
I wonder what our forefathers felt after arriving in San Diego after a long covered wagon journey from Denver? Do you suppose their asses were as numb as mine is right now?
Walking off of a Frontier Airlines A320
The nice thing about this being a trip report rather than a review? I can just get the hell off this airplane without feeling obligated to sum up the experience with any meaningful insight.
SANspotter arriving in San Diego on a Frontier Airlines A320
“Well now, it’s time for me to mosey on out of here. I reckon I want to thank y’all kindly for taking the time to listen to my ramblin’s. It’s been a pleasure shootin’ the breeze with ya. Adios, amigos!”

The pros and cons of flying in Frontier A320 basic economy

The fact that I’ve spent 4 days of my life writing this review trip report means that I felt Frontier A320 economy was worth telling you about. It’s not great as what you saw in my Frontier A320 Stretch seat review, but it’s not that bad either.


  • The A320 is shorter than the A321. It’s the aircraft to choose if your primary goal is spending the least amount of time on Frontier Airlines as possible.
  • The seats are extremely simple – but not ugly. That counts as something, right?
  • The food for purchase menu is impressive.


  • The seats are terribly hard. It’s going to hurt.
  • There’s not a chance in hell that you’re going to get any work done on your laptop thanks to the extremely small tray table is. 

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