If my insanely detailed trip reports haven’t yet convinced you that I’m a total airline nerd, then what you’re about to see ought to do it. Would you believe that I actually get enjoyment out of creating side view illustrations of aircraft in my favorite airline liveries? That pretty much pegs the nerd-alert meter as far as it’ll go, I know, but we’ve all got our weird little quirks and illustrating aircraft just happens to be mine.

I’ve been illustrating aircraft since about 2011 or so for my other online brand (Norebbo), and over the years some of that work has trickled over here. Since most of you are here for my airline reviews anyway (who cares about hotel and lounge reviews, right?) I figured it makes sense to dedicate a page here on sanspotter.com featuring some of my Norebbo-branded artwork. What you see here is only the tip of the iceberg, and I’ve got a lot more of these illustrations on my other blog, so do check them out if you’re as big of an airline nerd as I am.

I should also mention that I am selling high-resolution digital copies of each of these illustrations, which are perfect for printing or integrating into your digital projects. They would look fantastic printed out and hung on your wall by the way…

Thanks for your support! Each and every sale helps to keep me producing great content here on both sanspotter.com and norebbo.com – it also gives me the confidence to know that I’m not a total loser and that I’m actually contributing somewhat to society. Ha!