Trip Report: Delta Airlines first class West Palm Beach to Atlanta

gate C3

01. Introduction
02. Delta Airlines first class San Diego to Atlanta
03. Delta Airlines first class Atlanta to West Palm Beach
04. Delta Airlines first class West Palm Beach to Atlanta
05. Delta Airlines first class Atlanta to San Diego

It’s always pretty easy flying in and out of West Palm Beach – the airport is a good medium sized facility, and it never seems to be very crowded – most of the time. My parents live about 15 minutes away, so I arrived at about 9:30am for my 11am flight to ATL.

I printed out my boarding passes the night before, but I did have one bag to check – so that meant that I had to drop it off before heading through security. Luckily the Sky Priority lane had only one person ahead of me so it didn’t take but a few minutes to check in the bag.

Delta check in counters at West Palm Beach international airport (PBI)
Delta check in counters at West Palm Beach international airport (PBI)

Security was quick as well – the priority lane wasn’t well marked at all, and I think I ended up in the normal line. No matter though, as I was through and into the main terminal (C) within minutes. Once again, it was a typically smooth check in and security experience at PBI.

PBI C concourse
Walking into the C concourse at PBI just after clearing the security checkpoint
PBI C concourse
Inside the C concourse at PBI
far end of the C concourse
The far end of the C concourse at PBI

West Palm Beach (PBI) – Atlanta, GA (ATL)
Friday January 3 2014
Aircraft: Boeing 757-200
Seat: 5D (first)

N662DN delta 757
Delta Airlines 757-200 N662DN side view illustration

Just like my last flight from ATL to PBI, I was disappointed to see that this flight had been switched to a 757-200 instead of the -300 that was scheduled when I booked these tickets. Those -300’s are rare, and I’ve been looking to add more to my flight log. The good news is that DL has scheduled daily -300 flights out of SAN to ATL at the moment, so I may get my chance yet.

The boarding process at gate C3 was a complete mess, as usual. There were so many people crowded around the gate that I decided to hold back and wait until things calmed down before getting in the queue myself.

gate C3
Boarding from gate C3 at PBI

I eventually boarded and found my seat at 5D, which just happened to be right next to the gentleman who was checking in ahead of me at the ticket counters. He was on his way to Rome this day, a trip he said that he makes once every six weeks – so this PBI-ATL flight is one that he knows well.

push back from gate C3
View out the window as we push back from gate C3
take off roll
Starting our take off roll down runway 9R at PBI
take off from West Palm Beach
Powering out of PBI
West Palm Beach suburbs
Climbing high above the West Palm Beach suburbs

We lifted off runway 9R just a few minutes behind schedule, and I initially passed the time writing this here trip report. I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a fan of talking to my seatmate on any flight, but unfortunately, this guy wouldn’t get the hint. He was a really nice older gentleman in his early 80’s, and he did seem kind of interesting – so I eventually gave in and put my iPad away and chatted with him for most of the flight.

Because of that, I didn’t bother taking any more pics during this flight. I always feel awkward doing that, and I didn’t want to have to explain why I do it. It’s not that I’m ashamed of writing trip reports, but I know it’s seen as weird to others, and I wasn’t in the mood to explain it at the time.

B concourse at ATL
Arriving at the B concourse at ATL

We landed about 10 minutes early and docked 10 minutes later at the B concourse at ATL.

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