Trying to enjoy my last few days at SAN

The good news is that I finally scored a job, ending my three-month vacation (er… unemployment). The bad news was that it is located 2000 miles away in Michigan! It is really a bittersweet time for me – I really like living in San Diego (I know it was the best place I’ve ever lived), but I couldn’t turn down the incredible opportunity being handed to me if I chose to move. It has been probably one of the biggest decisions of my life up until this point, but I chose the job in Michigan over continued unemployment in southern California.

I signed the offer on July 1st, and I was told to report to work in Michigan on August 1st. That gave me an entire month to get in as much aviation photography as I could here in southern California, as I knew that I would be longing for aviation photography at SAN and LAX the entire time I was gone.

The trouble was, I have just come off three months of non-stop aviation photography and the honest truth was that I didn’t really have much desire to spend any more time at airports. I am totally burned out, but I know that I would appreciate the effort later – so I sucked it up and kept taking pictures.

American Airlines MD-87 White Fuselage

AeroMexico MD-82

Alaska Airlines 737-400

Delta Airlines 757-200

Delta Airlines 757-200

Delta Airlines MD-90

Frontier Airlines 737-300

America West A319

Northwest Airlines 757-200

Northwest Airlines 757-200

Long story short, I made a handful of trips to both LAX and SAN this month, trying to soak in all the aircraft and photo opportunities that I could. Unfortunately, that resulted in a lot of crappy photos unworthy of posting here – I shot a lot of images, but only a handful were captured in good light and decent angles. One thing is for certain – shooting pictures at LAX and SAN during July is tough! Two things make a photographers life difficult during this time: June (July) Gloom, and inconvenient sun angles. Quality photo ops are rare during summer months.

Anyway, I was able to score some decent images from all of that scurrying. The majority of the pictures I’ve attached to this post are from an afternoon session at SAN on July 19th. The weather was absolutely perfect, and I was able to get some pretty good pictures of the regular aircraft that serve SAN: Delta and Northwest Airlines 757’s, an AeroMexico MD-82, an Alaska Airlines 737-400, and an America West A319 round out the set.

That was my last photo shoot at SAN before I move to Michigan. 🙁

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