Practicing some twilight photography at SAN

The nice thing about taking pictures at twilight (and at night) is that it doesn’t matter what the weather is like. Cloudy, partly cloudy, clear, or rainy – it doesn’t matter. Shooting in low light requires long shutter exposures, so all the lights illuminating the ramp tend to become the focal point. I like this style, and I think it creates for some really interesting pictures.

I went to SAN last night with the intention of capturing nice shots of some USAirways planes. USAirways is the one airline that always seems to escape me. No matter how much I try, I can never get a good shot of any USAirways airplane. On top of that, there are heavy rumors floating around that United Airlines would be buying them out so it is a top priority for me to get pictures of anything with USAirways titles before they disappear. But it wasn’t meant to be yesterday – I went home early from boredom, long before the USAirways flight that I intended to photograph had arrived. So much for high priority, right?

AeroMexico MD-88

Alaska Airlines MD-82

Northwest Airlines A320

Sun West 737-200

But I did get some other really good shots (I think). The most interesting one was a Sun West 737-200 (N705S) that was operating as a charter flight. It was just a total random bit of luck for me, as I had no idea that this airplane would be there. As a matter of fact, I had never seen a Sun West aircraft at SAN before so it is a very special shot for me. Technically, it’s not very exciting, but I’m just happy to have had the chance to capture it.

Other than that, the rest of the pictures I took were of standard aircraft I have photographed a million times before at SAN. An American Airlines MD-82, Alaska Airlines MD-82, AeroMexico MD-88, and a Northwest Airlines A320 round out this set. I kind of wish I would have stuck around to get images of that USAirways aircraft I intended to get…

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