Various photos from San Diego International airport

I spent a lot of time in and around the airport last month, and I got a lot of pictures from it. Looking through my archives, most of those photos were crap – but I did manage to grab a handful of interesting pictures of airplanes even if my crappy camera wasn’t up to the task.

First of all, those of you with keen eyesight and a working brain will question my choice of the featured photo for this blog post. I know – the title says “Various photos from San Diego International airport“, but that’s an in-flight picture of a wing over what looks to be anywhere but southern California. Yes – that is correct. However, this particular wing is from a Delta L-1011 (registration number N728DA) en-route to ATL from SAN. So there is a bit of a San Diego connection here with that photo. I shot this picture on April 28th during my travels to visit family in West Palm Beach, Florida (PBI). From the looks of the photo, the flaps are being deployed so we are beginning our descent into ATL – got to love the shape of that L-1011 wing! I especially like how well-used it looks. It was an old bird, for sure.

Sun Country 727-200

America West 757-200 Nevada Livery

America West 757-200 Phoenix Suns Livery

Delta Airlines 737-300

British Airways 747-400 Wings Livery

Also included in this post are images featuring airplanes we don’t see much at Lindbergh Field here in San Diego. There’s a British Airways 747-400 wearing the “Wings” tail livery sitting at the gate, a Delta Airlines 737-300 pushing back from the gate, two America West 757 logo jets (Nevada and Phoenix Suns liveries), and a good ‘ol Sun Country 727-200 pushing back from the gate – all within terminal 2.

Speaking of which, terminal 2 at San Diego International airport is a great place to watch airplanes. The windows are huge, always clean, and there is always plenty of action out on the ramp. I’ve spent many hours there walking around getting pics of everything that I could – it’s a great place for an airliner geek like me to spend an afternoon. Terminal 1, however, is the absolute worst! Not only for spotting and photography, but from a passenger standpoint as well.  I avoid it like the plague.

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