Photos from Big Cargo at LAX

Come on – we’ve all done it. Skipping out of work when not feeling up to the drudgery of the office is probably a lot more common than most will admit to. It was on this fine day that I felt like there were many other places I’d rather be than at work, and one of those places just happened to be LAX. The weather forecast was perfect as I rolled out of bed, so that pretty much sealed the deal for me – two and a half hours later I found myself standing at Big Cargo taking pictures of the arrivals on runway 25L.

This was my first time shooting at Big Cargo. For those of you not familiar with that spot, it’s located in the parking lot of the Northwest Airlines cargo facility off of Aviation Blvd. It’s much better than the Proud Bird parking lot location. The main reason Big Cargo is better is that it is actually located adjacent to the airport property – so it’s easy to get pictures of aircraft lining up for 25R over the fence with a short ladder or from the bed of a pickup truck. The angle for approaching aircraft is much better too – especially for poor guys like me who can’t afford a big zoom lens. Full frame shots of small commercial aircraft like 737’s and A320’s can be had at less than 100mm – so I really like Big Cargo.

I was pretty happy with the pictures I got today. The weather was awesome, the sun angle was perfect, and the variety of aircraft I shot was unexpectedly good. today I realized how much better it is shooting on the weekdays – there is so much more traffic than a typical Saturday or Sunday, most of it being cargo stuff.

UPS 757-200F

United Airlines 767-200

United Airlines 777-200

United Airlines 747-400

Tradewinds A300-200F

National Airlines 757-200

Japan Airlines 747-SR81

Japan Airlines 747-400

Delta Airlines L-1011-385-3

Delta Airlines L-1011-385-3

Delta Airlines 757-200

Delta Airlines 757-200

Delta Airlines 767-300

Delta Airlines 767-300

American Trans Air 757-200

Air France 747-400

American Airlines 767-200

American Airlines 757-200

Some of the more interesting aircraft I got pictures of were: a Tradewinds A300, a Japan Airlines 747-200, a Continental Airlines DC-10-30, and a UPS 757-200F. I also  managed to get pictures of a lot of the usual stuff in fantastic light, so I was as happy as I could be at the end of the day. It was the perfect way to skip out of work!

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