Sofitel Hotel Beverly Hills

Sofitel Hotel Beverly Hills

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02. Amtrak Pacific Surfliner business class San Diego to Los Angeles
03. Sofitel Hotel Beverly Hills
04. Amtrak Pacific Surfliner business class Los Angeles to San Diego

It’s not very often that I walk into the lobby of a hotel and immediately feel out of place, but it totally happened this time. There I was, dressed in worn jeans and sneakers, while everybody else in the lobby was dressed to impress with high heels, expensive suits and tons of expensive looking jewelry.

I guess I should’ve expected that with this being Beverly Hills and all, but it did catch me off guard a bit and I was starting to think that I should have brought nicer clothes with me on this journey.

Exterior of the Sofitel Hotel in Beverly Hills
Exterior of the Sofitel Hotel in Beverly Hills.
Sofitel Beverly Hills lobby and check in desk
The lobby, with a glimpse of the check in desk through all the decor.
Sofitel Beverly Hills lobby
I actually found the lobby to be a bit dark and overly designed, but not that bad looking.
Sofitel Beverly Hills lobby camera and lights
Someday there will be a SANspotter TV series and I’ll be interviewed in a place like this…
Sofitel Beverly Hills lobby decor
More glitz and glamour from the lobby.

The Sofitel hotel in Beverly Hills is located squarely in the middle of all the glam and glitz that the city of LA has to offer. It’s not exactly on Rodeo Drive, but it’s close, and the lobby feels very “Hollywood”,  complete with a red carpet and tons of lights indicating that there are some fairly high-end events that take place here.

Judging by all the expensive dresses being worn and Bentleys parked out front, it appeared as if one was happening tonight. Welcome to Hollywood!

Sofitel Beverly Hills map
Location map of the Sofitel Beverly Hills hotel.

Orange juice and champagne was offered to us during check-in, a process that took no more than three minutes before we were on our way to our room on the sixth floor. For a moment there I was starting to wonder if we were “expedited” out of the lobby due to our lack of visible Gucci and Prada accessories!

Sofitel Beverly Hills hallway
Once again, I didn’t even notice the funky carpet until posting these pics just now. It seems obnoxiously loud in this pic, but I honestly didn’t even notice it at the time.
Sofitel Beverly Hills room 623
Room 623 was ours for the night.

Opening the door to a hotel room for the first time is always an anxious experience for me, especially after setting my expectations much too high for the Miami international Airport Hotel back in May. I was expecting big things from that room, but I walked into it highly disappointed. Remembering that experience very clearly, I tried to keep my expectations as low as possible as I opened the door.

Sofitel Beverly Hills room
Getting our first glimpse of the room. Not bad.
Sofitel Beverly Hills room wide angle
Here’s a wide angle view showing the entire room.
Sofitel Beverly Hills bed
Like a giant marshmallow. Perfect.
Sofitel Beverly Hills windows
The louvered windows are actually quite a nice touch. A very “homey” feel!
Sofitel Beverly Hills finishes and materials
I was expecting slightly higher-end materials for the price we paid for this room, but overall it wasn’t so bad.
Sofitel Beverly Hills room full view
Here’s a wide angle view looking towards the front corner.
Sofitel Beverly Hills furniture
The entire room felt a bit on the cheap side to me, but the furniture was slightly above average.
Sofitel Beverly Hills dresser
Speaking of furniture, I was really digging this side table / dresser.
Sofitel Beverly Hills room door
Looking towards the door.
Sofitel Beverly Hills Bose alarm clock
Now THAT’S an alarm clock!
Sofitel Beverly Hills beside table
Let’s zoom out a little bit here and check out that entire side table…
Sofitel Beverly Hills amenities
The amenities in the closet.
Sofitel hotel Beverly Hills bathroom
The bathroom. Pretty nice overall!
Sofitel hotel Beverly Hills bathroom shower
No tub, but the massive shower more than made up for it.
Sofitel hotel Beverly Hills shower detail
Details of the shower because I know that some of you are into that sort of thing…
Sofitel hotel Beverly Hills sink
If I’m posting pics of the shower fixtures, I might as well post a pic of the sink. There.
Sofitel Beverly Hills bathroom detail
Final pic of the bathroom details.
Sofitel Beverly Hills floor plan
Floorplan of the the Sofitel Hotel Beverly Hills.

Long story short, I was satisfied. Not totally impressed, but definitely satisfied considering that we paid over $300 for this room and it was in the heart of Beverly Hills. In other words, I felt the ratio of price vs. location vs. quality seemed to be in pretty good balance. My wife (who doesn’t travel all that much) was more impressed than I.

She immediately fell in love with the place, and seemed to be as excited about it as I was when boarding the train earlier that afternoon in San Diego.

Our room was on the backside of the hotel, with views to the north. We had a pretty good view of Hollywood, and it was even possible to see the Hollywood sign in the distance – which was a nice bonus.

View from the Sofitel hotel Beverly Hills
That view! Not so bad – the Hollywood sign it over to the right.
SANspotter selfie Sofitel hotel
I always enjoy a nice view while brushing my teeth.
Sofitel Beverly Hills hotel view
The lipstick kiss mark on the window was a bit distracting though. What the hell happened in this room before we got here? Maybe I don’t want to know…but at the same time maybe I do…
Sofitel hotel Beverly Hills artwork
The person who left that imprint was no doubt inspired by this piece of artwork hanging on the wall at the entrance.

Room service, as one would naturally expect from a hotel in Beverly Hills, was outrageously expensive. We returned from the concert that evening hungry and looking for something good to eat, but there was no way we were paying the price they were asking for room service.

We ended up settling on a nice Thai restaurant nearby, but the next morning I caved in and ordered a large bowl of oatmeal and orange juice for myself while I waited for my wife to prepare for the day.

Sofitel hotel Beverly Hills room service
I don’t even want to mention how much this bowl of oatmeal cost. It was good though!

Despite feeling a bit out of place when checking in to the Sofitel Beverly Hills Hotel, I did end up feeling much better about the property as we were checking out. It was comfortable, quiet, in an excellent location, and dare I say it: fun. Being in the heart of Beverly Hills is always a fun and interesting experience, and this hotel oozed the glitz and glamour of LA perfectly.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that if LA isn’t your thing, you probably won’t like this hotel. But if LA and Hollywood fascinates you, I’m willing to bet that you’re probably going to enjoy the experience of staying here quite a bit.

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