Review: Comfort Inn & Suites, Deming, New Mexico

Review: Comfort Inn & Suites, Deming, New Mexico

01. Introduction: Road trip hotels between San Diego and Washington DC
02. Comfort Inn & Suites, Deming, NM
03. Holiday Inn Express, South Amarillo, TX
04. Holiday Inn Express, Maumelle, AR
05. Hilton Knoxville Airport, TN
06. Comfort Suites, Salem, VA
07. Marriott Hotel, Washington Dulles Airport
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After a long day of driving, any hotel will work for me. As long as it looks safe and is in a decent looking area, I’m willing to take a risk and give it a shot! Such is the case with the Comfort Inn & Suites, located off Interstate 10 in Deming, New Mexico. I was tired. It was there. And that’s pretty much how the decision process went. I didn’t care about sticking to certain chains or brands, and I sure as heck wasn’t worried about getting valuable points for my stay.

Some travelers might cringe at the the thought of not earning points for a hotel stay, but I’m not one of them. My loyalty only goes as far as trying to do all my bookings on, but other than that, I’m a carefree overnighter.

exterior of the comfort inn in deming new mexico
Comfort Inn and Suites, Deming, New Mexico

I set my expectations fairly low even before stepping through front door, and that actually ended up being a good thing because I immediately felt happy that I made a good first hotel choice for this road trip. Sure, Comfort Inn’s are notoriously “budget” properties with very few perks, but this one was very clean and looked as if it had recently been remodeled.

In terms of quality, this one is probably the cheapest hotels I’ve reviewed here on SANspotter so far, just a notch down in overall quality compared to the Comfort Suites hotel I stayed in last year in Anchorage.

dark hallway comfort inn and suites
Dark and dreary hallway on the second floor
comfort inn room door
The door to room number 209 (my room)

The room itself was so so. It was large and clean, but sterile as it gets for a hotel of this caliber. There was very little in the way of style and design, which I wasn’t expecting anyway, but I do think that a few little details here and there could help it to stand out against all the other hotels that are crammed together in a five-mile radius of this one.

Large king bed
Large king bed
dark room comfort inn deming new mexico
The room was pretty dark overall, but not so bad
large refrigerator and microwave in the room
One nice thing about this room was the size of the refrigerator. It was huge! Microwave was an added bonus as well.
small work desk comfort inn deming new mexico
The desk was a bit on the small side
small window comfort inn and suites deming new mexico
The window was a bit small as well
bland walls comfort inn and suites deming new mexico
Something that struck me as being really odd was the lack of artwork on the walls. Looks bland!
floor plan comfort inn and suites deming new mexico
Map of the property (sorry for the slightly blurry pic)

The bathroom was a low point. While generally clean, the mold and rust around the edges of the tub was a bit unsettling to see. Being exhausted from a full day of driving out on the road, I didn’t really care all that much, but it definitely might have bothered me if I had booked this hotel months in advance for some sort of special event or something. But then again…I can’t imagine myself booking a stay at a Comfort Inn for a special event anyway… 🙂

rust and mold in the shower comfort inn
Rust and mold in the shower
comfort inn bathroom deming new mexico
Besides the shower, the rest of the bathroom was clean
clean and simple vanity comfort inn and suites
Simple vanity – clean and basic.
Comfort Care amenities in the bathroom
Comfort Care amenities in the bathroom – nothing high end here!

Another low point was that my east-facing room overlooked the adjacent Sonic fast food restaurant, which is apparently a popular hang out for local hot rodders and motorcyclists on Saturday nights such as this. I’d like to go on record as saying that I’m a diehard car guy myself (I love cars more than travel), but listening to all that noise until the early morning hours was irritating. If you stay here, make sure you get a westerly facing room – it’ll be much quieter.

Sonic restaurant located directly across the street
The view from my room. This Sonic drive-in restaurant located just across the street gets really loud late on Saturday nights. Beware!
indoor pool comfort inn deming new mexico
The pool looked decent – didn’t try it though.

So, would I stay here again? I don’t know. Especially since I noticed a much better looking Holiday Inn Express located just down the road as I was leaving the next morning. But given the fact that I only payed $70 for this room (which included a breakfast I didn’t try), I can’t complain.

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