Trip Report: ANA business class San Francisco to Tokyo

ANA 777-381/ER illustration

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NH 007
San Francisco, CA (SFO) – Tokyo, Japan (NRT)
Saturday September 21 2013
Aircraft: Boeing 777-300/ER
Seat: 10K (Business)

ANA 777-381/ER illustration
ANA 777-381/ER JA777A

As we sat in the gate area waiting for boarding to be called for NH007, I was getting excited. Not only because I really enjoy flying international business class on great airlines, but mostly because this was going to be my wife’s first time up front. I was really looking forward to seeing her expressions and reactions to the sort of service she’s never before experienced on an airplane.

Long story short, her expression upon entering the business cabin was pretty much “WOW”. Our flight today was in the newly-redesigned staggered layout, with my seat (10K) against the window. My wife was directly behind me, which meant that her seat was offset from mine and positioned away from the window.

Each lie-flat seat has a large shelf and storage area directly next to it, which is great for privacy and creating a very cozy place for you and your things. It should be noted, however, that this layout doesn’t allow two people traveling together to sit directly next to each other – the storage units act as natural partitions between seats. This wasn’t a big deal for my wife and I, however, as we were both looking forward to the privacy of these mini-suites.

Spacious leg room of seat 10K in ANA business class
storage cubby
Storage cubby adjacent to the seat

As we settled in, the Purser came by to introduce herself, welcome us onboard, and offered a pre-departure beverage (which I declined). I read for a bit as we pushed back and rolled out to runway 28R. I should note that as the pilot was positioning us onto 28R, it felt eerie to be at the exact place of the Asiana 777-200 accident which happened just two months prior. There didn’t seem to be any trace of the accident left behind, other than some stray spotlights along the perimeter of the field. Even the seawall where the aircraft hit looked to be in great shape with no sign of damage.

runway 28R departure
Departing off of runway 28R at SFO

Once in flight, service was phenonimal as expected. Noise canceling headphones, hot towels, and menus were distributed (in that order), and then the flight attendants came by to take lunch orders and offer drinks.

Lunch appetizer
first course
The first course for lunch

I actually thought the meal was over at that point, but the food kept coming:

second course
The second lunch course

Once the lunch service was complete, I got comfortable and watched a few episodes of How I Met Your Mother before putting the seat in the completely flat position and taking a nap. Unfortunately, my body wasn’t very tired so it was difficult to sleep. For the most part, I just napped on and off for a few hours before giving up and watching more video.

Bering Sea
Clear skies looking down on the Bering Sea, just NW of Alaska

Pre-arrival meal orders were taken about 1:30 before arriving in NRT, and although I was still full from the lunch they served earlier in the flight, I couldn’t resist eating again. Sorry – no pics this time.

japan coastline
The east coast of Japan
arrival at NRT
Arrival at NRT! With all the Delta aircraft, it looks like any other major airport in the US.

In summary, my first impression of ANA business class was really (really) good. The service, food, and hard product were all top-notch and I couldn’t have asked for anything more from a business class experience. One interesting thing to note is that while I did find the ANA lie-flat seats to be really good, I think that the British Airways Club World seats were slightly more comfortable even though they were slightly narrower. But in terms of layout and overall privacy, the ANA staggered layout wins.

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