Review: Marriott Hotel, Washington Dulles Airport

Review: Marriott Hotel, Washington Dulles Airport

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I have to thank for this night at the Marriott at Dulles International Airport. I book all my hotel stays through them, and after 10 nights, you get a “free” night at any hotel in the world with an average price of what you paid over the course of your previous stays. I earned my “free” night after booking my stay at the Houston Bush Intercontinental Marriott last January, and I decided to use it for this hotel based on the fact that it would be my most expensive hotel stay of my trip. Price was definitely a concern since the cost of my little cross-country adventure had already gone way over budget.

This was arguably the best hotel I stayed at all week, and it was the one I was actually looking forward to the most even before I started this journey. But I was completely exhausted by the time I reached Washington DC, and the full week of driving and living out of hotels had definitely caught up to me. Quite frankly, I was burned out and I had enough of trying to document every single part of the trip – especially these mundane hotel stays. Even before walking through the front door I had told myself that I wasn’t going to take pics of the room and write a review, but somehow I mustered the strength to snap off some pics before settling in.

I walked to this Marriott from the main terminal at Dulles International Airport in less than 10 minutes, choosing to forgo the free shuttle service. Being cramped up in a car all week made me savor the idea of taking a long walk to the hotel, and it was quite pleasant actually.

cherry blossom trees dulles international airport
The cherry blossoms were in full bloom all along my walk to the Marriott from the main terminal at IAD

This Marriott is a huge property, though it doesn’t look that big from the outside. My room was on the second floor in the back section of the building (which was quite a long walk I might add), but I lucked out with a room that had a really nice view of a grassy area next to a huge pond. The bonus was the steady stream of aircraft landing in the distance.

dulles airport Marriott bed
Large king bed at the Marriott hotel at Dulles airport
marriott hotel king bed
Large king bed at the Marriott hotel at Dulles airport
Large side chair and ottoman marriott hotel
Large side chair and ottoman next to the window. Nice place to sit and unwind after a long week of driving.
small desk marriott dulles hotel
The desk was small, but at least there was a section that pulled out from underneath for more working space
very little style marriott dulles hotel
I’d go as far as to say that the interior design of this hotel was not impressive.
large cabinet airport marriot dulles
Though not very attractive, the cabinet opened up to reveal a very generous space for storage and hanging clothes.
handicap accessible room dulles marriott hotel
This was a handicap-Accessable room, which meant a larger bathroom and a smaller vanity
small vanity marriott hotel dulles
Though small, the vanity was still useful
Handicap-Accessible shower and tub
Handicap-Accessible shower and tub
Handicap-Accessable toilet airport marriott dulles
Handicap-Accessable toilet
nice view marriott hotel dulles
Nice view from my second-floor room
nice view from marriott hotel dulles international airport
Cherry blossoms and wildlife – the best view from a hotel room I’ve had all week!

I’d go as far as to classify this as a good spotting hotel if you get one of these outside southern-facing rooms, and nice pics of airplanes could be had with a really long lens of about 400mm or so.

plane spotting marriott hotel dulles airport
Lufthansa 747-8i landing in the distance as seen from my room (shot with a 105mm lens)

I’d definitely stay here again if I needed a quick overnight in close proximity to IAD, even if it is a bit on the pricey side.

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