Unemployed and bored – might as well spend some time taking pictures, right?

My life was turned upside down last month, as I lost my job due to the crazy .com “implosion” going on right now. On one hand, it’s pretty darn frustrating to be out of work with absolutely no idea what the heck I am going to do next – nobody is hiring, so things look rather bleak. On the other hand, I have suddenly gained all the free time in the world and I can focus it all on airliner photography! I am feeling a bit of mixed emotions for sure.

Now that I am out of work and able to go to the airport whenever I feel like it, I’ve started exploring the perimeters of SAN a bit. The only trouble was that I have a camera with a zoom lens that ranges from 24 to 85mm, and that is absolutely no good for outdoor photography! Unemployment means no chance of buying different gear with longer range, so I am trying amy best to deal with what I have. It is pretty frustrating to say the least – I have been going down to SAN often to try and get some artistic images with that little camera (Nikon CP880), but I haven’t been able to get anything really good.

But all is not lost. This morning I drove around Bankers Hill, which is located on a hill (duh) overlooking the airport. The aircraft were screaming overhead as they made their approach to runway 27, but I just couldn’t find a good angle to get both the aircraft and scenery together in one picture. Determined to get some interesting shots, I parked my car and walked around for a bit.

I eventually found the holy grail I was looking for. I can’t recall the names of the cross streets, but it was a perfect view down the street which opened up to an amazing overlook of Lindbergh Field off in the distance. I took a lot of pictures from this location, and my favorite of the bunch was the image attached to this post. That’s a UPS 767-300F, by the way…

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