Various pics from SAN with my new Nikon CP880

I made several trips to SAN to try out my Nikon CP880 during the first few weeks I had it, and although I didn’t manage to get pics of anything particularly interesting during that time, I was having plenty of fun trying out different settings and generally getting quality pictures of airliners I’ve been shooting for the last year and a half with lesser-quality equipment. Some of these are kind of interesting though: the Delta 767-300 and Frontier 737-300 in the fog are pretty cool pictures I think.

All of the pics in this post were shot at Lindbergh Field in San Diego (SAN) during the last two weeks of December (2000). I won’t claim that they are the most exciting pictures of airplanes you’ve ever seen, but they do represent the beginning of a new phase in my aviation photography career. Low quality images no more! I am totally stoked about it.

American Airlines 737-800

Delta Airlines 737-300

Delta Airlines 767-300

Frontier Airlines 737-300

America West A320

America West 757-200

On another note, I love wandering around terminal 2 at SAN on Saturday afternoons. It’s a comfortable terminal stocked with loads of open space, good views out of the huge windows, and a wide variety of airliners to take pictures of. My photography style iw rather conservative whenever I shot from inside the terminal – I know that other passengers and the airport staff get nervous when people go nuts taking pictures, so I usually keep my camera in my pocket until I am ready to shoot. As soon as I got the pictures I wanted, back in the pocket my camera goes. I can’t imagine taking photos of airplanes out the terminal windows with a big SLR type camera – I’ve done it on rare occasions, and well…it’s not something I feel comfortable doing because I feel like it draws too much attention to me. That’s why I prefer to use a small (but high quality) point and shoot digital camera whenever I am taking pictures from inside the airport.

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