Photos from runway 25L at LAX

I finally moved back to San Diego, and the day I left Michigan It was literally one of the happiest days in my life. I am really looking forward to living close to some really great airports again (SAN, SNA, and LAX)! I didn’t like being in Michigan, and the whole 2 1/2 years I was there was pretty much spent dreaming about my return to sunny San Diego – yeah, I had a pretty bad craving.

One of the first things I did when I arrived was to drive up the 405 to shoot some arrivals at LAX. I didn’t care that I had just spent the last three days driving across the country with all my worldly possessions in tow, and I was happy to jump in the car again to FINALLY get a shot at some decent aviation photography.

In typical southern California style, I was greeted with beautiful blue skies on my maiden voyage up to LAX this morning. I cannot even begin to describe the hatred I had for the perma-cloud layer that plagued ORD and much of the midwest during the winter months, so I am really excited about finally being free to shoot in great conditions whenever I want.

American Airlines 767-200

AeroMexico 757-200

Air New Zealand 747-400

Air Pacific 747-400 Island of Viti Levu Livery

Aviacsa 737-200

Cargolux 747-400F

Delta Airlines 737-800

Delta Airlines 757-200

Delta Airlines 757-200

United Airlines 767-300

United Airlines 767-300

United Airlines 777-200

It was great to be back out at the Proud Bird parking lot shooting 25L arrivals. The sun was shining, there were aircraft aplenty, and I am home again in southern California. Life is good.

It was a typical lineup of LAX traffic this morning, mostly consisting of everything American Airlines, United Airlines, and Delta. Of course there were a handful of other goodies mixed in, the most notable being an ultra-rare AirTran A320. If I recall correctly, there is only one of these. AirTran has taken out a short-term lease on one just to test the performance vs. their existing 737-700’s.

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