Trip Report: San Diego to West Palm Beach in Delta Airlines First Class – Introduction

Trip Report: San Diego to West Palm Beach in Delta Airlines First Class – Introduction

01. Introduction
02. Delta Airlines first class San Diego to Atlanta
03. Delta Airlines first class Atlanta to West Palm Beach
04. Delta Airlines first class West Palm Beach to Atlanta
05. Delta Airlines first class Atlanta to San Diego

The trip from San Diego to West Palm beach is a frequent one for me. My parents live there, and I’ve got other family spread throughout Florida, so I’ve been flying this route twice a year for the past 13 years. Nearly all of those trips have been on Delta Airlines, the primary reason being aircraft types. Yes, I am so much of an aviation geek that I prefer aircraft type over convenient schedules! Well, most of the time, but there are exceptions. Anyway, it was time yet again for another trip out there, and I decided to do it in first class.

Delta runs a pretty big operation here in San Diego – they move a lot of people between SAN and ATL daily. There has always been at least one daily 767 between these two city pairs since I moved here in late ’97, and I much prefer it over the smaller 737’s and A320’s that every other airline uses for runs to the east coast. Others would argue that the newer versions of the 737 and A320 are much more comfortable than these old 767’s, but what can I say – I’m a sucker for heavy metal and I much prefer widebody aircraft. Because of that, Delta once again got my business for this trip. I want to enjoy this while it lasts!

Here’s a rundown of my itinerary for this trip:

12/28/13 DL662 San Diego to Atlanta
12/28/13 DL1053 Atlanta to West Palm Beach
1/3/14 DL1134 West Palm Beach to Atlanta
1/3/14 DL1967 Atlanta to San Diego

It should be noted that I was planning on reviewing Delta SkyClubs at every airport I’d be transiting through on this trip, but two things changed my mind. First, I had a bad hankering for doing some in-terminal aviation photography during my layovers, and second, I don’t currently have a SkyClub membership. To be honest, I didn’t feel much like shelling out the cash for one right now, especially since I had already spent too much on gifts and other things during this holiday season.

Thanks for reading – comments and questions are always welcome!

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