Review: Holiday Inn Express, Maumelle, AR

Review: Holiday Inn Express, Maumelle, AR

01. Introduction: Road trip hotels between San Diego and Washington DC
02. Comfort Inn & Suites, Deming, NM
03. Holiday Inn Express, South Amarillo, TX
04. Holiday Inn Express, Maumelle, AR
05. Hilton Knoxville Airport, TN
06. Comfort Suites, Salem, VA
07. Marriott Hotel, Washington Dulles Airport
08. Quick summary: Washington DC to San Diego (via Boston) on jetBlue

My stay at the Holiday Inn Express in South Amarillo, TX last night completely changed my perception of this brand, so that’s why it was pretty much a no-brainer choosing another stay with them when I rolled into the outskirts of Little Rock, AR. I found a cluster of hotels right off the I-40 freeway in Maumelle (just outside of Little Rock) right about the time I was looking to call it a day after another long day of driving, and this Holiday Inn Express looked quite inviting tucked away off the main road and on the edge of a thick wooded area.

Exterior of the Holiday Inn Express in Maumelle, Arkansas
Exterior of the Holiday Inn Express in Maumelle, Arkansas. By the way, that yellow Corvette is the vehicle I’m driving on this road trip. Want to read more about it? Check out my car blog (

Just like the property in Amarillo the night before, this one looked to be a recent build (or remodel), and I liked the feeling of the grand entrance upon walking through the front door. The prices, however, were a bit different. I paid $114 for a suite the night before, but the same rate here only got me a standard room with one king bed. No matter though – the room was clean and bright, and basically felt like an oasis to me after a long day out on the road.

holiday inn express hallway
Stylish textures and materials in the hallways
holiday inn express room door
The door to my room for the evening (443)
holiday inn express room
I thought the room was really stylish, with a nice mix of red and green colors.
chair and ottoman holiday inn express
After a long day of driving in the rain, this chair by the window was a nice place to unwind.
small desk holiday inn express
The only thing that seemed really odd to me about this room was the small desk. Not very useful to spread out and get some work done.
mini kitchenette holiday inn express
This mini kitchenette was nice to see, even though this room wasn’t technically a suite.
nice design holiday inn express
I really came to like the colors in this room. Everything just felt “right”.
holiday inn express bathroom
The bathroom wasn’t quite as stylish, however
small sink holiday inn express
Doesn’t the sink seem really small to you?
shower only holiday inn express
Interesting that there wasn’t a tub – just a shower stall.
Complimentary amenities holiday inn express
Complimentary amenities in the bathroom
holiday inn express floor plan
Floor plan of this property

The best thing about this Holiday Inn Express (by far) was how quiet it was. As I mentioned above, this property is situated back away from the main road and I didn’t hear the sound of traffic at all. Combine that with the fact that I had an upper level room overlooking the greenery, and I had a very quiet room for the evening. They did seem to be full (there were a lot of cars in the parking lot when I left the next morning), so I really appreciated being able to sleep undisturbed all through the night.

view from hotel room holiday inn express
The view from my room. Nothing but forrest (which was nice).

So – that’s two nights in a row at a Holiday Inn Express (in two different states), and I walked out of both of them thinking how much of a good value these properties are. Who would of thought this brand would become so good?

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