Review: Hilton Knoxville Airport, TN

Review: Hilton Knoxville Airport, TN

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05. Hilton Knoxville Airport, TN
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I discovered this Hilton while driving up and down US129 in front of the Knoxville airport while looking for a decent place to stay for the night. Part of me screamed “be sensible!” and choose one of the cheaper hotels across the street, but the aviation geek in me couldn’t resist a hotel right on airport property. I didn’t care how much it cost (to a point) – this Hilton looked good from the outside and I was determined to give it a shot.

The parking lot was full, which had me a bit worried thinking that they might be sold out for the night, but I was relieved to discover that they had plenty of rooms available. And speaking of that parking lot – it’s quite a walk from the main entrance, so if you stay here make sure that you pull your car up to the front door to unload your bags before parking.

I actually had to do the walk several times: once to find out if there were rooms available, once to get my bags, and once to retrieve something I forgot after settling into my room. At least it was good exercise, which felt great after doing nothing but driving all day long.

hilton knoxville airport from the outside
Exterior of this Hilton hotel at the Knoxville airport
hilton knoxville airport
Walking up to the main entrance from the parking lot
hilton atrium bar
The center atrium bar inside the Hilton Knoxville Airport
bland hallways hilton hotel
I haven’t stayed at many Hilton properties, but my first impression of this place was how bland and “sterile” it was
the door to my room hilton hotel knoxville
The door to my room. Seeing that light coming through from underneath was a good sign!
twin double beds hilton hotel
Twin double beds in what ended up being a rather spacious room

As far as airport hotels with a view of the terminals goes, this is probably the best one I have *ever* stayed at. Immediately walking into the room I was hit with the sight of a Delta Airlines CRJ-200 that was literally parked right outside my window. Talk about a close-up view of the action! It was pretty exciting for the first few minutes, until I realized that the Knoxville airport is not a very busy place and there wasn’t much going on at all out there on the field. Oh well – it was a nice room and it overlooked an airport so I was pretty darn satisfied.

hilton airport knoxville room
Overview of the room showing the big window and…what’s that just parked outside?
great view of the airport from the hilton knoxville
Yes, that’s an airplane parked right outside my window. How cool is that?
delta crj-200 as seen from my window a the hilton knoxville airport
Even though it was just a lowly Delta CRJ-200, it was pretty cool to be this close to the action
view of the airport from the knoxville hilton
My excitement quickly faded once I realized how quiet the Knoxville airport is
hilton knoxville airport beds
View of the beds looking the other way
desk and tv hilton knoxville airport
Although the desk was small, it was nice being right next to the window
bright room hilton knoxville airport
As you can see, the room was bright and open
busy carpet pattern hilton knoxville airport
Follow the stripes to the door…
bathroom hilton knoxville airport
The bathroom was nice – not too fancy, but not totally plain either
vanity and toilet hilton knoxville airport
I didn’t notice it until looking at this pic just now, but the wall texture clashes with the floor tile. Just sayin’…
shower hilton knoxville airport
The shower was probably the darkest and most out of date looking feature of this room
Peter Thomas Roth amenities hilton knoxville airport
Peter Thomas Roth amenities in the bathroom

I ended up ordering room service as opposed to going down to the restaurant (or venturing outside the hotel), and I was pleasantly surprised with the menu. It was huge, and I didn’t have any problem finding something that sounded good. Unfortunately, the prices were huge as well (as expected).

room service dinner hilton knoxville airport
Room service. I paid dearly for this meal (over $40), but it hit the spot after being on the road all day.

Finally, there was one drawback to that great view of the airport: the windows aren’t very soundproofed, which led me to discovering how loud aircraft APU’s (Auxiliary Power Units) really are. Every time an aircraft arrived and parked at the gate, the APU’s sounded like jet engines. The only break I got from that noise was from about 11pm until 6am. As an aviation geek, I wasn’t completely bothered by it but I can totally understand how annoying it would be to anyone who isn’t interested in airplanes.

Bottom line, this Hilton is about as perfect as an airport hotel can be. The main terminal is just steps away, and it’s a huge property with a pretty good selection of shopping and dining options. And the view of the gate area at the airport can’t be beat!

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