Trip Report: ANA arrivals lounge Tokyo

Trip Report: ANA arrivals lounge Tokyo

01. Introduction
02. United Club San Diego
03. United Airlines first class San Diego to San Francisco
04. United Club San Francisco
05. ANA business class San Francisco to Tokyo
06. ANA arrivals lounge Tokyo
07. ANA economy class Tokyo to Hiroshima
08. ANA economy class Hiroshima to Tokyo
09. ANA business lounge Tokyo Narita
10. ANA business class Tokyo to San Francisco
11. United Airlines first class San Francisco to San Diego

After a long 10 hour flight from SFO, it was nice to get off the airplane and walk around for a bit. Yes, the business class experience on NH007 was great, but it’s hard not to enjoy having two feet on solid ground!

Once we cleared passport control and customs, we made our way towards the domestic departures area of Narita. Along the way, my wife noticed an entrance to the ANA arrivals lounge in the back corner of the arrivals hall. We had about 45 minutes to spare, so we thought it would be worth checking out. It was at this point that I felt really proud of her – I wasn’t even thinking about airline lounges when we landed, but my wife was anxious to try them all. She’s a true premium flyer now!

The entrance didn’t look so grand compared to the United Club in San Francisco, so my expectations weren’t very high once we made our way in. Once checked in, we made our way down a narrow corridor and into the main lounge. It was really nice! The most interesting thing I noticed here was the general ambiance compared to the SFO and SAN United Clubs – here in Tokyo, everyone looked dead tired and exhausted from the presumably long flights they had just arrived on. Most everyone was just sipping on beverages and nibbling on light snacks, while looking totally zombie-like and completely drained of energy. I found it amusing. 🙂

As a matter of fact, that’s exactly how I was feeling. My wife, however, was not. I have no idea where she got her energy from, but she was very talkative and anxious to check out the lounge. She went off to get some refreshments while I happily sat and relaxed. I did end up getting up for a large glass of fresh vegetable juice though. That really hit the spot.

My only real complaint about this lounge was the fact that there weren’t any windows, and felt more like a high-end cafeteria than anything else. But it was definitely a nice place to sit and relax for a bit before making our connection to Hiroshima.

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