Trip Report: Delta Airlines first class Atlanta to San Diego

Trip Report: Delta Airlines first class Atlanta to San Diego

I had about 3 and a half hours before my connecting flight to SAN, so I decided to take the Plane Train down to the new F concourse for lunch. I was looking for something light and healthy, and I thought I found it at an Asian restaurant called the Pei Wei Asian Diner. I ordered Japanese chicken teriyaki thinking that it sounded like a reasonably healthy choice, but was disappointed when it ended up being deep fried chicken in very salty sauce. I’m a picky eater, but I was hungry so I ate it anyway. Oh well.

Atlanta, GA (ATL) – San Diego (SAN)
Friday January 3 2014
Aircraft: Boeing 767-300
Seat: 3D (first)

Delta Airlines 767-300 N1402A
Illustration of Delta Airlines 767-300 N1402A
train between terminals
On the ATL plane train headed to the F concourse
ATL F concourse
Inside the new F concourse at ATL

I spent time wandering around taking pictures for the rest of my layover, staring in concourse F and working my way one concourse at a time to the T gates. I got a few decent pics, but nothing really notable.

DL 757-200
Delta Airlines 757-200 parked at the E concourse
DL 767-300
Delta Airlines 767-300 parked at the E concourse
AirTran 717-200
AirTran 717-200 – too bad I couldn’t get a better shot today

I made it all the way back to the T gates with 10 minutes to spare before boarding started, and I’ve got to say that for a fully loaded 767-300, boarding was fairly orderly. I didn’t have to machete my way through the throngs of people hovering around the boarding door, which hadn’t been the case for all of my other flights during this trip.

gate T2
Boarding at gate T2 at ATL
Delta Airlines 767-300 first class seat
Delta Airlines 767-300 first class seat – sorry I couldn’t get a cleaner pic, as that guy didn’t sit down until told to do so by the FA.
Pre-departure beverages
Pre-departure beverages
First class leg room
First class leg room on this Delta Airlines 767-300
delta first class seat pitch
Another view of the distance between the first class seats on this Delta Airlines 767-300

Once onboard, I was met by Marsha – the same (awesome) flight attendant who worked my SAN-ATL segment last Saturday. Alright! I quickly settled into seat 3D, and first class was only half full at this point despite them saying it was going to be a completely full flight. The plane slowly filled up, and as a matter of fact, the seat next to me (3C) was the only one that remained empty up to two minutes before the boarding door closed. It was at that point that the guy who was to occupy that seat came huffing and puffing onto the aircraft, clearly an indication that he had been running through ATL to make this flight.

The problem was that I could sense this guy was just going to explode if he couldn’t tell someone about the ordeal he had been through in order to get here. After my last segment, I was in no mood for conversation – I just wanted to sit in quiet solitude and work on this trip report. I made sure to bury myself in my iPad (with earbuds in my ears), trying hard not to make eye contact with him. He was figity and restless, sighing heavily as he sucked down his first scotch and water – there was no way I was going to get sucked into conversation this time! Gee, can you tell I’m a bit of an introvert?

Unfortunately, it seemed as if everyone else in the the cabin had tons of energy as well. A quiet environment it was not, and my head was quickly starting to hurt listening to all the yelling across aisles and other shenanigans going on around me. I was quickly starting to get irritated.

First class cabin
First class cabin on this Delta Airlines 767-300

We were #4 in line for take off on 26L, and I was happy to see that my fellow first class passengers had settled down a bit as we took off and climbed out of ATL.

Service was phenomenal (as expected) with Marsha onboard. I was addressed by name at every interaction, and I never had to wait for anything. She, along with another very good Asian flight attendant, provided friendly and attentive service that was on par or better than most other international business class flights I’ve taken – it was that good.

Drink service began 10 minutes after takeoff, and I strayed from my normal water or orange juice and ordered a diet Coke with lime.

Since Marsha had taken meal orders before departure, the main entre followed shortly after the drinks. The two choices this evening were beef short ribs with mashed potatoes, or a vegetarian pasta dish with artichoke. Given the fact that I have been eating quite heavy for the past week in Florida, I opted for the pasta. It was a fine choice, though not exactly light. Desert was a small cup of mango sorbet.

first class dinner service
Delta Airlines first class dinner service
Mango sorbet desert
Mango sorbet desert

I watched Despicable Me (again) during the dinner service, then started watching Disney’s Planes once that was over. It was difficult to watch due to the fact that I don’t have noise canceling headphones, so I gave up on that within 5 minutes and picked up where I left off on this trip report.

airplane bathroom selfie
My first airplane bathroom selfie!

With still over an hour and 30 minutes left to go until arrival at SAN, I decided to check out and nap for the rest of the flight, skipping the second service.

In-flight map
In-flight map

The rest of the flight was completely uneventful, and we touched down just a few minutes behind schedule. After that, it was a short taxi over to the very last gate (51) at Terminal 2 West, and I made my way to baggage claim.

Terminal 2 West at SAN
Arrival at the far end of the new Green Build in Terminal 2 West at SAN
art gallery in the terminal
This new terminal is stunningly beautiful – there’s even an art gallery!
The new Delta Airlines baggage claim at SAN
The new Delta Airlines baggage claim at SAN, which is separated from the main baggage claim area in T2 West
main baggage claim area at SAN
Overview of the main baggage claim area at SAN

Overall, I was very satisfied with the flights on this trip. The problem is that I’ve done it so many times on Delta that I have nothing to compare it to. Next time I’m going to shake it up a little and try something new.

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