Trip Report: American Airlines economy class San Diego to Dallas

Departing San Diego on an American Airlines 737-800

01. Introduction: San Diego to Tampa and back in American Airlines economy class
02. American Airlines economy class San Diego to Dallas
03. American Airlines economy class Dallas to Tampa
04. Marriott Hotel at Tampa International Airport
05. American Airlines economy class Tampa to Chicago O’Hare
06. American Airlines economy class Chicago O’Hare to San Diego

Wanting to have some extra time to check out the newly opened terminal 2 west (Green Build) at San Diego International Airport, I left the house at apporoximately 5am for 20-minute drive down there. That admittedly a lot earlier than necessary for a 7:45am flight, but this new renovation has been pretty big news here in San Diego and I wanted enough time to check it all out.

The main parking lot right outside terminal 2 was pretty full considering it was Labor Day weekend, but I quickly found a place to park and made my way to the terminal. Security at terminal 2 east was also a breeze and there was literally no waiting.

Once through, I proceeded directly to terminal 2 west to have a look. Wow! It was such a drastic change that I literally lost my bearings and had difficulty trying to figure out how the new layout was integrated into the old. I thought that they would simply build onto the existing structure, but it was quickly obvious how much more extensive of a rebuild this was. There was actually very little left over from the existing layout. T2 west has been a much better (and modern) terminal than T2 east, and this new Green Build makes it an even larger separation. T2 east is in dire need of a do-over.

SAN food court
The new food court in T2 West at SAN

It was a typically beautiful summer morning at SAN, and I spent the rest of my waiting time walking around taking pictures with my iPhone. Yeah, I brought my DSLR for aviation photography purposes, but I didn’t feel like lugging it out.

HA A330
Sunrise behind the daily HA A330 to HNL

AA 1744
San Diego, CA (SAN) – Dallas / FT Worth, TX (DFW)
Saturday August 31 2013
Aircraft: Boeing 737-800
Seat: 17A (economy)

N908NN 737-800
American Airlines 737-800 N908NN illustration

Boarding was called exactly on time, and since I had a Group 1 boarding pass, I was on the plane in a matter of minutes. Once onboard, I was super-stoked to see that the middle seat (17B) was blocked out with this permanent tray table. How cool is that? I had no idea that rows 16 and 17 had this “feature” when I reserved my seats so that was a huge score.

blocked middle seat
Blocked middle seat (17B) on the American Airlines 737-800

Pushback and taxi was exactly on time, and we were even number 1 for takeoff. No waiting! The captain positioned us on runway 27, applied full power, and…aborted takeoff. You could actually hear the sigh of the passengers as we all realized that something was very likely wrong and we might not be going anywhere for a while. We immadiately pulled off the active runway and the caption came on the speaker and explained that a warning light came on in the cockpit and they wanted to investigate it. We sat along side the runway for about a minute before the captain came back on and said that the system checked out fine and the light was most certainly a glitch.

With everything in order, we rolled right back to the threshold of 27 and we were on our way. This was my second-ever aborted takeoff in my flying life, so it was definitely something out of the ordinary.

Being that I was up so early that morning, it wasn’t all that difficult to sleep for the majority of the flight over to DFW. It was overcast for nearly the entire way anyway, so there wasn’t much to see once we left the Southern California region.

terminal overview of T2 West at SAN
The views of T2 West at SAN as we depart
Cruising at 37,000ft
Cruising over west Texas on the way to DFW from SAN
Taxiing to our gate at DFW
Taxiing to our gate at DFW

We landed right on time and had one of the shortest taxi times I’ve ever experienced at DFW. Halfway there…

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