Trip Report: United Airlines economy class San Diego to San Francisco

Trip Report: United Airlines economy class San Diego to San Francisco

After spending about 30 minutes in the American Airlines Admirals club, we gathered our things and made the long walk back to the end of terminal 2 west to board our flight to San Francisco. We actually timed it pretty well – by the time we got to the gate, they had just called our boarding group (2) so we were able to walk right onto the airplane without waiting. I wish it was always that easy. But first, let’s back up for a second so I can show you the United Airlines check in counters here at the gorgeous new terminal at SAN:

United Airlines check in counters with kiosks
United Airlines check in counters
terminal 2 west san diego
Terminal 2 west is just stunning – it’s a much better home for UA than the old terminal 1 was.

With that out of the way, let’s catch back up to real time and get this show on the road to SFO.

international boarding passes in my passport
I love seeing my passport stuffed with international boarding passes!
gate 43 san diego airport
Our departure this morning was out of gate 43

San Diego (SAN) – San Francisco (SFO)
Saturday, October 4 2014
Aircraft: Boeing 737-900
Seat: 28B (economy)

737-900 N69818
Segment 1: SAN-SFO United Airlines 737-900 N69818
Walking down the jetway
Walking down the jetway to begin the long day of flying to Japan

It occurred to me as I was boarding the aircraft that I have been doing a lot of flying to and from San Francisco this year. I was just there in August on a trip via Virgin America, and I kicked off my trip to Seoul last April with a very similar SFO-bound United Airlines flight just like this one. Even though that totals only three flights, it didn’t stop me from thinking “here I go again”.

boarding the united airlines 737-900
Nice view of our UA 737-900 from the jet bridge

Immediately upon entering the aircraft, I noticed a plaque on the closet wall that signified this aircraft as being designated to the “United 100” annual award winners. I didn’t even know that they designated an aircraft for this, so that was something interesting to think about as I walked back to my middle seat in row 28.

Yeah, the dreaded middle seat. As a matter of fact, three of my flights (the longest ones) on this trip involve sitting in a middle seat so my wife could have the aisle, and that made it difficult to get excited about this adventure. But it was important to me that she was comfortable, so it wasn’t the end of the world or anything.

United Airlines One Hundred plaque
United One Hundred plaque inside the aircraft
walking down the long aisle of the united airlines 737-900
Walking back to row 28…

This particular aircraft was fitted with slimline seats, which I thought helped to make the cabin look clean and fresh. Yes, the seats were a bit more firm than a normal seat, but I didn’t find them all that uncomfortable like others have been saying. The added bonus was the in-seat power outlets. The one at my seat wasn’t tight enough to hold the plug for my iPhone however – I actually had to hold it in with the back of my leg so it wouldn’t fall out.

UA slim line seats
Slimline seats on this United Airlines 737-900
back of the slim line seat
The back of the slim line seat is actually pretty nice with lots of storage space
leg room with slim line seats
To be honest, I didn’t even really notice a difference in leg room compared to a 737 with regular seats – but it was probably the same anyway, and they just crammed more rows in.

The flight was completely full and we departed right on time. I actually fell asleep soon after takeoff and didn’t take any more pics after that. The fact that I was able to soundly sleep in a middle slimline seat should say a lot about how comfortable this flight was. It would have been better up in first class I’m sure, but oh well.

737-900 cabin
737-900 interior as viewed from seat 28B. This was the last photo I took before falling totally asleep for the rest of the flight.

It was a pretty nice flight up to the bay area this morning, and despite how notorious SFO is for cloudy and gloomy weather, we arrived under clear and sunny skies. That in itself isn’t very remarkable, but I thought it was interesting that every single time I’ve flown into SFO this year, the weather has been perfect. Maybe I should play the lottery or something…

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