Trip Report: Hyatt Regency Incheon

Trip Report: Hyatt Regency Incheon

01. Introduction: San Diego to Seoul on United, Air China, and Asiana
02. United Airlines economy class San Diego to San Francisco
03. United Global First Lounge San Francisco
04. United Airlines Global First San Francisco to Beijing
05. Air China First Class Lounge Beijing
06. Asiana Airlines business class Beijing to Seoul
07. Hyatt Regency Incheon
08. Three days in Seoul
09. The Plaza Hotel Seoul
10. Air China business class Seoul to Beijing
11. Air China business class Beijing to Los Angeles
12. United Express (Skywest) economy class Los Angeles to San Diego

I chose this hotel for the sake of convenience more than anything else, as I knew that I wouldn’t have much energy to take the 1 hour trip into Seoul once I landed. The plan was to spend one night at the Hyatt, recharge my batteries, then switch to another hotel in the heart of the city the next day.

Once through passport control and customs at Incheon, I proceeded to the arrivals hall to catch the shuttle bus to the Incheon Hyatt. All of the research I did online prior to this trip led me to believe that catching the shuttle bus would be dead-simple and very convenient. All I would have to do is go to the designated shuttle bus stop and wait 20 minutes max for the bus to arrive.

But…I’m ashamed to admit that I couldn’t figure it out. Walking out of the arrival hall was a confusing mess of people, bus stops, and traffic. I couldn’t find any sign that said “hotel shuttle” or anything similar to that, and the one airport employee I asked was difficult to understand because of his broken English. Within 10 minutes I felt defeated enough to hop into a taxi for the short 2-minute ride to the Hyatt. Fail. And you know what? Just as the taxi was pulling away, I saw the big black Hyatt bus pull into the terminal. I honestly felt like I failed myself as a seasoned traveler, and I was totally ashamed for not having the patience to wait and figure things out. Oh well…the taxi ride was short and cheap and I was at the hotel within minutes.

I was met at the door by a Hyatt employee and escorted directly to the check in counter. That’s service! I had my room key within minutes and was again escorted to the main elevators which would take me up to my room on hour 8th floor. Although totally unnecessary, I totally dig the escort service – it’s a very small detail that leaves a pretty big impression on a weary traveler!

main lobby of the Hyatt Regency Incheon
The main lobby of the Hyatt Regency Incheon – the check in desk in on the left
lobby is big and bright
The lobby is big and bright with very high ceilings – pretty nice for an airport hotel.
hyatt incheon lobby seating
There’s plenty of open seating and places to relax here in the lobby
hyatt regency incheon elevators
The elevators are located on the other side of the hall, opposite the check in desk
hyatt incheon hallway
The hallways are pretty standard. No cutting edge design here.
hyatt regency incheon room door
The door to my room (860)

The room itself was a pretty run-of-the-mill airport hotel room, looking pretty much like a thousand other hotel rooms I’ve stayed in. It was clean and comfortable, which is all I really needed at that point – the only purpose of my stay was to sleep!

hyatt regency incheon room
The main room. Pretty standard looking, eh?
hyatt regency incheon bed
The bed was pretty comfortable, and much needed after such a long trip from San Diego
small in-room desk
The desk was pretty small, which might be bothersome for business travelers
110V outlets in the rooms at the hyatt regency incheon
I really appreciated the fact that there were 110V outlets in the room – totally unexpected but very welcome!
incheon hyatt tv
Overall, the room was pretty basic – but I liked the simplicity
room entrance hyatt regency inch eon
Looking at the door from inside the room
coffee and mini bar in the room
I like how the coffee and mini bar in the room was separate from everything else
big and bright incheon hyatt bathroom
The bathroom was spacious and bright, but nothing spectacular
Shower and toilet
Shower and toilet

I was in bed by 10pm, and awake by 6am the next morning. I took my time getting ready, knowing full well that I was in no rush to check out – because if I left too soon, it would be too early to check into the next hotel. So I just took things slow, watching planes land at nearby Incheon airport from the window and working on this trip report. I eventually got things together and went downstairs for breakfast in the hotel buffet restaraunt at about 9:30.

watching planes from my room at the incheon hyatt
The view out the window was pretty good with a nice stream of incoming aircraft to watch
plane spotting at the incheon hyatt hotel
The view of Incheon airport from my room

Back in the room after breakfast, I worked on this trip report again until about 11:45am. I packed up my remaining items, then went downstairs to check out.

While the room itself was nothing very exciting, The entire staff at the Incheon Hyatt was exceptional – I know they were just doing their job, but they were extremely kind and helpful to me with every interaction, making me feel like a bit of a rock star.

Would I stay here again? You betcha.

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