Sheraton Gateway Hotel YYZ – amazing airport views!

Sheraton Gateway Hotel YYZ – amazing airport views!

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I do believe I’ve come full circle now, as the Gateway Sheraton at the Toronto International Airport was the subject of my very first hotel review back in the winter of 2001 (I’ve long since deleted it). It was probably the worst review that I’ve ever written.

At the time it was one of the best hotel experiences of my life due to the fact that I had a pretty good view of the airport terminals below, filled with all kinds of airlines that I’ve never even heard of before. I was a diehard aviation photographer back then, so that was pretty much heaven on earth.

gateway sheraton yyz terminal 3 map
The Gateway Sheraton YYZ is located adjacent to terminal 3.

Fast forward to 2017, and I once again found myself in Toronto in need of a hotel room. It’s hard to believe that I’ve never once visited Toronto since that initial trip in 2001, but the ridiculously painful process of passing Canadian passport control has likely played a big factor in keeping me away.

I had a difficult time entering Canada during that trip, thanks in large part to not having a good excuse for being there other than “aviation photography.” Never ever tell a passport control agent that you traveled a long way to visit their country just to take pictures of the airport and airplanes. Trust me on that.

But this time, I had an excuse. My flight from Lisbon arrived at 10 PM, but my connecting flight out of San Diego wouldn’t be departing until 8:30 AM the next morning. A hotel room was necessary (I’m too old to be sleeping in airports), so I thought it would be fun to get reacquainted with the same Gateway Sheraton I enjoyed so much way back in 2001.

Unfortunately, I wouldn’t have time to sit in front of the windows for hours watching and photographing airplanes this time. The only thing I had time for was sleep, so that was my priority going into this. That still didn’t stop me from paying a little bit extra for a view of the terminals though. Because…why not, right?

Gateway Sheraton yyz main entrance
Welcome to the Hilto…I mean…Sheraton! If only there was a logo or something that made it clear as to what kind of hotel this is…

Either my memory is pathetic or they’ve completely redesigned the lobby since the last time I was here, because right away it didn’t look familiar to me at all. There was definitely a strong “Sheraton” vibe going on though, complete with dark and moody lighting with muted warm colors slathered over everything.

Frequent business travelers will know exactly what I’m talking about. There’s something about the drab Sheraton decor that carries over from property to property and it’s hard to mistake it for anything else. This isn’t a compliment by the way – as a matter fact, I wish they would change things up a bit and add some local flair the way Hilton usually does.

Gateway Sheraton YYZ lobby
View of the lobby, after coming up the escalators to the second level.
Gateway Sheraton YYZ check in
Little check in desks along the back wall. It took me a moment to spot them, as they blend into the decor quite well.
Sheraton Toronto Airport lobby
For some reason or another this lobby reminded me of all the business travel I did during my first job right out of college. These places all look the same, and little has changed over the years.
Gateway Sheraton Toronto hallway
Hallways so dark they felt creepy…
Gateway Sheraton room 660
Room 660. My home for the next 6 hours.

In true AvGeek form, The first thing I did upon entering the room was rush to the windows to check out that view. Yep. Pretty much the exact same view that I had on my last stay here, which wasn’t a bad thing at all. I wish I could have spent hours oogling over the scenery below, but it wasn’t meant to be this time. I had a lot of sleep to catch up on, which was going to be severely hampered by a painfully early wake up call.

Gateway Sheraton view of airport
The view that makes this hotel totally worth it. I wish I had more time to sit and watch!
Gateway Sheraton YYZ room
Well, it’s going to be hard to top that terminal pic from here on out. Here’s the room. *yawn*
Gateway Sheraton YYZ bed
The bed. *double yawn*
YYZ Sheraton hotel bed
One last pic of that thing since I was really jet lagged and it was starting to look just as a good as the view outside.
Gateway Sheraton beside table
Interestingly enough, this room was exactly how I remembered it to be from my last stay here in 2001.
Toronto airport Sheraton furniture
I’m almost starting to wonder if they’ve even updated the furniture at all!
Gateway Sheraton Toronto chair
I didn’t even have the chance to give this chair a try. I don’t think I missed anything special…
Toronto airport Sheraton desk
Desk. (Sorry, running out of clever captions to describe this room!)
Gateway Sheraton table
The beside table on the other side.
Gateway Sheraton YYZ room wide angle
I really wish I had some pics from my last stay at this place, as I’m convinced it hasn’t changed.
Sheraton YYZ room
Despite my sarcasm, I’m not complaining – this was a perfectly good room and a comfortable place to sleep off some killer jet lag.
Gateway Sheraton YYZ bathroom
The bathroom. It was tight in there!
Toronto airport Sheraton bathroom
Let’s zoom out a bit so we can see the entire thing, shall we? Much better.
Toronto gateway Sheraton bathroom
Don’t let that wide angle pic fool you though. There’s only room for one person at a time in here!
YYZ Sheraton tub and shower
Typical Sheraton tub and shower. Nothing special.
Clean bathroom Sheraton YYZ
It was very clean though, so no complaints.

Thinking back on it, there was absolutely no reason for me to pay the inflated price for staying at this hotel other than the fact that it was conveniently attached to the airport itself. I certainly didn’t need the view this time, and there was really no point in paying the premium for the Sheraton name (if you can consider Sheraton being a premium brand).

I went to bed dead tired, and I woke up very early the next morning feeling the exact same way, so I probably should have just slept in a quiet corner inside the airport and saved myself a ton of money. It probably would have made for a more interesting trip report as well. Oh well.

That being said, I can still highly recommend this hotel to anyone needing a convenient place to stay between flights. The Gateway Sheraton is the most convenient hotel option at YYZ, hands down. It is far from being the most luxurious though, so if that’s your highest priority I would strongly recommend looking elsewhere.

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