Trip Report: San Diego to Detroit in Delta Airlines First Class – Introduction

Trip Report: San Diego to Detroit in Delta Airlines First Class – Introduction

01. Introduction
02. Delta SkyClub San Diego
03. Delta Airlines first class San Diego to Detroit
04. Delta SkyClub Detroit
05. Westin Hotel Detroit Metropolitan Airport
Delta Airlines first class Detroit to San Diego

Who in their right mind would make the conscious decision to voluntarily travel to Detroit (from southern California) in the middle of January? That’s exactly the question I was asking myself as I was booking the reservation. Having lived the first 22 years of my life in the Detroit area, I knew all too well what the conditions are like in southwestern Michigan that time of year. It was going to be brutally cold, likely cloudy and grey, and there may or may not be snow on the ground. Once I accepted this, my hand trembled as I pressed the “confirm purchase” button on

I couldn’t resist doing this trip, however. The North American International Auto Show at Cobo Hall in Detroit is the nations leading auto show, and something I’ve reluctantly missed for the last 20 years of my life. I used to go to this show every year when I was younger, and now that I’m much older (and still a car guy through and through), I thought it was time to return and check it out once again.

Because the only non-stop option to Detroit from San Diego is on Delta, they naturally became the airline of choice for this trip. And while it wouldn’t be my first time in DL first class, this trip would still accomplish some new experiences for me: Delta Sky Clubs at both SAN and DTW, and the Westin Hotel at DTW. Noting totally exotic and/or exciting, but these were some things I’ve been itching to review for a while.

Here’s a rundown of my itinerary for this trip:

1/19/14 DL833 San Diego to Detroit
1/21/14 DL833 Detroit to San Diego

No, that’s not a typo – the flight number is indeed the same for both the outbound and return. I’ve never seen that before, as most airlines use odd numbers heading one direction and even numbers going the other way.

Let’s go!

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