Trip Report: Westin Hotel DTW

Trip Report: Westin Hotel DTW

I’ve flown through DTW many times over the past 10 years (most of that on Northwest Airlines), and each time, I’ve taken notice of the Westin hotel that is connected to the main terminal. From the outside, it seemed like an awesome hotel for plane spotting and photography, and I’ve always wanted to check it out for myself.

Unfortunately, I’ve never had the need to stay overnight at Metro Airport, so I was sure to take advantage of the opportunity for this trip. Yes, it probably would have made more sense for me to stay downtown since my sole purpose for coming to Detroit was for the auto show – but I really wanted to try that Westin.

After checking out the Sky Club, I walked the entire distance back to the main entrance from the terminal.

Once through the entrance, there’s a long hallway down to the lobby with the check in desk on the left. I was greeted by an agent who processed my information quickly and I had my room key in a matter of minutes.

The Westin is in the shape of a square, with rooms that face outside to the airport or inside to the atrium. I chose an outside-facing room in hopes of being able to do some aviation photography, but it looked as if the inside-facing rooms had a nice view as well.

interior courtyard
The main interior courtyard at the Westin DTW
interior of the westin DTW hotel
The interior courtyard of the Westin DTW looking towards the security checkpoint and main desk
reflection pool
The reflection pool inside the main courtyard inside the Westin DTW
westin DTW elevators
The elevators inside the Westin DTW
view from the elevator
View of the interior courtyard as seen from the elevators

My room was on the 7th floor, which was facing to the west.

hotel hallway
7th floor hallway inside the Westin DTW hotel
room door at the westin DTW
Room 706 door at the Westin DTW
westin hotel map
As you can see, the hotel is in the shape of a perfect square
heavenly bed
Heavenly bed in the Westin DTW
westin dtw bed
Another view of the bed looking the other way
coffee bar
Mini coffee bar right next to the door
TV and work desk in my room
TV and work desk in my room at the Westin DTW
westin bathroom
Westin DTW bathroom
westin hotel shower
Shower at the Westin DTW
westin hotel bathroom amenities
Bathroom amenities at the Westin DTW

Although the room window was facing the main airport terminal, photography was impossible due to heavy condensation on the windows. For a hard-core aviation photography geek like me, that was disappointing to see. So close, but yet so far…

view from the window at the DTW westin hotel
The view from the room is good, but the windows were covered in condensation
view of the aircraft from the DTW westin
Aviation photography would be great from the Westin DTW – if the windows were clean

I ate in the restaurant twice during my stay – once for breakfast, and again for dinner. Breakfast wasn’t anything special, as I just ordered cereal and fruit. But dinner was very good. Expensive, no doubt, but highly satisfying.

spinach salad
Spinach salad from the restaurant located within the Westin DTW
seared ahi tuna
Seared ahi tuna main entree from the restaurant located within the Westin DTW

One of the things I was looking forward to the most about the Westin at DTW was the fact that they have their own security lane for entrance into the main terminal. I figured that I could just roll out of bed an hour before my flight and have plenty of time to spare. It’s a good thing that I didn’t actually do that, however, as they don’t open until 7:30am and I was ready to go at 6:30. That meant walking over to the security lines near the ticketing counters in the main hall (which takes a lot more time). Oh well. Good to know for next time.

westin DTW from the main terminal
View of the Westin DTW from the outside
outside hotel entrance at metro airport in Detroit
Outside entrance to the Westin DTW airport hotel

Overall, this is a really good and convenient hotel to stay at, and I highly recommend it if you don’t mind paying a premium to stay here. It’s not cheap, but for me, the convenience easily makes it worth the price.

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