Trip Report: Alaska Airlines first class Anchorage to Seattle

Trip Report: Alaska Airlines first class Anchorage to Seattle

Since I wanted to be back in San Diego as early as possible in the day, it meant taking an early morning flight out of Anchorage. But this is summer time in Alaska, which means that it’s light outside 24 hours a day – and that helped to wake my body get going so early. I needed all the help I could get this particular morning.

Alaska Airlines terminal at ANC
Outside the Alaska Airlines terminal at ANC
self service kiosks
Self service check in kiosks in the main terminal
staffed check in counter
There’s also a staffed check in desk

AS 112
Anchorage, AK (ANC) – Seattle, WA (SEA)
Monday June 9 2014
Aircraft: Boeing 737-900
Seat: 4F (first)

Alaska Airlines 737-900 N409AS illustration
Alaska Airlines 737-900 N409AS

After visiting the Boardroom for about an hour, I walked down to the departure gate for my flight down to Seattle. It was standing room only – this was going to be a full flight.

C gates at ANC
Walking towards the C gates at ANC
gate C7 at ANC
Nowhere to sit at gate C7
Alaska Airlines 737-900 N409AS
My aircraft down to Seattle this morning: N409AS

Boarding was called right on time with the usual announcement of welcoming a whole slew of elite members of various programs, and then finally the first class cabin. So, even though I was flying up front, I felt like somewhat of a little peon with my lack of status in any frequent flyer program.

Once onboard, I quickly realized that this had been yet another last-minute aircraft swap. It was scheduled to be a 737-800, but I was thrilled to see that it had been switched to a brand new 737-900 – the second one I’ve ever flown. Part of me was bummed, however, that I had yet to get a 737-400 during this trip. Those are becoming rare in this world, so I’ve been looking forward to adding another one to my flight log before they disappear for good.

first class seats
Alaska Airlines 737-900 first class seats

The Alaska 737-900 features four rows of first class, with curtain dividers separating the economy and first class cabins. This is slightly annoying due to the fact that the curtains don’t act as a sound barrier like a hard wall does – so if there are loud talkers (or a crying baby) behind the curtain, all that noise transmits throughout the first class cabin with ease. And wouldn’t you know it – there were two extremely chatty teen girls sitting right behind me. Ugh.

Alaska Airlines 737-900 first class cabin
Alaska Airlines 737-900 first class cabin with blue LED mood lighting

The cabin crew made their safety demonstrations as we taxied out to runway 32, and I managed to get a few decent pics of our departure.

runway 32 departure at anchorage
Launching off of runway 32 at ANC
departing ANC over the water
Beautiful scenery as we pass Point Woronzof Park and head out over the water
overcast skies as we depart anchorage
Unfortunately, the skies were overcast, so I didn’t get much of a view of the terrain below
rugged alaska terrain
Thankfully the clouds began to break within 10 minutes of departure

The first part of the flight made it pretty obvious that first class service aboard Alaska Airlines is highly inconsistent. Unlike my previous two flights with them two days ago, there were two flight attendants serving the front cabin. Hot towels were also served, which didn’t happen on my previous two flights.

Drink orders were taken first and I just opted for water. Orange juice is usually my drink of choice on airplanes, but I was in no mood for something sugary that morning.

Beverage service
Beverage service

Breakfast was served shortly after that, which consisted of the same turkey sausage and cheddar quiche which I had on my flight from San Diego to Portland two days ago. Once again – I would have much preferred a healthy option such as cereal.

breakfast in first class on alaska airlines
Alaska Airlines first class breakfast

I worked on this trip report for a bit more after breakfast and then quickly succumbed to sleep – getting up at such an early hour had finally caught up to me so I napped the rest of the way to Seattle. Luckily, I woke up just as we were descending into Seattle and got the chance to take a few pics of the beautiful scenery below.

descending into seattle
Descending into the Seattle area on a beautiful clear morning
clouds building as we approach Seattle
In typical Pacific Northwest fashion, the clouds looked like they were starting to take over the closer we got to SEA
Flying directly over top of downtown Seattle
Flying directly over top of downtown Seattle on approach to SEA
Getting closer...
Getting closer…
Touchdown on runway 16C
Touchdown on runway 16C

The only thing worth noting here was that, just like my previous flight, my aisle-row seatmate was glued to the window – looking all the way across me the whole time. Pretty annoying for an introvert like me, almost to the point that the thought of switching seats with him crossed my mind.

We docked at the gate, and from there I would have an hour and a half wait for my connecting flight home to SAN.

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