Trip report introduction: I guess Edelweiss Air isn’t so expensive after all

Trip report introduction: I guess Edelweiss Air isn’t so expensive after all

01. Introduction: I guess Edelweiss Air isn’t so expensive after all
02. Lufthansa A340-300 economy class San Diego to Frankfurt
03. Lufthansa A319 economy class Frankfurt to Zurich
04. Four Points by Sheraton Sihlcity – Zurich
05. Three tips to make your first trip to Zurich better than mine was
06. Radisson Blu Zurich Airport
07. Edelweiss Air A340-300 economy class Zurich to San Diego

Remember back in September of last year when I was complaining about Edelweiss fares in and out of San Diego? I desperately wanted to give them a shot, but there was no way that I was willing to pay the $3000 they were asking for economy class. I was shocked to see them charging so much, and I couldn’t help but to think that it seemed ballsy as hell – especially when British Airways and Condor fares were 1/3 the price. I didn’t understand it at all, which caused me to grumble a bit as I realized that my desire to fly Edelweiss Air would remain just that: a burning desire that I was unable to quench. And I think you all know how miserable situations like that can be.

It wasn’t until several months later that I figured out what the problem was. Basically, the Edelweiss website had been showing incorrect fares for flights to San Diego all summer, and the only way to price it accurately was to book it on instead. I can’t imagine how much business they lost because of that, especially for such a new high-profile route. They certainly scared me away!

Shortly after returning from Beijing, I set out on a mission to put together an itinerary which included Edelweiss for sometime in the spring. We unfortunately lost Condor here at SAN late last October, but they were quickly replaced by Lufthansa instead, with A340-300 service to Frankfurt beginning on March 22nd. So you can imagine how this all came together, right? You got it – killing two birds with one stone by trying both Lufthansa and Edelweiss on the same trip sounded like a fantastic idea, and it was super easy booking everything together all at once on the Lufthansa website.

Choosing the destination for this trip was super easy as well. I’ve been to Zurich once before, but it was a completely miserable experience due to the fact that was in the middle of January and I was frozen solid the entire time. I was also very distracted by the observation deck at the airport (this was during my hardcore aviation photography period), and it was really hard to pull myself away from that and spend time exploring the city. Having the chance to go back and do some proper sightseeing sounded like a lot of fun and I was really looking forward to it now that my aviation photography days are behind me.

Here’s what the full itinerary looked like:

04/26/18 LH467 A340-300 economy class San Diego to Frankfurt
04/27/18 LH1190 A319 economy class Frankfurt to Zurich
04/30/18 WK018 A340-300 economy class Zurich to San Diego

Unfortunately, the timing of this trip ended up being not so ideal. I booked it in February, just days before it was announced that there would be massive layoffs coming soon at work. It was going to be so bad that they were actually asking for volunteers before they started swinging the ax and taking casualties. I volunteered, not really knowing when the layoffs would happen or if my request would even be accepted. The truth is that I wasn’t very anxious to be laid off, but I figured that if it happened, it would be the kick in the ass that I needed to take full-time (something I’ve been dreaming about for years).

And wouldn’t you know it, they accepted my offer (gulp) and this trip fell just days before my last day in the office. So instead of using this trip as as an escape from work like I’ve been doing for so many years, I was filled with a strange concoction of excitement and worry the entire time. Heck, my last day was three weeks ago and that feeling has not yet gone away. Self employment is serious shit – especially when you’re not generating enough revenue to pay the bills yet and you’re scrambling to figure out a plan to make it work.

By the way, this is why you’ve seen me offering highly-detailed aircraft illustrations and social media image packs as part of my regular trip reports recently. My goal is to create a portfolio of products that are both useful and entertaining for my readers, but l’ll talk more about that (and all the things I’m going to do to generate revenue) later…

OK, are you ready for this? I sure am, and I can’t wait to start posting the individual trip reports! Unfortunately, I’m going to be traveling over the next week (it’s an epic trip by the way), which is going to slightly delay my posting of the Lufthansa San Diego to Frankfurt review. It’ll be chipping away at it while I’m on the road, but it’s probably not going to be posted for another 7 to 8 days. My apologies, but think of the positive: the slight delay will be the perfect opportunity for you to brush up on your German before I post my first ever Lufthansa content!

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