Trip Report: Alaska Airlines Board Room Anchorage

Trip Report: Alaska Airlines Board Room Anchorage

I had no intentions of visiting any airline lounges on this trip, primarily because my layovers were so short and I didn’t want to feel rushed trying to take pictures for the sole purpose of writing a review. But the morning of my departure was flowing better than I thought it would and I found myself in the main terminal with an hour and a half to spare before boarding would begin for my flight down to Seattle. Might as well check out the Board Room, right?

The lounge I visited was located in the C concourse. It’s actually located upstairs from the main level, so you have to take the stairs or the elevator to reach the check in desk. Once there, I was cheerfully greeted by an agent who informed me that access was free to those on a paid first class fare like I was. I didn’t realize that – I was fully expecting to have to shell out the $45 for a one-day pass. Woo hoo!

terminal C Board Room ANC
Exterior of the Alaska Airlines Board Room in terminal C at ANC
stairs to the Board Room lounge
The lounge is located on the upper level, so you’ll have to take the stairs (or elevator)

Once inside, I was shocked to see how small it was. This lounge is basically one long room, with a sectioned-off area for the business center. There is also a dedicated conference room located near the entrance, which is a nice touch. But I have to wonder how often it is actually used…

Board Room lounge interior
Interior of the lounge looking towards the far wall
business center
The business center, which is located in the back corner
looking towards the front of the lounge
This is the view looking the other direction towards the front desk

As expected, the food consisted of light items such as bagels, cereal, yogurt, and fruit. There was also an assortment of coffees and juices available, along with a staffed bar which was not open this early in the morning. Certainly on par with most domestic lounges in the US.

kitchen area with basic food items
Self service kitchen area
Complimentary beverage selection
Beverage selection
the other side of the lounge kitchen area
The other side – as you can see, there’s not much in terms of real food
full service bar
The bar, which was closed
lounge bathroom
The bathrooms were clean, though rather dark and dreary
View of the sink area in the bathroom from the other direction

The place was fairly empty when I arrived at shortly after 5am, and by the time I left it was much busier – almost to the point that I might have felt more comfortable out in the main terminal where it wasn’t as cramped. This is certainly a cozy lounge.

If you’re looking for a good place to escape the crowds, the Board Room here in Anchorage terminal C is a good bet – assuming you aren’t there during peak hours. Then you’re better off avoiding it.

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