Skipped out of work early for a photo session at SAN

One of the perks of working near the airport is that I can quickly get over there after work before the sun goes down. However, sometimes the aviation photography urge is too great and I can’t always wait until the end of the work day to get my fix. Today was one of those days.

I arrived at the airport at about 4pm with one purpose in mind: to get pics from inside the terminal of the daily British Airways 747 before it departed back to LGW via PHX. I made it through security and into terminal 2 within minutes. That’s a pretty good thing too, because the sun was pretty much perfect this time of day and there are plenty of aircraft to take pictures of immediately upon entering the airport.

One of the most interesting aircraft I got pics of today was the daily Sun Country Airlines 727-200 to MSP. I actually wasn’t expecting to get pics of it, as it is a smaller carrier at SAN that I often forget about – so it was nice to see it sitting at the gate in very nice afternoon sunlight.

Sun Country 727-200

Delta Airlines 737-800

British Airways 747-400 Whale Rider Livery

American Airlines MD-83

The British Airways 747-400 pushed back from the gate right at sunset. I was so excited to get such good pictures of it in this incredible light! Of course the camera I was using was about as bad as digital cameras can get, and that’s going to be regrettable later I know. But at least I have these images for the memories.

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