Back in 2011 when I first started SANspotter, it was merely a hobby and a place to dump all of my old trip reports and aviation photography. I didn’t have any plans for it other than simply being a mechanism to organize all of the content I had swimming around in vaguely-named folders on my home computer, and it was fun to tinker around with WordPress and learn how to blog.

As the years went by, I discovered that content creation was my true calling in life. And it didn’t take long for me to feel like that I wanted to extend beyond detailed trip reports and general travel reviews. Simply writing articles wasn’t enough to satisfy my creativity! Sure, it should be obvious that I like to write (I mean, I kinda have to in order to write a 1200 word review of the Hilton Garden Inn at PHX with 30 pics), but I’m finding more enjoyment creating tangible products which are both entertaining and useful for my readers.

Detailed side view aircraft illustrations

detailed side view aircraft illustrations

I’m not even sure how this all started, but it kind of makes sense considering that my background is in illustration and design and I am probably one of the biggest airline nerds that you will ever meet. It was back in 2012 that these two seemingly unrelated attributes clashed like a horrible car wreck inside of my brain, and I began creating very detailed side view illustrations of my favorite airliners from all over the world. Check ’em out!

Airline-themed social media image packs

sanspotter social media image packs

I take a lot of pictures during every flight I take, and I always end up with gobs of nice photos that never get used for anything. Not every photo that I take will make it into the trip report for that particular segment, so rather than let these photos sit unused in my archives, I decided to offer them as curated collections to AvGeeks similar to myself who are in need of quality content for their own social media accounts. Get yours today!