Trip report introduction: I swear I’m not a Delta fanboy!

Trip report introduction: I swear I’m not a Delta fanboy!

01. Introduction: I swear I’m not a Delta fanboy!
02. Delta Air Lines 757-300 economy class San Diego to Atlanta
03. Delta Air Lines A321 economy class Atlanta to West Palm Beach
04. Delta Air Lines MD-88 Comfort + (premium economy) West Palm Beach to Atlanta
05. Delta Air Lines 767-400/ER Comfort + (premium economy) Atlanta to San Diego

Here I go again with another trip to Florida to visit family for Christmas. I’ve done so many of these San Diego to south Florida trip reports now (the last one was to MCO in July) and it would probably behoove me to have a template already in place where I could just drop in a few photos and captions and not have to worry about creating something new from scratch each and every time. It’s such a routine trip for me these days, and once again I was debating about whether or not I was to to do a trip report about it at all. These trips are all the same anyway.

Want a quick video preview of this trip before I continue? Here you go:

Ok then, where was I? Oh yes, that’s right – I was complaining about flying Delta too much…

Part of the reason for not wanting to write another one was that I always seem to fly Delta, and I’m sure the endless amount of DL trip reports on my blog are becoming tiresome for some (they are for me at least). But I had an idea as I sat down to book this trip: what if I got wild and crazy and…*gasp*….chose another airline? I’ve yet to review the current first class products of the United and American mainline fleets, so if I could do that, I figured that I might have something worth writing a trip report about. Stringing together a fun itinerary like, say, routing through LAX and YYZ to get a ride on an Air Canada 777 would also be really fun, but those kinds of shenanigans were off limits for this trip. My wife was coming along with me, and she’s the type of person who hates flying and just wants to get it over with as fast as possible. Shortest flight time wins.

Also constraining my choices for flights this time was the fact that we needed to time our departure out of SAN with the opening hours of our local pet hotel. Our cat would likely burn our house down if we left her alone for more than 24 hours (partially for chewing flammable objects, partially for revenge), so a super-early departure wouldn’t be possible. That probably doesn’t sound like a very big deal, but when flying from the west coast to east, you need to leave at the crack of dawn in order to arrive on the east coast at a decent hour.

With those constraints in mind, I began my search for flights. Unfortunately, it didn’t take but all of 5 minutes to realize that Delta was the only real option for this trip. UA, AA, and all the other airlines couldn’t get us into MCO or PBI until midnight if we left SAN after 9am. Delta could get us into PBI by 9:50pm though, which was the best option there was. Adding salt to the wound was the fact that first class was pricing out to about $2k per person. We weren’t willing to pay that, so economy class it would have to be. And when I fly economy with my wife, it means a middle seat for me due to the fact that she’s happiest in an aisle seat. She hates flying anyway, but if I can keep her happy in an aisle seat, all the better.

Here’s the itinerary:

12/23/16 DL1692 economy class San Diego to Atlanta (757-300)
12/23/16 DL1359 economy class Atlanta to West Palm Beach (A321)
12/27/16 DL1458 premium economy West Palm Beach to Atlanta (MD-88)
12/27/16 DL2490 premium economy Atlanta to San Diego (767-400/ER)

The silver lining to this repetitive itinerary was the fact that the final segment (ATL-SAN) was scheduled as a 767-400. Wow! I’ve never seen a DL 764 in SAN on scheduled service, so I was really stoked about that. And it got even better the day of the trip – it was then that I found out that the 757-200 that was originally scheduled for SAN-ATL had been upguaged to the flying pencil (a 757-300). Nice!

So here we go. Another SANspotter trip to PBI on Delta, but at least there are some different (and interesting) equipment types compared to my past trip reports on these segments. I’ll do what I can to make this as entertaining as possible!

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