Presidente InterContinental Hotel, Mexico City

Presidente InterContinental Hotel, Mexico City

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02: Cross Border Xpress bridge, Tijuana Airport
03: AeroMexico 787-8 Premier Class (business class) Tijuana to Mexico City
04: Presidente InterContinental Hotel, Mexico City
05: 3 things that surprised me about Mexico City
06: AeroMexico Salon Premier Club, Terminal 2 MEX
07: AeroMexico 737-700 Premier Class (business class) Mexico City to Tijuana

Guess what? I resisted the urge to stay at a perfectly good Hyatt! That’s right folks, despite my (unintentional) affliction for Hyatt and Hilton properties over the past two years or so, I managed to resist the temptation to book a really nice Hyatt for this trip to Mexico City in favor of the Presidente InterContinental located right in the heart of the Polanco district. It’s always a bit nerve racking to opt for something new and unfamiliar, but in the interest of reviewing as many hotel brands as possible, these are the kinds of travel choices I need to make.

To be honest I didn’t even really know anything about Mexico City before I went, so choosing a hotel came down to reading the reviews on Specific phrases I was looking for were things like “excellent location” and “magnificent” – and the Presidente InterContinental reviews were stuffed to the gills with comments like that.

I also noticed that it was located next to several other really nice looking hotels (including a tempting Hyatt), so that and a quick look at the street view on Google Maps was all I needed to choose this as my home for my trip to Mexico City. I know that’s a dangerous way to choose a hotel, but it’s been working for me for years now, and it’s likely I’ll keep doing it this way unless I run into a string of bad choices. Whatever works, right?

The taxi ride from the airport to the hotel is always nerve racking in a new-to-me city, as I find myself thinking things like “oh god I hope my hotel isn’t in this area” or “wow, it would be nice to stay here!” as we zip around the city. And the good news is that right as I was starting to think “wow, it would be nice to stay here”, the taxi driver rounded the corner and pulled up the the Presidente InterContinental. Score another fine hotel choice for SANspotter!

Presidente InterContinental
Exterior of the Presidente InterContinental Hotel in Mexico City
Presidente Intercontinental and Hyatt
Exterior view from the back – the Presidente InterContinental is on the left, and the Hyatt on the right.
Presidente InterContinental sign
Presidente InterContinental signage

I felt pretty good walking though the front doors (the lobby looked phenomenal), and I felt even better after the desk clerk who checked me in presented me with a card key to an upgraded room on the 34th floor overlooking the city.

presidente intercontinental lobby
View of the lobby, immediately after walking through the main entrance.
Check in desk
Check in desk
presidente intercontinental lobby wide angle
Wide angle view of the lobby and check in desk.
34th floor hallway
34th floor hallway
presidente intercontinental guest room door
The door to my room (3417)

My first impressions of the room were really good, thanks in large part to the huge window which provided a stunning view of the city below. And just as it happened at my stay at the Hilton Waikiki last November, I didn’t even notice much of the room as I ran to the window to soak up the view. It was an impressive sight to say the least.

view from room presidente intercontinental mexico city
This is what I saw as soon as I walked in the room. Check out that view!
view from hotel room presidente intercontinental mexico city
I love a hotel room with a great view, and this one certainly didn’t disappoint!

Once I pulled myself away from that, I took notice of the rest of the room. It wasn’t large by any means, but very well designed and very comfortable looking. I knew right away that this was going to be a really good stay.

presidente intercontinental room
Overview of my room at the Presidente InterContinental Mexico City
thick hotel room pillows
Pillow overload!
presidente intercontinental hotel pillows
Thanks, but I really only need one pillow…
presidente intercontinental hotel room
View from the other angle showing the desk, TV, and seating area. Note that the window shade blocked 100% of the exterior light when in the down position. Impressive.
presidente intercontinental hotel furniture
A closer look at the seating area.
hotel presidente intercontinental review
Wide angle view of the entire room
hotel presidente intercontinental review
Wide angle view from the other direction
hotel presidente intercontinental desk
The desk area (with integrated mini bar) was nice.
herman miller chair presidente intercontinental hotel
Very nice to see a Herman Miller Aeron chair – these things are so comfortable!
hotel presidente intercontinental review
With the window shade open, the desk was a nice place to work (or eat).
thin air at the top of the hotel mexico city
Those of you with breathing issues might be interested to know that I noticed the thinner air way up here on the 34th floor. Combine that with the fact that Mexico City is a high-altitude city, and I did find myself breathing heavier than normal way up here.
Bathroom vanity
Bathroom vanity
hotel presidente intercontinental bathroom
Slightly wider angle showing the entire space of the vanity and attached bathroom.
hotel presidente intercontinental bathroom
It is slightly awkward that you have to walk through the bathroom as soon as you enter the room, but overall not a big deal.
Complimentary bathroom amenities
Complimentary bathroom amenities. Yes, that remote control is in the right place, because…
bathroom tv presidente intercontinental hotel
…there’s a TV built into the vanity mirror. How cool is that?
hotel presidente intercontinental bathroom
Wide angle view of the bathroom, located just off the main entrance.
no tub presidente intercontinental hotel
Unfortunately my room did not have a tub, but the shower looked really nice.
hotel presidente intercontinental shower
I really liked this shower actually – I need one like this at home!

Dining options in the hotel were decent. When traveling alone like this, I usually choose to do breakfast and dinner at the hotel, while being more adventurous by trying street food or take out places for lunch while I’m out exploring during the day. Not very exotic I know, but traveling alone is different than traveling with others – especially for me, as someone doesn’t tend to be very social on my own. If you ask me, dinner at the hotel is always a nice and relaxing way to finish the day.

I intended to have dinner in one of the hotel’s 8 restaurants the first night, but after a quick look around they all appeared to be high-end places that suddenly made me feel like I wasn’t in the mood for fine dining (especially alone). I turned right around and decided that room service would be the best option this evening.

presidente intercontinental hotel mexico city room service
Room service dinner on night one: crispy rolled chicken tacos. Delicious!!

I opted for room service again on the second night, and once again, I was not disappointed.

presidente intercontinental hotel mexico city room service
Room service dinner on night two: hamburger and french fries. This was pretty good as well.
hotel presidente intercontinental lounge
I don’t normally drink, but I had some time to kill on the second day while they were cleaning my room so I went down to the lounge and had a beer. Why the hell not, right?
hotel presidente intercontinental lounge
I basically had the place to myself so I was able to get a bit of work done without interruption.
hotel presidente intercontinental lounge
All the natural light in the lounge (via these skylights) was a nice touch.
Presidente InterContinental mexico city trip report
The best part of my stay though, by far, was the view from my room. The Presidente InterContinental is in an excellent location within the city.
Presidente InterContinental mexico city trip report
Watching the sun rise over Mexico City from my room.
Presidente InterContinental mexico city review
The higher the floor the better for awesome views of the city below!

So, the big question is this: was it worth skipping a stay at the Hyatt for the Presidente InterContinental instead? Absolutely! The two nights that I stayed here were top-notch, and I would recommend this property to anyone looking for a nice hotel in the heart of Mexico City. It’s located in a really nice area just off of Paseo de la Reforma, so getting around is very easy. I couldn’t have asked for a better place to stay.

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