Trip Report: San Diego to Phoenix on USAirways – Introduction

Trip Report: San Diego to Phoenix on USAirways – Introduction

Several things inspired me to book this trip. First, we all know that the USAirways merger with American Airlines has been approved by the DOJ, so it’s only a matter of time before USAirways is gone from the skies forever. Second, my first love has always been the automobile, and I just felt like renting a cool car to drive around the desert southwest for a day. I had the time, the prices looked cheap, so I decided to go for it.

As I just mentioned, USAirways will be gone soon. Up until these flights, I’ve only flown USAirways twice in my entire life. That’s rather pathetic, don’t you think? To be fair, I have flown 13 segments with them when they were called USAir, but I have only stepped on two USAirways-branded airplanes in the past (in the dark blue livery way back in 2001). For a self-proclaimed commercial aviation geek like myself, that’s just downright unacceptable. I wanted to fly with them one last time and try to appreciate them while they’re still around.

Total cost for these flights came to just $197 with a three-week advance purchase. That’s not too shabby at all, and I even considered springing for first class for a total of $404 since it is somewhat of a special occasion. I just couldn’t justify it though, being that these would be short 1 hour flights. Economy class will do fine, thank you very much. Here’s the itinerary:

12/7/13 US567 San Diego to Phoenix
12/8/13 US623 Phoenix to San Diego

Also, ever since reading Ben Schlappig’s review on the Aloft Hotel and Phoenix Sky Harbor airport last summer, I’ve been anxious to try it for myself. I fully admit that this hotel looked perhaps a bit too “hip” for a middle-aged guy like myself, but it was intriguing enough to decide to give it a try. I was very much looking forward to it.

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